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Meeting of the HOT tech team on Monday 12th Aug

IRC log

clara hi
clara anybody around for meeting?
sev_hotosm I am here
pierzen hi, have to leave in 30 min.
mkl me too, i have to leave in 30 minutes
mkl should we start off with quick bday sprint updates, then go round to more updates?
mkl clara, want to kick us off?
clara k
clara xamanu and me did an upgrade to Drupal 7
clara recreating what's currently on the site
clara and now we can theme it and add additional functionality
mkl cool. anything we can look at? how far til we can switch over?
dodobas hi
clara doesn't look pretty now - but it's a mobile theme already
mkl hi dodobas
mkl oh that's nice, it's responsive?
clara yes responsive
mkl cool
clara all the current accounts work on it but I changed the admin password on it
clara we can switch over once the theme looks pretty, and an issue with Openlayers is fixed
mkl what's the timeline to theme it ... and would we be able to swtich then?
mkl right on
clara xamanu should know how far the theme is off
mkl need any help in particular from anyone? or got that openlayers stuff under control?
mkl k
mkl anything more clara?
clara Openlayers is under control - and anybody who wants to work on it for other things can check the code out of the git repro
clara -- end
mkl thx
mkl the only other bday sprint update, besides mine, is from skorasaurus, but he's not online
mkl basically there's a relevant bug in josm that is getting fixed, and he's working on some mapcss stuff
mkl also, nothing happened on the cross-site tool bar, mike ended up not having time
mkl for me, i ended up doing some work on the tasking manager
mkl in two parts. first was to pass tile background info through to iD from OSMTM. turns out that requires some more work on osm-website. i'm still looking at.
mkl second part was to allow OSMTM to configure jobs based on arbitrary geographies
mkl this was to help with coordination of the DC buildings import, which is based on census tracts
mkl turns out it works without too much change
mkl all the bday sprint leads will report back to kathleen and then that gets announced out
mkl ok that's all from me on bday sprints
mkl any questions? other comments on bday sprint? or we move on?
clara no question from me
mkl dodobas, sev_hotosm, pierzen: want to jump in?
sev_hotosm regarding the TM, are you working on the latest version under developement?
mkl yes. i forked on saturday.
sev_hotosm we could access it previously here but seems does not work:
mkl already made one pull request, to update the twitter bootstrap submodule
sev_hotosm provides URL for each tile, revised a bit the validating process and comments
mkl i don't know who was maintaining it
sev_hotosm Pierre Giraud I htink
mkl yea, would need to ask him.
mkl do you know which branch that's based on?
mkl hmm, there's quite a few. i better sync up with him
sev_hotosm checking
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mkl anything more to add sev_hotosm? on this or any other tech topic?
sev_hotosm Yes, Pierre and I have edited the wikipage based on our feedback from the field:
mkl whoa
mkl that's a lot
mkl i wonder how we can better manage this ... i would think many of these needs can be translated better into github tickets
mkl including the LearnOSM section that started this off
mkl basically, github tickets are the way to manage code issues
mkl we should stop using the wiki for this
mkl can you move these into tickets in the appropriate repositories?
mkl in fact many of the Tasking Manager needs are already tickets
mkl we can't keep this kind of thing in the wiki
mkl for instance
mkl sev_hotosm, pierzen?
mkl guys, need to run in 8 minutes, so we should sort this out
sev_hotosm what issues?
dodobas well.. i'm still w8ting for the meeting with wonderchook
  • pnorman waves, mostly asleep
dodobas it was scheduled for friday... then postponed till monday...
mkl sev_hotosm: i'm looking at the Needs section of
pierzen Github is a system thought like those for Big computers in the 70's. People adapt to the machine. Now we generally see system thought differently. Github is not adaptative, not even to load images easily. What approach do we want for collaboration. Only super techie can collaborate ? are-they other approaches possible for LearnOsm in particular?
mkl these should all be issues on github
sev_hotosm SOme of these points are already Github issues
mkl pierzen: are you saying that you do not understand how to use github issues?
dodobas i did however get access to server, and gathered some information... but that about it :/
sev_hotosm for months
mkl it is different from this issue with LearnOSM (which I keep hearing about from you again and again, despite me saying repeatedly that we are working on it!)
mkl yes, sev_hotosm. but posting them on the wiki will not get them to work faster
mkl that isn't how coding works
mkl these need to be issues
mkl this stuff in the wiki just confuses developers, and makes a mess of the process
sev_hotosm and I think a document joining the needs is not a bad thing rather than only scattered github issus
pierzen have a good session alls, I have to leave now.
mkl a process this group should be responsible for owning and managing
mkl pierzen: please do not mention the learnosm issues again until i have something to report back on the documentation
mkl i am very very frustrated by how this is going, and have little motivation to keep going when the same complaints arise, without any recognition of my work to try to solve the problems
mkl sev_hotosm: they way to link scattered github issues is to have a list of the github repositories we are tracking
mkl i am telling you, as a developer, this section on the wiki page is a bad thing
sev_hotosm I am telling, as a non developer, this section on the wiki page is really useful
mkl for who?
mkl will you be responsible for editing the wiki any time an update takes place in github?
sev_hotosm but I can add every point to the right GitHUb issue
mkl do you expect developers to follow the wiki page?
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mkl why duplicate the list from github?
sev_hotosm No, I hope this can serve for the discussion during the meetings
sev_hotosm where is the list grouping all the needs on Github?
mkl if we need to make groupings, we can add labels
sev_hotosm no, I mean a list with ALL the needs, not only for the TM
mkl there should be a list of projects hot prioritizes
mkl and a link to the issue lists
sev_hotosm mapsomatic, HDDM, Tasking Manager, statistics, etc.
mkl that's 4 links
sev_hotosm No problem, I can add this
mkl can you process all of this into issues?
mkl and clean up the wiki page?
sev_hotosm I just say the 2 are useful: both this page and Github, with links between the 2
mkl why?
mkl it only means that you will need to maintain two places where there is discussion of code issues
sev_hotosm because in the wiki I have all the needs in once signel page, in Github not
mkl but it won't have all the needs
mkl you can't keep these two in sync
sev_hotosm in github it is divided by tool/project
mkl yea, that's not a problem though
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mkl the wiki is good for recording things which are a bit rougher, don't have a dedicated project yet. for instance, the statistics and osm contributor statistics
mkl but for well defined projects, like HDDM, the tasking manager, learnosm
mkl there is nothing gained by duplicating all the issues from github into the wiki
clara sev_hotosm: can you make a list on the wiki that links to the different issues that are relevant for you? that way you have all of it together, without any duplication
mkl sev_hotosm: you could add a label to these issues in github, which can help you group them
mkl do you need someone to show you an example?
heatherleson it would be helpful for fundraising to have a solid list of technical needs.
mkl heatherleson: yes, but not at this level of detail in the wiki
mkl we're talking about this:
sev_hotosm no, it is OK, but basically, the main issue is not how ot present the needs, it is how to organize the way to solve them among the tech community
heatherleson ::reading::
mkl well the tech community says use github
pnorman the wiki is not designed as an issue tracker
mkl pnorman: exactly
mkl (i gotta step away for a few minutes. back in a few)
sev_hotosm if you carefully read this, it is not only about ¨issue tracker¨
sev_hotosm eg for the HDDM rendering
sev_hotosm Cover all the developing countries
heatherleson perhaps the wiki is for project management and over all strategy. And, github for tickets and project tasks : )
sev_hotosm Integration in different tools impacts various tools
sev_hotosm like WP, FP, etc.
sev_hotosm I totally agree Heather
clara sev_hotosm: if you replace everything on the wiki page that is covered by an issue on github with a direct link to the issue - then we could see afterwards whether the rest is better on the wiki or in github
sev_hotosm FOr me whis wikipage is the global page for the strategy and management regarding what needs to be done
sev_hotosm a one or two pager about this does not seem a non sense for me, but something quite rational
clara but for others the issue queue on github is the global page for management - to see not only what needs to be done but also who's doing it, how for things are etc
sev_hotosm @clara : why not. I am just a bit surprised techy people are not able to find a feature request in github just wth a very quick search. Even I am able to do it :)
sev_hotosm and for MapOSMatic for example, I wanted to put the needs down in order we can create appropriate feature requests on GitHub
mkl sev_hotosm: the best place to put in feature requests is in github
mkl what feature requests can't be found?
mkl and don't confuse reporting a bug or feature request with it actually getting done
mkl especially on open source projects
mkl we need to organize ourselves well for this, and understand the motivations for contributing to open source
sev_hotosm We have a misunderstanding: I am just telling this is the first draft of needs for MapOSMatic, put as other needs in an short, descriptive one pager. In order we can discuss how to create formalized/rephrased, etc feature request on github
heatherleson this really comes down to clear communication
heatherleson 1. website - how to get involved page fixed
heatherleson 2. wiki - include a "help I want to " section explaining where to look for what
heatherleson eg. -
heatherleson then, you tell everyone which tool they use for what. end of story  :)
mkl guys, i have to run. but i think heatherleson makes sense. we need to have clear ways of communicated needs and channelling help
heatherleson i learned github so that I can add feature requests. it drives the techs *somewhat* crazy, but it is great for tracking
mkl heatherleson: as long as they're tagged 'feature request' it's all good
heatherleson me too, just hopped on for some as I had some thoughts after my braining this past weekend
heatherleson yes, tags are good
mkl or just to be clear, Labels on github
sev_hotosm I know how to create feature requests, I already did, you can check
heatherleson e.g. - community task, feature, bug, question, won't fix, etc
mkl ok i really gotta go
clara a note on labels: for some reason I'm not able to add labels to my issues -
clara maybe a permission issue
mkl we need to understand more what our tech process is actually. mostly we are a volunteer, open source dev community
mkl clara: yes i think so. send me an email reminder, i can fix
sev_hotosm OK I hope next time we can talk about who is doing what, and let us start something
clara will do
mkl let's get this all organized well, and we can start
mkl i will particularly look into the tasking manager, and learnosm (well continue to)
mkl thx, and bye
mkl also ... can someone post the irc log into the wiki
mkl that we do need to do
mkl thx bye
clara is off as well
clara bye
sev_hotosm bye