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IRC log

1:00:33 PM - mkl: so let's get started. we do this stand up style, go round to each person here, they report on whatever they're working on, and we discuss.
1:00:33 PM - pierregiraud: I'm here but only for 10 minutes
1:00:38 PM - ybon: wonderchook: hehe :)
1:00:40 PM - IknowJoseph: wonderchook, ybon, I'd drop the "the"
1:00:41 PM - mkl: let's start with pierregiraud then :)
1:00:44 PM - russdeffner: I'm also listening in
1:00:50 PM - pierregiraud: OK
1:00:55 PM - russdeffner: hello all
1:01:06 PM - pierregiraud: So everybody know that I worked on a new version of the tm
1:01:15 PM - wonderchook: I've witnessed this, looking awesome
1:01:16 PM - wonderchook: =D
1:01:16 PM - pierregiraud: I showed this quickly last week to wonderchook
1:01:36 PM - ybon: "Edit conflict" who else is there? :)
1:01:39 PM - pierregiraud: now I think people would like to see it somewhere and play with it
1:01:45 PM - mkl: (then IknowJoseph, katechapman, robertsoden, ybon, heatherleson, natesmith, mkl, harry-wood, russdeffner)
1:01:53 PM - chippy: am here also
1:02:04 PM - harry-wood: gotta good soon too :-(
1:02:07 PM - pierregiraud: I had a chat with dodobas about this
1:02:08 PM - harry-wood: go
1:02:25 PM - mkl: (ok harry-wood, you're after IknowJoseph)
1:02:29 PM - pierregiraud: he said that a server should be up soon for me to install an instance
1:02:31 PM - wonderchook: pierregiraud: it would also be good to get the code shared so others could help perhaps
1:02:47 PM - pierregiraud: it's on my github account
1:03:00 PM - pierregiraud:
1:03:06 PM - wonderchook: oh great
1:03:07 PM - wonderchook: =D
1:03:13 PM - pierregiraud: I would be really happy to have contributions
1:03:20 PM - IknowJoseph: can we get this linked from the hot account?
1:03:22 PM - mkl: where should tasking manager development happen in the mean time? there's lots of discussion about new features
1:03:33 PM - IknowJoseph: we've got more linkes to our github from the website now
1:03:43 PM - mkl: or in other words, when do we foresee moving to OTM 2?
1:03:53 PM - ***dodobas is present
1:04:18 PM - pierregiraud: when the features perimeter is equal to version 1
1:04:23 PM - pierregiraud: which is still not the case
1:04:37 PM - pierregiraud: the licenses and private jobs are currently missing
1:04:55 PM - pierregiraud: and there may be bugs
1:05:20 PM - wonderchook: what if we made feature tickets for missing features
1:05:25 PM - wonderchook: so people would know what to hack on?
1:05:38 PM - pierregiraud: this would be great indeed
1:06:04 PM - pierregiraud: maybe we could start with a list of features people know are existing in the current version
1:06:38 PM - harry-wood1 [~Adium@] entered the room.
1:07:06 PM - wonderchook: maybe tag things as need to be migrated and then "new new" features for ones that have never existed
1:07:14 PM - mkl: so plan is, get v2 running on a hot server, ask for bug reports and missing features reported as issues, build until it ready to launch?
1:07:28 PM - pierregiraud: sounds great
1:07:44 PM - wonderchook: one new feature I'd like to talk about is messaging
1:07:46 PM - pierregiraud: wonderchook: one issue per feature ? or a list with checkboxes in one issue?
1:07:56 PM - wonderchook: I was thinking one issue per feature
1:08:02 PM - wonderchook: so then it can be assign to others
1:08:14 PM - mkl: messaging?
1:08:35 PM - wonderchook: some chat feature per job
1:08:45 PM - wonderchook: we were discussing the benefits of real time versus more of a text forum
1:08:55 PM - wonderchook: I think the general thought is not having real time chat would be easier
1:09:09 PM - wonderchook: that way people could track the discussion already happening about the job
1:09:12 PM - IknowJoseph: these community features would be really good - I was thinking area comments, job comments, etc
1:09:17 PM - dodobas: pierregiraud: do you have any preferences on how we handle service deployment ?
