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Hi, my name is Blake, I am also a volunteer mapper and member of the Training Working Group and we get the honor of welcoming you to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team community!

Volunteer humanitarian mappers are making a real difference on the ground in the areas we map. We can not thank you enough for your help and contributions.

The most important thing is that if you have any questions please ask! We love to answer questions. Reading some of the resources listed below might answer some of your questions, but always feel free to ask anything, it helps the whole community when people ask questions.

In closing, we want to say: Welcome, we are very happy you stopped by and we hope to see more of you in the future.

Thank you again and best wishes from the whole Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Community!

Contacting us and communicating
Learning resources and documentation

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team leverages the resources of the great open data project called OpenStreetMap, a more general mapping project that covers the world and is also built by volunteers.

  • You can learn how to get started with OpenStreetMap on this step by step guide:
  • You can learn more about using the iD web based editor here (in multiple languages):
  • If you like mapping and want to do more of it, we encourage you to use the dedicated OpenStreetMap editor called JOSM. It is very similar to a lot of computer drawing programs and is pretty easy to get started using. If you enjoy mapping, JOSM can make some of the repetitive parts much simpler. You can learn about the JOSM editor here:
  • The OpenStreetMap wiki has very good resources and documentation about mapping in general: