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Meeting to discuss Tech topics on Monday 10th March 2014

IRC log:

18:00:45< dodobas> g'day
18:00:52< pgiraud> hello
18:01:11< dodobas> who is ready to talk about technology@hot :)
18:01:24< pgiraud> I'm here
18:01:31< pgiraud> though I don't have much to say
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18:02:18< dodobas> i saw some emails about london hacking event... arelated to TM2 ?
18:02:37< dodobas> pgiraud: can you comment on those?
18:02:39< pgiraud> yes
18:03:00< pgiraud> both Dan and Katie did a lot of work
18:03:13< pgiraud> they fixed a lot of little things
18:03:28< pgiraud> fixed documentation, dependencies
18:03:41< dodobas> i see 9 pull reqests
18:03:45< dodobas> thats nice
18:03:45< pgiraud> and added new features
18:03:48< pgiraud> yes
18:04:09< pgiraud> I didn't find time to review and merge those pull requests
18:04:28< pgiraud> however I think it'll be easy to review
18:04:55< pgiraud> this will help going further with v2 which is intended to happen soon
18:05:16< dodobas> so you got some feedbeck related to funding?
18:05:17< pgiraud> about V1, there's a bug reported by Pierre Béland
18:05:33< pgiraud> mkl1 knows more about it
18:05:51< pgiraud> but yes, funding is in its way
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18:06:23< dodobas> thats good
18:06:30< pgiraud> for v1, the bug is that the job's stats (% done and update date) doesn't get updated
18:06:40< pgiraud> this seems related to the installation on the new server
18:06:47< pgiraud> but I have no clue why
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18:08:44< dodobas> pgiraud: thats weird...
18:09:04< pgiraud> I agree
18:09:35< dodobas> did you have any commits on previous server...
18:09:58< dodobas> something that was not in hotosm repository
18:10:00< pgiraud> I hope not
18:10:54< dodobas> which issue is that ?
18:11:17< pgiraud> on my computer, which a fresh install I don't have any problem
18:11:37< pgiraud> If one modifies a task status
18:11:57< pgiraud> mark as done, lock, unlock, etc...
18:12:11< pgiraud> the update date in the job is not updated
18:12:19< pgiraud> and the % done is not updated
18:12:37< dodobas> hmm...
18:12:55< dodobas> did you maybe 'generate' JS files on the fly ?
18:13:01< dodobas> as templates ?
18:13:36< pgiraud> js files no
18:14:54< dodobas> because I'm caching wverything in static folder
18:15:19< pgiraud> it was the case in previous server, wasn't it?
18:15:23< dodobas> yeah...
18:15:53< dodobas> a bit different setup... but same principle
18:16:12< dodobas> anyway I'll take a look at it... on the database level
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18:17:27< pgiraud> thanks
18:17:28< dodobas> harry-wood, sev_hotosm, pnorman, AndrewBuck, xamanu, mkl1, ybon anything to report ? :)
18:17:41< mkl1> hey
18:18:23< AndrewBuck> hey, I forgot the meeting was today. Nothing from me I guess.
18:18:30< mkl1> yea, we should be able to get started with full v2 very soon
18:18:47< mkl1> i am confirming funders, and have a meeting tomorrow with emmanuel from camp2camp
18:18:55< harry-wood> nothing from me. Sadly I didn't make it to the London hack weekend.
18:19:32< harry-wood> too much wedding organising to do. Plus I had a cold. Didn't want to infect everyone!
18:19:43< harry-wood> Looks like dan4dm_ did some good hacking on Task Manager though
18:20:28< dodobas> harry-wood: 'had a cold' is such a common excuse, like common cold :)
18:21:11< dodobas> anyway, we got SDS (Separate data store) running again...
18:21:21< dodobas>
18:21:39< sev_hotosm> ok
18:21:58< dodobas> i should work, there were some issue, mosty my fault... as I've managed to get it running on ruby 1.9
18:22:26< sev_hotosm> regarding potential issues, there is the new TM that allows people to download in JOSM without having blocked their tile
18:22:32< sev_hotosm> there is a ticket for this
18:22:35< ybon> hi there, nothing to report on my side
18:22:36< sev_hotosm> Has been solved?