1:09:41 PM - dodobas: we can discuss this by email
1:10:02 PM - wonderchook: iknowjoseph: so there is a request for the discussion feature so we can shape it in a way that is useful to everyone
1:10:05 PM - pierregiraud: dodobas: yes by mail
1:10:10 PM - harry-wood left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
1:10:22 PM - mkl: comments make more sense to me
1:10:24 PM - wonderchook: though we should get feedback from maning about it at some point (already been discussing with him
1:10:27 PM - IknowJoseph: wonderchook: Thanks, I was sure I wouldn't be the first person to suggest this
1:10:32 PM - mkl: can have a link to IRC or skype chat if real time is needed
1:10:39 PM - wonderchook: mkl: that was exactly what I said today as well
1:11:25 PM - mkl: cool. anything else on tasking manager? or ready to move on to IknowJoseph?
1:11:42 PM - pierregiraud: I don't think so
1:11:51 PM - mkl: thx pierregiraud
1:11:56 PM - mkl: IknowJoseph: anything to report?
1:12:28 PM - mkl: hmm, maybe not. harry-wood1, you want to report?
1:12:33 PM - IknowJoseph: nothing of my own, to be honest - apologies for not being able to make the entire meeting and for bringing up either old issues or other people's
1:12:54 PM - IknowJoseph: my only discussion point was wonderchook's idea: technical support in the field
1:13:49 PM - IknowJoseph: just wanted to say that I was slightly worried to hear that we're suffering delays due to technical issues in the field
1:14:01 PM - mkl: what sorts of issues?
1:14:11 PM - wonderchook: the main issue is lack of internet
1:14:15 PM - IknowJoseph: I've heard about poor connectivity
1:14:19 PM - wonderchook: but I'm wondering if sometimes network diagnosis would not help
1:14:30 PM - mkl: not help?
1:14:33 PM - wonderchook: as we sat at the HOT house and had to switch our DNS servers sometimes for things to work correctly
1:14:37 PM - wonderchook: mkl: sorry would help
1:14:39 PM - skorasaurus: sorry, late, but here.
1:14:44 PM - ***skorasaurus now reading, catching up
1:14:50 PM - IknowJoseph: I don't know if there's a planning issue here - whatever we're budgetting for internet connectivity in the field presumably isn't enough
1:15:02 PM - mkl: which project is this?
1:15:20 PM - wonderchook: it has been an issue with OIF and EUROSHA
1:15:46 PM - IknowJoseph: it seems that there's a case for building technical skills in core areas, was wondering how we might achieve that
1:15:58 PM - IknowJoseph: currently have very few ideas
1:16:07 PM - mkl: technical skills in network diagnosis among staff on these projects?
1:16:17 PM - IknowJoseph: yes
1:16:17 PM - wonderchook: yes
1:16:26 PM - wonderchook: I guess it also goes into planning for future projects as well
1:16:29 PM - mkl: seems like something the tech group could help with
1:16:30 PM - IknowJoseph: sure
1:16:33 PM - wonderchook: since on some projects we just happen to have tech people
1:16:38 PM - wonderchook: but other projects we have none
1:16:44 PM - pierregiraud left the room (quit: Quit: pierregiraud).
1:16:44 PM - IknowJoseph: planning is something that worries me slightly - but I guess that's for a different meeting
1:17:29 PM - mkl: yea, what can we do speficially in this context? draw up a short tutorial on networking in the field? arrange to do a training session?
1:17:37 PM - mkl: this context == tech meet
1:17:44 PM - wonderchook: I think maybe the short tutorial
1:17:44 PM - harry-wood1: Maybe we should have wiki pages on some useful "knowledgebase" type topics
1:17:49 PM - wonderchook: or find a troubleshooting guide somewhere
1:17:52 PM - IknowJoseph: cheat sheets perhaps
1:17:55 PM - IknowJoseph: they must exist
1:18:09 PM - wonderchook: e.g. "the internet is broken" and then the first question is "did you ping anything?"
