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In 2014, HOT will undertake a review of its Bylaws, to clarify anything that unclear, and make them more in line with the kind of organization HOT wants to be. Issues have been identified during the development of the HOT Membership Code, and in various discussions on our mailing list and in person.

This wiki page is meant to document issues in the current Bylaws, and additional issues the new Bylaws should address. Each section should refer to the relevant clause of the Bylaws, if applicable. As well, the range of options that HOT can consider should be described. Once we have described and discussed all issues and options, we will then need to build consensus around changes, and make decisions where there are ranges of opinion. This process has not yet been determined, but will at a later time.

This hackpad includes previous discussion as well.

Inactive Members


HOT expects that members are active participants in a variety of HOT activities. But we have no means to remove members who are not active. This has governance implications as well, as certain actions require a set portion of members.

Relevant Clause

3.6 Term; Resignation; Removal for Cause; Election of Voting Members by Directors.

Voting members shall continue to serve as such until their death, dissolution, resignation, or permanent incapacity. Unless removed by the membership.


Amend Bylaws to require yearly reconfirmation of membership, and documentation of activities.