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Meeting started by TomT5454 at 19:03:09 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary

The HOT Training WG meeting started at 19:03 UTC, with Tom Taylor as Chair. Participants are listed below.

Approval of Agenda

No agenda was posted, but it was agreed to follow the agenda of the previous meeting:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes
  • LearnOSM progress, specifically the "quick start document"
  • Other business
  • Next meeting

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes of 26 October meeting were approved with an editorial correction: change "Task Manager" to "Tasking Manager".

Quick Start Document Progress

In the absence of Suzan, it was unclear whether there had been any progress on the quick start document agreed at the previous meeting. Tom Taylor took an action to draft a first pass at such a document.

Other Business

  • Translation Workflow

Blake Girardot raised the issue of moving a Dutch translation of a module from Transifex to the Wiki, in time for a planned mapathon in the coming week. It became clear that we did not understand the full process, and also that Nick Allen should have a backup for when he is unavailable.

  • Updates To Activation Courses

Russell DeDeffner announced that all Activation School courses now allow guest access. He also pointed the WG to a new module HOT: The Missing Manual.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday, November 23. It was agreed that Tom should check with Suzan whether she could make a meeting time of 20:00 UTC, and if so, that would be the meeting time.

Meeting ended at 19:53:47 UTC.

People present (lines said)

  • TomT5454 (35)
  • russdeffner (28)
  • BlakeGirardot__ (17)
  • RAytoun (10)
  • hot_meetbot` (3)
  • SteveBower (2)
  • SteveBower_ (1)

