Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups/Technical/Website Report 2014 August

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What has been done?

Since the website was migrated from Drupal 6 to 7, I've done the security updates whenever they came up. Since this is the first report, I cover the main work done on the site since it was migrated to Drupal 7.

  • Security updates are regularly done.
  • Multilingual: The biggest change was making the site mulitlingual in December 2013. Since then (nearly) all content has assigned a languague. It's possible to translate both the interface and individual content separately. Currently English, French, Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish are available, but new languages can be added at any time. The interface is translated into French and Spanish, but since there is no Spanish content at all, the Spanish interface language is not avaiable for visitors of the website.
  • Featured project: Project are now flagged up as "Featured project" on the front page, instead of displaying the newest one.
  • Notifying authors of comments: The author of an article is automatically notified if a comment is posted on one of their updates (for update not older then 6 months.)
  • Spam: Because of an increase in spam where the contact details were used to lure visitors onto spam pages, I've changed the settings so that anonymous users cannot leave their contact details in pre-defined fields anymore. They can still leave them in the text of the comment, where the spam filter will be able to filter out the spam. I've also deleted the spam that had accumulated as unpublished comments.
  • Caching: Boost is used to cache the website pages as static pages, reducing the server load and making the content availableb even if there are server problems. This currently does not work for the update pages because of the comment form on it.
  • Slides: There is a problem with embedding slides into updates. At the moment there is a workaround by briefly disabling the rich-text, but we might need to install a different WYSIWYG editor to fix this properly.

What needs to be done?

All to-do tasks are in the issue queue. The following issues have priority: