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A welcoming and inclusive open space to connect, contribute, collaborate, innovate and share ideas for geospatial tech for humanitarian purposes! The Working Group was formed in March 2023 following a consultation [1] with the community and sign off from the HOT Board.


  • To provide collective updates about key geospatial trends, recent developments (by hot_tech or others) and have an open discussion with the community
  • To/connect the people building the technology with those using the technology, and with the resources and support they need and amplify their voices and creativity
  • To build a network of tech collective enthusiasts in fostering a tech movement for geospatial tech for humanitarian use cases

Guiding Principles:

  • Respectful of diversity
  • Welcoming and inclusive
  • Accessible and open
  • Clear in how members can contribute: not only tech
  • Transparent in process and decision-making
  • Championing open knowledge, peer collaboration and learning
  • Self-reflective - responsive and adaptable to feedback
  • Supporting a healthy, positive and peaceful collaborative environment; guide by the HOT Code of Conduct [2]

Activities/ sub-groups/topics:

[to add as the working groups develops]

  • Monthly HOT Tasking Manager Meet Ups [3] and #tasking-manager
  • #local imagery Slack group [4] We now run more regular local imagery calls with interested participants. Send Synne Marion Olsen a Slack message and she will add you to the calls!
  • #fmtm-field-pilot Slack group [5]

Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to join the HOT Open Tech and Innovation working group at any point in time! You don’t have to be a “tech” person to participate in these working group sessions. There are various ways for you to get involved, bring ideas and collaborate with others!

What role do participants play?

  • HOT Open Tech & Innovation Lead/ Facilitators- Petya /Synne
  1. schedule meetings
  2. Prepare meeting agenda in advance by seeking input from the tech collective in advance
  3. Schedule topic/ tool specific session based on user feedback, i.e. local imagery discussion, AI, etc.
  • Working group participants: Define agenda and activities, facilitate meetings and engagements, develop and contribute to project ideas, promote working group initiatives and events, participate in discussions, invite and introduce new members.

How to get involved?


  • Rolling agenda document 2023 [6] and 2024 (for collaboration, note taking, highlighting updates and brining topics for discussion)
  • Slack channel #geospatial-tech-and-innovation [7]
  • TWG mailing list [8] -requires an update
  • Register using this form [9] to receive directly the working group calendar invite
  • For discussion and sharing of update we will also use OSM Discourse [10], Loomio and Slack

Meeting Format:

  • Monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 and 18:00 UTC - check the working group calendar [11]). Jitsi will be used for the meetings
  • Ad-hoc meetings on specific topics to be advertised in advance in the #geospatial-tech-and-innovation Slack channel