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IRC Logs

19:03:09 <TomT5454> #startmeeting HOT Training WG
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19:03:55 <TomT5454> OK, I didn't post an agenda, but it's basically the same as last week.
19:04:42 <TomT5454> Formalities, then any progress on the "quick start" module, then anything else
19:05:01 <TomT5454> Is that OK?
19:05:28 <RAytoun> Fine with me
19:06:37 <TomT5454> I realized last night that with the switch to standard time Suzan will have the same difficulty attending meetings at 1900 UTC as she had attending them at 1800 before
19:07:38 <TomT5454> OK, minutes are at
19:07:54 <TomT5454> Comments?
19:09:18 <RAytoun> Can we change the wording from Task Manager to Tasking Manager?
19:09:31 <TomT5454> OK
19:12:15 <TomT5454> Minutes approved with editorial correction?
19:12:31 <RAytoun> Otherwise it seems to reflect the gist of what was discussed. I am happy with it.
19:13:33 <TomT5454> OK, let's move on to the KLearnOSM "quicl start" document. Blake, are you aware of any progress there?
19:14:18 <BlakeGirardot__> No I am not
19:14:41 <BlakeGirardot__> I know I talked with Suzan about it since the last meeting, but have followed up with her
19:15:16 <TomT5454> OK. I propose to take an action to draw up a first draft.
19:15:45 <TomT5454> Should I just pass it by you and Suzan, or does everyone want to see it?
19:16:31 <BlakeGirardot__> Whatever works for you. A few individuals giving
19:16:43 <RAytoun> Would be nice to see the progress and have an idea of the direction it is taking
19:16:51 <BlakeGirardot__> a first draft a once over before asking for wider comments might be more efficient.
19:17:04 <BlakeGirardot__> But however you want to do it.
19:18:25 <TomT5454> I'll pass it to the active team. Russell, you';re free to say "no" on grounds of overload
19:18:54 <RAytoun> I would go with the efficient so it does not get slowed down
19:19:36 <russdeffner> hang on a sec
19:19:48 <russdeffner> I think this is still a TWG thing
19:20:40 <russdeffner> meaning, it should still be aimed at 'basic' OSM contributor
19:20:52 <russdeffner> not HOT volunteer activator
19:21:25 <TomT5454> Oh, agreed. I just meant that you're free not to have to review it
19:21:29 <russdeffner> so, not sure it needs AWG 'approval', will definitely pass around for review
19:21:56 <russdeffner> yes, ok, thanks was away and quickly read back; just wanted to make sure
19:22:55 <russdeffner> But on a related note, I would like ot introduce a new item
19:23:02 <TomT5454> Anything else to say on the LearnOSM topic? Are reviews of existing modules still in progress?
19:23:18 <russdeffner> the 'HOT Missing Manual' course
19:23:32 <BlakeGirardot__> I have a comment on learnosm
19:23:53 <TomT5454> Blake first, I think
19:23:53 <SteveBower> It's intended to be aimed at basic OSM contributor, but also meet the needs for new a new mapper to work on a HOT task
19:23:56 <BlakeGirardot__> we need to get the current transifex translations on to the live site, does anyone know if Nick did that last week.
19:24:10 <BlakeGirardot__> Or knows how to do it besides Nick?
19:24:49 <SteveBower> But not aimed at HOT volunteer activator
19:25:16 <russdeffner> on this topic, I'll just say I haven't had any time to review the activation related learnOSM modules, so I'll 'unblock' them on the spreadsheet
19:25:57 <TomT5454> Blake, I'll review past logs to see what the process is, but it uses a Markup-to-XML conversion, I think
19:26:15 <TomT5454> Steve, agreed
19:26:40 <BlakeGirardot__> Then there is the whole staging process on github I am not clear on how that is part of if that is part of the process.
19:27:07 <BlakeGirardot__> We had that email disucssion about the Dutch translation, it is done in Transifex, they wanted it on the live site by this week for a mapathon.
19:27:16 <TomT5454> I think that provides a test bed before committing
19:27:21 <BlakeGirardot__> I was hoping we were going to be able to pull that off.
19:29:21 <TomT5454> Obviously we need to set up backup support for Nick
19:29:45 <TomT5454> Anywany, I'll see what I can pull together
19:29:48 <RAytoun> Nick is away in southern Africa at the moment
19:29:49 <BlakeGirardot__> Ya, I think maybe we can streamline the process when we document it.
19:29:55 <BlakeGirardot__> Oh I had no idea
19:30:29 <russdeffner>
19:31:21 <russdeffner> There is other stuff in there as well, but not seeing exactly the process you're after Blake
19:31:36 <TomT5454> OK, action is mine again on that one, to start with, at least
19:31:47 <BlakeGirardot__> how to get from translated in transifex to live on LearnOSM
19:32:05 <russdeffner> the 'after translation->site workflow', so unless it's somewhere I'm not seeing, guess that can be an action
19:32:17 <BlakeGirardot__> Dutch is done, it just needs to be rolled out to live LearnOSM
19:33:05 <TomT5454> Russell, your item?
19:33:20 <russdeffner> Oh, think I may have found it...
19:33:21 <russdeffner>
19:33:24 <BlakeGirardot__> let me look, I didn't see that
19:33:56 <russdeffner> so I guess we just need more people who can make the PRs in git
19:34:27 <russdeffner> @Tom, the new item is to introduce the 'HOT The Missing Manual' course
19:34:46 <russdeffner> Brainchild and mostly created by Blake
19:35:12 <russdeffner>
19:35:40 <russdeffner> for now just log-in as guest
19:37:09 <russdeffner> so this is the first 'basic HOT volunteer' course and I've talked with Tyler already about possible having more 'volunteer courses' in the future
19:37:09 <RAytoun> Have been going through the Validation section and so far it appears impressive
19:37:42 <russdeffner> Thanks Ralph, maybe another item I can update regarding the Activation courses :)
19:37:52 <russdeffner> so many things going on
19:38:47 <russdeffner> one side-note/info I can make is...
19:39:19 <russdeffner> #info The HOT Basics and all Activation Courses are now viewable as a guest
19:41:45 <russdeffner> so, I guess last note on the HOT Training Center is that we're still tweaking the work/endorsement flow of the Activation courses
19:41:47 <TomT5454> user name = guest, PW = ??
19:42:11 <russdeffner> you should see a button to 'log in as guest'
19:43:31 <TomT5454> ASh, I see. Looking around I found I already had guest access, even though I was still at the login page.
19:43:41 <TomT5454> "Home" did the job
19:44:13 <russdeffner> the link above should take you directly to the course as wwell
19:45:22 <TomT5454> Got it
19:47:07 <TomT5454> OK, any other business?
19:48:16 <TomT5454> Next meeting is Oct. 23. Views on meeting time?
19:48:58 <RAytoun> I think a consult with Suzan as to her availability might be in order
19:49:37 <TomT5454> OK, will do. Woukld 2000 utc BE DOABLE FOR YOU?
19:50:07 <BlakeGirardot__> it is fine with me.
19:50:13 <RAytoun> Oct may be difficult, it is already November here in England
19:50:35 <TomT5454> Nov. 23 :)
19:51:09 <RAytoun> Yes, that is fine by me
19:51:39 <russdeffner> should be good for me, once you confirm let me know and I'll change the calendar
19:51:51 <TomT5454> OK, I'll see if that works for Suzan.
19:52:05 <TomT5454> Thanks, everyone.
19:52:09 <SteveBower_> 20:00 works for me
19:53:26 <TomT5454> Two actions (or one and a half) to me: first draft of quick start module and work out the process for getting translated material onto the live site, to the extebnt it isn't already documented
19:53:47 <TomT5454> #endmeeting

(2:56:32 PM) russdeffner: @Blake, there's the link above and this one:
(2:57:32 PM) russdeffner: which I guess both basically lead to here:
(2:58:05 PM) BlakeGirardot__: Ya, Nick spent the hours to figure everything out, we just need to capture the specific steps
(2:58:33 PM) BlakeGirardot__: and hopefully move his personal repository out of the process now that he knows much better how github works.
(2:58:34 PM) russdeffner: yes, seems last major update in 2014, so don't think we've captured 'new' workflow