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Meeting to discuss Tech topics on Monday 05th November 2013

IRC log:

18:00:07< dodobas> are we ready...
18:00:09< dodobas> :)
18:00:09-!- russdeffner [~482a667e@2001:41c8:10:996:21d:7dff:fec3:df70] has joined #hot
18:00:32< clara> hi
18:01:18< dodobas> we are about to begin with the regular bi-weekly Tech WG chat
18:01:38< dodobas> is there anyone new to the chat ?
18:02:43< dodobas> if not, we are going to kick of reports with harry-wood1, clara, wonderchook, chippy, ybon ?
18:03:25< harry-wood1> I'm afraid I haven't done anything tech for HOT this week
18:03:38< harry-wood1> although I've been learning more vagrant/chef-solo tricks
18:03:43< ybon> o/
18:04:10< ybon> For me, same as last meeting: only some HOTOSM style fixes
18:04:32< dodobas> harry-wood1: that's ok... everyone is allowed one excuse... but only one :)
18:04:37< harry-wood1> hehe
18:04:42< clara> I've completely neglected the upgrade to Drupal 7, but digging into it since about 2 hrs again
18:04:55< clara> without excuse :)
18:05:03< dodobas> hi clara, it's good to have you back on board...
18:06:30< dodobas> the server is fine :)
18:06:37< dodobas> thats my report... :)
18:06:53< dodobas> anyway... i guess ast two weeks were a bit slow
18:07:30< dodobas> there was a discussion on last friday about future direction for tasking manager v2..
18:07:46< dodobas> which is available on
18:08:44< harry-wood1> yeah. That was meant to be an activation working group meeting, but turned into a bit of tech chat :-)
18:08:46< dodobas> the meeting log is available at
18:10:05< harry-wood1> hey clara do you have a wiki page or somewhere describing the plans for drupal 7 and the website in general?
18:10:22< harry-wood1> trying to get everything linked off here:
18:10:28< clara> it's on github
18:10:43< dodobas> hot applied for the HIF... the basic idea is to build an infrastrucure distributed open aerial map
18:11:03< clara> at the moment I'm just trying to get the D7 site function like the D6 site
18:11:11< harry-wood1> this one?
18:11:45< harry-wood1> ah wonderchook submitted HIF proposal hey?
18:11:56< clara> yes - anything tagged with website and milestone "switch to D7"
18:11:59< harry-wood1> that's good. Was meaning to review it, but… failed
18:12:04< dodobas> yes, at least she said she did :)
18:12:49< dodobas> harry-wood1: this should be the 'latest' version
18:12:59< dodobas> not sure if ti was subbmited
18:14:23< harry-wood1> I heard talk of some "space technology" grants available here in the UK. I think we could submit this kind of idea in other places if HIF don't go for it
18:14:54< dodobas> clara: i wanted to ask you... about this...
18:15:35< dodobas> there is a short note about... using Migration module to migrate from d6 -> d7
18:16:16< dodobas> so... Migration is a general d6->d7 module ? or something sepecific to openatrium
18:16:17< clara> dodobas: the data migration worked fine - it's mainly doing a theme now and a sorting out the display of the maps
18:16:55< dodobas> hot web is an openatrium instance ?
18:17:20< clara> no, it's panopoly - both are drupal distributions
18:18:03< clara> openatrium probably offers lots of stuff that is not needed for a small site like hot
18:18:49< dodobas> clara: basically i have a request to bootstrap an openatrium2 site
18:19:20< dodobas> and possibly migrate some data from d6 openatrium1 instance...
18:19:31< clara> okay - can we talk about that in more detail later?
18:19:47< dodobas> sure... it's not that urgent
18:20:15< dodobas> focus on the
18:21:06< dodobas> harry-wood1: space technology as in "let's shoot up some DIY satellites in the atmosphere?" :)
18:22:29< harry-wood1> Well… maybe, but basically I think there's a lot of money in that sort of thing at the moment, and this includes money for people who show demonstrable use cases… which is where HOT can come in
18:22:46< dodobas> kuul
18:23:53< dodobas> so, if no one wants to add something... we are going to wrap it up
18:24:13< clara> nothing from me
18:24:30< dodobas> (i'll stick around, maybe someone appears at 19:00 :) )
18:25:18< harry-wood1> I'm going to a hack event on Sunday with MapAction
18:25:46< harry-wood1> Or hoping to go at least. Maybe I'll have to decide not to at the last minute
18:28:38< dodobas> well, Im going to try to attend local Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon
18:28:43< dodobas>
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18:32:00-!- ian29 [] has joined #hot
18:32:14< harry-wood1> which one is local to you then dodobas?
18:33:12< dodobas> Zagreb... :)
* harry-wood1 makes an important wiki edit on that page 18:35
18:35:45< harry-wood1> No London one. hmmm
18:37:12< dodobas> harry-wood1: well, come to Zagreb... :)
18:37:34< harry-wood1> maybe one day
* clara is probably going to Open Development Camp in Amsterdam: 18:37
18:38:26-!- springmeyer [~dane@] has joined #hot
18:38:32< russdeffner> sorry, I've been distracted from the chat, but one quick note from Mongolia - Sev and I ran into some viruses that travel via USB and infected some GPS and flash
18:39:03< dodobas> russdeffner: it's ok... you can still participate
18:39:12< russdeffner> had to do some recovery, etc. but handled it quickly with AVG
18:39:55< russdeffner> just something to consider, we'd suggest a slide or two on virus protection, etc. during initial trainings
18:40:05-!- ian29 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:40:52< russdeffner> especially as for us, we had to use students/participants laptops, but even on the University print computer we got a flash drive infected
18:41:06< russdeffner> that's all :)
18:41:43< dodobas> so you suggest to check every flash drive on a dedicted computer before sharing it ? :)
18:41:57-!- alexbarth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:42:40< harry-wood1> didn't have to deal with viruses in a long time. I've taken steps to surround myself by people who are not using windows
18:42:54< dodobas> harry-wood1: smart move :)
18:43:22< russdeffner> in our example, we'd give the students the hot kit on a USB and it'd come back infected; and a few got their GPS (including data) wiped after plugging them into their laptop
18:43:38< harry-wood1> d'oh :-(
18:43:58< harry-wood1> Gotta go folks
18:44:05< harry-wood1> good talking to you
18:44:12-!- harry-wood1 [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:44:13< russdeffner> Sev has an open source program he used to recover, but don't remember the name - will ask
18:44:53< ybon> On Haiti, we switched everything to Linux (Ubuntu), to prevent also this kind of problems
18:46:07< dodobas> ybon: and there were no complaints ? :)
18:46:33< ybon> dodobas: not at all, just every body asking me to switch also their personal laptop on Ubuntu :)
18:46:41< dodobas> hehe