1:18:14 PM - wonderchook: and yeah, I would think they exist
1:18:32 PM - harry-wood1: I was also thinking an offline copy of the entire OSM wiki, would be a thing field people could have
1:18:37 PM - ybon: +1 for cheat sheets :)
1:18:37 PM - mkl: just needs to be collecting into a page in the hot universe
1:18:53 PM - wonderchook: harry-wood: more offline items like that sounds good
1:19:03 PM - harry-wood1: obviously having it offline would be handy if it's info on how to get online :-)
1:20:11 PM - mkl: so that's two tasks? one to assemble network troubleshooting into somewhere on the wiki (i'd suggest under the tech wg)
1:20:24 PM - mkl: second to compile wiki into offline copy, for deployments
1:20:25 PM - skorasaurus: I wrote a networking troubleshooting guide while in haitii.
1:20:30 PM - skorasaurus: lemme bring it up.
1:20:34 PM - IknowJoseph: wonderchook: sorry for taking your agenda item, but I wanted to throw my oar in before leaving the office
1:20:42 PM - wonderchook: haha, no problem
1:20:47 PM - ingenieroariel [~ingeniero@] entered the room.
1:21:02 PM - mkl: skorasuarus: awesome
1:21:16 PM - mkl: btw, we can collect tasks like this on this github issues lists
1:21:24 PM - wonderchook: I think that is a great idea
1:21:58 PM - mkl: someone want to start banging out actions from this chat into github tickets?
1:22:03 PM - IknowJoseph: speaking of tracking, could we also ticket tech issues?
1:22:38 PM - mkl: IknowJoseph: like what?
1:22:39 PM - skorasaurus: W/ tech tickets, what repo to use ?
1:22:40 PM - harry-wood1: There's downloadable dump file for the osm wiki somewhere, so it's a question of how to make that viewable while offline
1:22:43 PM - skorasaurus: nvmind
1:22:52 PM - IknowJoseph: if nothing else, we'd be aware that Project X was suffering poor internet connectivity
1:23:00 PM - mkl: that's the catch all issue list for hotosm org on github
1:23:07 PM - IknowJoseph: just thinking standard helpdesk type things
1:23:08 PM - wonderchook: I was envisioning it going here IknowJoseph:
1:23:26 PM - wonderchook: I guess it is making sure someone gets alerted and reads it
1:23:30 PM - harry-wood1: (it happens that it mostly contains website issues at the moment)
1:23:57 PM - mkl: yea, harry-wood1, contains website issues because there's no repo for the website
1:24:08 PM - skorasaurus: yeah, there was the support group that AndrewBuck pierzen and I did for a bit.
1:24:09 PM - mkl: we can use labels to separate
1:24:14 PM - IknowJoseph: I was hoping that members of this WG might wantt to subscribe to ticket notifications and get alerted when someone in the field was requesting help
1:24:38 PM - heatherleson left the room (quit: Quit: heatherleson).
1:24:40 PM - IknowJoseph: we can all pitch in with "have you tried turning it off and on again?" :)
1:24:48 PM - mkl: skorasaurus: it's not a bad idea. documenting the things that come up in a field support group would help share the burden
1:24:48 PM - harry-wood1: hehe
1:25:02 PM - skorasaurus: I then just got swamped with work from my day job, so I hadn't followed up with amadou after helping a couple times.
1:25:04 PM - mkl: I am now watching that repo
1:25:09 PM - skorasaurus: and hadn't heard anything since.
1:25:20 PM - wonderchook: there is also
1:25:26 PM - wonderchook: or there could be made
1:25:27 PM - mkl: who does that go to wonderchook?
1:26:00 PM - wonderchook: goes to Harry, Drazen and I right now
1:26:08 PM - wonderchook: it actually just gets alerts from the export tool at the moment
1:26:21 PM - wonderchook: I could make a support group and add whoever
1:26:33 PM - wonderchook: so maybe that would separate the auto alerts from human
1:26:38 PM - mkl: makes sense. sign me up
1:26:49 PM - wonderchook: okay
1:26:52 PM - wonderchook: I'll just make this now
1:27:06 PM - mkl: so this topic has touched on a few things around tech support for field
1:27:35 PM - mkl: 1) document stuff in the wiki 2) make wiki available offline 3) track issues on github repo 4) email address for tech support
1:27:48 PM - mkl: anything else we can do to make this better?
