Humanitarian OSM Team/Preparing field mission

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Preparing the computer

Needed software

  • JOSM
  • QGis
  • GpsBabel
  • Gebabel
  • ogr2ogr
  • XChat
  • mkgmap
  • Tilemill ( install package available, not in ubuntu's default package archives)
  • gpsprune
  • viking
  • imagemagick (for processing imagery)
  • inkscape - to edit any SVGs (if they make maps)
  • osmbin-pbf - library required to read, process osm.pbf files.
  • shutterly - excellent screen shot utility
  • Skype - closed source but useful to have
  • Mumble - an open source program similar to TeamSpeak
  • GRASS GIS - Quite difficult to use, might just omit and use QGis instead, although QGis can integrate with GRASS so having both might be good
  • Marble
  • git
  • nautilus-image-converter
  • vlc
  • pdfmod (very useful for editing PDFs: removing pages, moving pages, adding pages from another document...)