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The Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific aims to facilitate collaboration, and power the evolution and growth of OSM ecosystems, in 25 priority countries across Asia Pacific.


Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific (OMHAP) is one of the four regional hubs supported by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) dedicated to support communities that provide map data which revolutionizes disaster risk reduction and community development in the region. It was established in early 2021 to advance the open mapping movement in the Asia-Pacific region. The hub engages open mapping organizations and communities in the region to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise across 25 countries in the region. We also provide financial and technical support to massively scale local edits on OpenStreetMap (OSM).

By prioritizing local mapping organizations and communities, facilitating knowledge exchange, distributing funding, and providing training and support, we are focusing efforts to work with local organizations and communities to drive high-quality, ethical, local data use cases.


  1. Government, humanitarian and development agencies trust and use OSM data in their planning and decision-making.
  2. OSM data is the preferred choice in social entrepreneurship and economic activities.
  3. Citizens increasingly use OSM data in their everyday lives.
  4. Underrepresented communities are included and empowered in the OSM movement.

Hub Approach

  • Identify, recognize, nurture and collaborate with key institutions, groups, and individuals working in OSM
  • Promote effective use of OSM data and connect it to the everyday lives of people: Bring data, technology and people together
  • Develop the Hub as a regional public good for our shared benefits

Projects and Activities

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Support Services and Resources

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Contact the Open Mapping Hub - AP

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