1:27:56 PM - wonderchook: hmmm support already exists
1:27:57 PM - mkl: i suppose the field staff need to know we are here to help
1:28:36 PM - harry-wood1: iknowjoseph specialises in network problems :-)
1:28:43 PM - wonderchook: I'm adding mkl to support, anyone else let me know or email myself or dodobas (who I just volunteered to help maintain the list)
1:28:56 PM - dodobas: wonderchook: great..
1:29:12 PM - IknowJoseph: can I go on?
1:29:14 PM - dodobas: just send me the admin pass
1:29:34 PM - mkl: IknowJoseph: more to say? or volunteering for the list?
1:29:44 PM - skorasaurus: btw, that reminds me: I'm admin of talk-sn but apparently the admin password is definite than my mailing list password ?
1:29:55 PM - IknowJoseph: sorry for the ambiguity - volunteering for the list
1:30:14 PM - wonderchook: skorasaurus: the admin password is per list
1:30:25 PM - mkl: talk to TomH if you misplaced it
1:30:48 PM - mkl: wonderchook: do you have another topic to report back on?
1:30:57 PM - skorasaurus: aha, k thanks wonderchook
1:31:25 PM - wonderchook: only that we are trying to organize entry points for debs on the website
1:31:28 PM - wonderchook: I mean devs
1:31:48 PM - wonderchook:
1:31:58 PM - wonderchook: other ideas for recruiting coders are welcome
1:32:07 PM - wonderchook: I think the main thing is making it clear what we need people to do
1:32:10 PM - mkl: invite them to this chat?
1:32:14 PM - wonderchook: yeah
1:32:19 PM - wonderchook: I did that during my FOSS4G keynote:)
1:32:30 PM - mkl: rad
1:32:40 PM - wonderchook: one other thing
1:32:40 PM - mkl: there's also the wiki page, that has a bit more chaotic detail
1:32:45 PM - mkl: so could link to it
1:32:47 PM - wonderchook: my team in Indo wants to learn to code in Python
1:32:55 PM - wonderchook: we are having a hard time finding an Indonesian python developer
1:32:59 PM - wonderchook: so looking for ideas for that
1:33:03 PM - wonderchook: we have a bit of funding
1:33:05 PM - ingenieroariel: It may be good to add the information about this chat channel to that developers page.
1:33:10 PM - ybon: wonderchook: send me to Indo :)
1:33:29 PM - wonderchook: ybon: that is a possibility we could cover feeding, travel and housing
1:33:40 PM - IknowJoseph: wonderchook: does the trainer have to be local? Is there online courses?
1:33:47 PM - wonderchook: the training does not have to be local
1:33:54 PM - wonderchook: it would be good for it to be time boxed in some way
1:33:58 PM - wonderchook: e.g. maybe a class with a start and end
1:34:00 PM - ingenieroariel: wonderchook: what about ismal suni?
1:34:01 PM - wonderchook: though this isn't required
1:34:08 PM - mkl: and a test ;)
1:34:12 PM - wonderchook: ingenieroariel: he moved to Korea
1:34:17 PM - wonderchook: to get a masters deree
1:34:18 PM - ingenieroariel: oh
1:34:19 PM - wonderchook: degree
1:34:41 PM - dodobas: wonderchook: I'll volunteer as an indo python dev instructor ;)
1:35:01 PM - mkl: post a position for this on the hot website?
1:35:09 PM - wonderchook: okay noted that a position is an option
1:35:18 PM - wonderchook: I need to send AusAID a couple options
1:35:27 PM - mkl: gotcha
1:35:32 PM - wonderchook: local team is researching to see if there is anything local as well
1:35:34 PM - ingenieroariel: wonderchook: easiest may be to fly someone from Singapore or the Philippines, I know a few people from PH I can recommend
1:36:04 PM - ian29 left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
1:36:07 PM - wonderchook: okay, I'll discuss with everyone and see if that seems to be the best way to go
1:36:10 PM - mkl: i suppose there are more actual pythons in indonesia than python coders, harhar
1:36:19 PM - ingenieroariel: heh
1:36:31 PM - IknowJoseph: I've got to leave, but thanks all, will attend the next meeting
1:36:36 PM - mkl: ok. robertsoden: anything to report?
1:36:42 PM - mkl: thanks IknowJoseph
1:36:46 PM - robertsoden: nope! just lurking
1:36:50 PM - mkl: k
1:36:53 PM - IknowJoseph left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
1:36:54 PM - mkl: ybon?
1:36:56 PM - harry-wood1: I gotta go
1:37:03 PM - mkl: thx harry-wood1
1:37:07 PM - ybon: nothing very relevant on my side
1:37:09 PM - harry-wood1: but I have to report that I have hacked a wifi stick
1:37:20 PM - harry-wood1:
1:37:20 PM - ybon: trying to keep going on hot style when I find time
1:37:28 PM - ybon: please don't hesitate to open issues
1:37:32 PM - wonderchook: ybon: I was wondering if the hosting is sufficient or if we should look into the other options
1:37:42 PM - chippy: :) harry-wood1
1:37:45 PM - ybon: wonderchook: made to be sufficient :)
1:37:57 PM - ybon: but who knows the success then ;)
1:37:59 PM - ingenieroariel: mkl, I came too late for the agenda setup, but we have talked about adding a couple of new features to the hot-export site.
1:38:00 PM - mkl: harry-wood1: that's an actual stick, ha.
1:38:07 PM - harry-wood1: ybon We need to comment on the hosting in the table there
1:38:19 PM - sev_hotosm [] entered the room.
1:38:28 PM - harry-wood1: (to say that it is likely sufficient)
1:38:29 PM - mkl: ingenieroaeriel: cool, you'll have a chance. we just organize by doing go rounds
1:38:48 PM - ybon: harry-wood1: I've set it green, isn't it sufficiant?
1:39:08 PM - ybon: harry-wood1: by the way, pnorman has already posted full details about all this to the OWG
1:39:25 PM - harry-wood1: Add a remark too. " are happy to receive the traffic"
1:39:29 PM - ybon: I think TomH asked me to fill in this page "only" because it's the public side of the iceberg :)
1:39:38 PM - harry-wood1: aha ok
1:39:58 PM - harry-wood1: I'll fiddle with the entry there
1:40:03 PM - mkl: this would be awesoem to see. i don't think we've actually added another tile set, since the tile policy was drawn up!
1:40:11 PM - ybon: harry-wood1: and the decision to add the style is already taken :)
1:40:18 PM - harry-wood1: kick ass!
1:40:47 PM - harry-wood1: The other thing I hacked on was some minor tweaks to the UI of the when you're adding a job
1:40:59 PM - harry-wood1: the bbox picker
1:41:14 PM - ian29 [] entered the room.
1:41:30 PM - harry-wood1: but now that I'm set up with that, hopefully I'll do some more improvements soon
1:42:03 PM - mkl: ybon: related to the HDM Style, I'm hoping the Zaatari mappers will post soon to the hot@ list with details on their fork of the style, and the new tags under development/discussion/use
1:42:31 PM - ybon: mkl: I'm waiting too for "camp tagging" details to implement them in the style :)
1:42:48 PM - ybon: Havn't checked recently their work on the fork
1:43:26 PM - mkl: right on
1:43:28 PM - harry-wood1 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
1:43:50 PM - ybon: mkl: yeah, was looking at it, it's more about config stuff
1:44:01 PM - mkl: ok. i let's keep moving. heatherleson, anything to report to the group?
1:44:11 PM - wonderchook: heatherleson is afk
1:44:41 PM - mkl: k
1:44:45 PM - mkl: natesmith?
1:45:11 PM - natesmith: nothing much to report. just a fly on the wall. going to try to sit in and participate in these some more.
1:45:20 PM - mkl: super
1:45:43 PM - mkl: let's see, in order from here, we have mkl, russdeffner, dodobas, ingenieroariel
1:45:48 PM - mkl: i'll go
1:45:50 PM - mkl: two things
1:46:14 PM - mkl: first, have only heard a few things about learnosm instructions. red cross integreating as they get feedback
1:46:33 PM - wonderchook: it was tested at the hot house by 2 people
1:46:38 PM - wonderchook: I think they provided feedback
1:46:41 PM - mkl: should probably close off feedback soon, for a v 1
1:46:52 PM - mkl: cool, i think i saw something from severin
1:47:38 PM - mkl: i'll check in with the ARC guys, and then probably email hot@ for another final round of feedback. more feedback would be good!
1:48:00 PM - mkl: second, had a random request from the ARC for a small feature in iD
1:48:10 PM - mkl: they want to start doing training based on iD, rather than JOSM
1:48:22 PM - mkl: the one feature they've seen missing is visualization of GPX waypoints
1:48:51 PM - wonderchook: yeah, I discussed that with them a bit at the MapAction training
1:48:55 PM - mkl: it's a straightforward bit of javascript, if someone has time
1:49:02 PM - wonderchook: we'd like to do some testing on slow networks and with crappy browsers with viruses
1:49:10 PM - wonderchook: but I supposee the GPX first would do;)
1:49:26 PM - mkl: yea, that's another thing for sure
1:49:43 PM - mkl: ok, that's all
1:49:48 PM - mkl: russdeffner, anything to report?
1:50:18 PM - russdeffner: no, just listening in
1:50:20 PM - dodobas: mkl: it should probably be rendered on the server... large number of points/lines == slow clirnt
1:50:41 PM - mkl: dodobas: this is for a GPX file from the users desktop
1:50:53 PM - dodobas: mkl: ahh
1:51:03 PM - chippy: if it's just waypoints from a gpx file its not the same as gpx track points. (however also agree on tiles for gps tracks from osm server)
1:51:06 PM - skorasaurus: where does ARC plan to do the training at ?
1:51:09 PM - skorasaurus: with iD ?
1:51:29 PM - robertsoden: they're doing something in Kathmandu next week
1:51:42 PM - awwright [~awright@] entered the room.
1:51:45 PM - skorasaurus: I tried* to train a few of the Haitian mappers in iD and there were still, what I thought to be dealbreakers for iD to be used in the field.
1:52:16 PM - robertsoden: would be good to document those
1:52:26 PM - skorasaurus: robertsoden: will write it up in a few.
1:53:06 PM - skorasaurus: i love the mapbox guys, and think they'll probably fix the issues in a few months, fwiw.
1:54:05 PM - mkl: cool
1:54:25 PM - mkl: 5 minutes to the hour
1:54:31 PM - mkl: russdeffner, anything to report?
1:54:40 PM - skorasaurus: should I send the email to the HOT list ?
1:55:21 PM - robertsoden: skorasaurus: that makes sense to me
1:55:37 PM - mkl: skorasaurus: great idea
1:55:51 PM - mkl: dodobas: anything to report?
1:56:11 PM - dodobas: we got a new server from Hetzner
1:56:17 PM - dodobas: hostname: ameila
1:56:36 PM - mkl: hooray!
1:56:48 PM - dodobas: i've got a bit novelty setup...
1:57:08 PM - dodobas: using lxc (docker) for different services
1:57:18 PM - mkl: ah, do you have that documented anywhere? i was curious how you were going to do this...
1:57:44 PM - dodobas: mkl: i got per day documentation of what i did, which can easly be converted into a wiki
1:57:56 PM - dodobas: anyway... we currently run
1:58:17 PM - mkl: lxc looks light weight to manage
1:58:30 PM - mkl: any performance overhead compared to virtual machines?
1:59:21 PM - dodobas: graphite graphing services
1:59:21 PM - dodobas:
1:59:21 PM - dodobas: (look for more examples in Dashboard -> Finder
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2:00:07 PM - dodobas: we can monitor almost anything at any resolution (1sec min)
2:00:07 PM - dodobas: still to do.... an actual monitoring/reporting (which is planned per issue)
2:00:07 PM - russdeffner: no report, not anticipating issues in Mongolia with internet, etc.; we've talked a bit about translating learnosm
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2:00:08 PM - chippy|tim: netsplit
2:00:16 PM - chippy|tim is now known as chippy
2:00:22 PM - dodobas: and we running
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2:01:11 PM - mkl: and they're back
2:01:32 PM - skorasaurus: YEAH, SAME.
2:01:34 PM - skorasaurus: err.
2:01:37 PM - skorasaurus: I didn't get kicked.
2:01:43 PM - ***skorasaurus shrugs.
2:01:48 PM - dodobas: mkl: sorry.. phone
2:01:59 PM - mkl: let's wrap up
2:02:14 PM - mkl: dodobas, anything more? ingenieroariel, you're next
2:02:32 PM - ***ingenieroariel is ready
2:02:49 PM - mkl: ok go ahead ingenieroariel
2:03:09 PM - wonderchook: I'm going to have to run, though would love to see export tool features being worked on logged in github=D
2:03:09 PM - sev_hotosm left the room (quit: Read error: Operation timed out).
2:03:47 PM - ingenieroariel: Okay, I would like to talk about a new feature for the hot-export site related to country exports for buildings.
2:04:01 PM - ingenieroariel: Basically, allowing downloads of buildings at the country level in places implementing Open Data for Resilience Initiative projects. These datasets can then be used for analysis using Inasafe/QGIS or served up in local mapping portals with GeoNode/GeoServer/Mapserver.
2:04:24 PM - chippy: wonderchook, will ping later if thats okay
2:04:27 PM - ingenieroariel: I tried at first to use Geofabrik, Cloudmade and others, but they did not have a complete list of countries
2:04:33 PM - wonderchook: chippy: sure thing.
2:04:36 PM - wonderchook left the room (quit: Quit: wonderchook).
2:04:53 PM - mkl: ingenieroariel: geofabrik has taken requests before
2:04:54 PM - ingenieroariel: So the solution I implemented uses osmosis and GDAL 1.9, countries from the Natural Earth vector dataset are converted to .poly, split with osmosis and then a postgis dump is created with ogr2ogr (using the pbf reader and the hstore extension)..
2:05:38 PM - ingenieroariel: mkl, I tried doing requests for Trinidad and Tobago for the Hot-Export and the request took a few weeks without response
2:05:54 PM - mkl: i mean, from geofabrik downloads
2:06:12 PM - mkl: you're using osmosis to split up planet?
2:06:20 PM - ingenieroariel: yes
2:06:25 PM - ingenieroariel: in batches
2:07:17 PM - ingenieroariel: following the example from a blog post from geofabrik, it is also filtering for ways at the same time
2:07:29 PM - ingenieroariel: so it is fast (with the new read-pbf-fast flag)
2:07:59 PM - mkl: cool
2:08:03 PM - ingenieroariel: (well, fast in the sense that it takes 6 hours in my local machine :) )
2:08:08 PM - chippy: I'd suggest buffering the boundaries as I think some the resolution of natural earth datasets could mean that coastal features could be excluded. Worth double checking though
2:08:12 PM - ingenieroariel: for every country in the planet
2:08:22 PM - ingenieroariel: thanks for the hint chippy
2:08:34 PM - ingenieroariel: so, I would like to contribute the code implementing this to the official hot-exports site, the code is already working on my development machine.
2:08:47 PM - ingenieroariel: if the idea makes sense to you here, we can follow up in github
2:09:43 PM - ingenieroariel: our idea is that this pre-computing is very useful when conducting trainings, and can be easily cached for offline access (or by a proxy at a university)
2:09:48 PM - mkl: perhaps it fits better as a recipe that can be referenced?
2:10:15 PM - mkl: this is definitely useful, but the hot-exports site is designed around a GUI to do this, not command line
2:10:54 PM - mkl: of course there's computation limits with that services, meaning in some cases, what you have done is really useful to know about
2:10:55 PM - ingenieroariel: mkl, the idea is to have it easier for people who just want buildings for their country to do it without having to request a service or figure out the UI
2:11:17 PM - mkl: makes sense. just wondering where the best place for this is. anyone have an idea?
2:11:34 PM - dodobas: mkl: sorry... still on phone (father phone computer support) :)
2:12:45 PM - mkl: i gotta run in a minute too. ingenieroariel: how about share this work on the hot@ list, and we can discuss where best to store it
2:12:57 PM - ingenieroariel: sounds good
2:13:02 PM - mkl: or are you saying, that you need hosting for this?
2:13:05 PM - ingenieroariel: thanks mkl and everyone
2:13:13 PM - ingenieroariel: well, I will need to host it somewhere
2:13:23 PM - ingenieroariel: because we are building clients for GeoNode, to import this data regularly
2:13:47 PM - ingenieroariel: but this service can be of use for people tracking schools and hospitals, and will include custom tags like roof type
2:13:52 PM - ingenieroariel: number of stories, etc
2:14:22 PM - ingenieroariel: I wouldn't like to set up a site that somehow competes in functionality with hot-exports but rather become a hot-exports contributor
2:15:26 PM - mkl: ok let's take that discussion onto the hot list
2:15:32 PM - ingenieroariel: perfect
2:15:35 PM - mkl: thanks everyone! meet closed
2:15:39 PM - mkl: we meet again in 2 weeks
2:15:39 PM - ***chippy is present
2:15:44 PM - mkl: oh chippy
2:15:47 PM - mkl: have somethign to report?
2:15:56 PM - chippy: working on visualtags application
2:15:57 PM - mkl: please go ahead. i will not be here though
2:16:06 PM - mkl: and please, can someone post the log ot the wiki?
2:16:13 PM - mkl:
2:16:46 PM - chippy: for latest image showing slight redesign of interface
2:17:02 PM - chippy: otherwise, thats it, carry on. cheers
2:18:31 PM - almccon [] entered the room.
2:19:15 PM - ***chippy goes back to lurk mode
2:19:35 PM - ingenieroariel left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
2:21:50 PM - chippy left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
2:24:20 PM - dodobas: mkl: so... can i continue ?
2:26:19 PM - robertsoden left the room (quit: Quit: robertsoden).
2:26:25 PM - dodobas: anyway... there is actually no overhead for lxc as it's paravirtualization
2:26:53 PM - dodobas: however that limits us to linux only images
2:27:42 PM - dodobas: every 'system' is closed in a jail (self-contained)
2:29:14 PM - dodobas: we already have a good use case... drupal7 + openlayers plugin requires php5.3 which is only available in older distributions
2:29:55 PM - dodobas: so we have a compleate system with all of the rewuired binaries, which only runs a single apache2 binary
2:30:24 PM - dodobas: performace should be as close to metal
2:31:17 PM - dodobas: lxc also supports cgroups which enables control of cpu/memory/diskIO usage per container
2:32:07 PM - dodobas: docker is built on top of lowlevel lxc
2:32:31 PM - dodobas: and it allows dvcs like push/pull/commit image cycle
2:33:03 PM - dodobas: i.e you can have a repository of images and then pull them locally
2:33:24 PM - dodobas: then someone pushes a change to the image, and you only pull a diff for the image
2:34:27 PM - dodobas: the drawback is that containers (running instances of images) will 'forget' changes between two executions
2:34:49 PM - dodobas: you can always commit an container as an image
2:35:18 PM - dodobas: and you can 'export' a directory on the host system which will store data
2:35:48 PM - dodobas: the directory can also be shared between containers
2:36:17 PM - dodobas: for example a mysql data direcotry is an external direcotry
2:37:10 PM - dodobas: on 'amelia' we do this for hotwww-dev, site direcotry is shared between hotwww and hotwww-ssh containers
2:37:28 PM - dodobas: hotww is just apache2 +php + required php_modules
2:37:44 PM - robertsoden [] entered the room.
2:37:52 PM - dodobas: hotwww-ssh has ssh, git, and other dev tools