18:22:53< dodobas> this was my first Ruby project deployment, so there might be some issues
18:22:54< pgiraud> sev_hotosm, nope
18:22:54< sev_hotosm> problem is it can produce duplicates over a tile
18:23:05< dodobas> so if you have time to test. please do
18:23:05< sev_hotosm> @pgiraud OK
18:23:31< sev_hotosm> the first duplicators having been Pierzen and I :)
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18:25:07< dodobas> ok, so this was a short meeting :)
18:25:30< sev_hotosm> Second step of creating Exports jobs is also messy with a loooong list of presets taht makes complicates the creation for any newcomer
18:25:44< sev_hotosm> some of them bugging
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18:27:18< pgiraud> I have to go
18:27:21< pgiraud> thanks all
18:29:41< dodobas> sev_hotosm: did you create an issue for that ? on github
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18:57:58< aude> awww, did i miss the meeting?
* aude totally confused about time zones 18:59
19:04:08< dodobas> aude: you can still report / comment  :)
19:05:04< aude> well, i got tasking manager v1 and v2 setup for development
19:05:23< aude> poked at the code and understand what/how it does stuff
19:06:00< aude> should be able to work on porting some code and fix bugs/ requests
19:06:11< dodobas> aude: gr8
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19:06:58< aude> i am poking at the css, although backend stuff is more my thing
19:07:32< aude> if someone can advise on :)
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19:48:39< dan4dm_> oh hi did i just miss a meeting. darn I should have been here since I've pestered pgiraud with OSMTMv2 pull requests!
* dan4dm_ reads back through the log 19:49
19:50:46< dan4dm_> short meeting. ok fine!
19:51:09< dodobas> dan4dm_: if you want to report, or announce... please do
19:51:45< dan4dm_> dodobas: OK well, it's sorta already been said, but:
19:52:28< dan4dm_> did some work on OSM TM v2 at the OSM Hack Weekend. one of the most useful things was both me and Katie making sure we could install it from scratch following the instructions
19:52:55< dan4dm_> we submitted some pull requests which I hope will bring closer the day when TMv2 goes live :)
19:53:32< dan4dm_> my favourite tweak I made is the one so that, having added a "Pick a random task" button, it deliberately avoids picking one next to a tile someone is working on - conflict prevention!
19:53:40< dan4dm_> REPORT ENDS
19:54:42< dodobas> dan4dm_: did you have any prior experience working with Pyramid framework ?
19:55:40< dan4dm_> sev_hotosm mentioned that the new TM lets you download without locking. I have a PR which aims to fix that
19:55:53< dan4dm_> dodobas: only a bit of hacking around with TMv1
19:56:06< dan4dm_> it seems really pleasant.
19:56:38< dodobas> what im trying to ask, is ... do you think that TM2 code is unorganized, undocumented, untested, ... ?
19:58:12< dan4dm_> dodobas: I would say it is a little under-documented, but it's nicely organised (better organised than TMv1). testing, well it hasn't been v heavily road-tested yet I guess
19:59:06< dan4dm_> aude said she wanted to improve the coverage of formal tests. that's a noble aim but I didn't look into that so I don't have anything conrete to say about it
19:59:33< dodobas> ok, that's good to hear
20:00:07< dodobas> i guess the code base is still small enough, so someone can quickly start working
20:01:16< dan4dm_> yes, exactly - small codebase, and Pyramid + nice file organisation means it's fairly transparent. it took me a little while to work out where the db schema was defined in the python code ( - someone who knows sqlalchemy would guess quicker than me
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20:31:15< aude> dodobas: dan4dm_ i probably have to poke at some more features to know the code better
20:31:20< aude> then try to figure out what parts would benefit from more tests
20:33:44< dodobas> aude: would you do anything differently.. to make it more maintainable in the long term
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21:20:15< aude> dodobas: i don't know yet
21:20:38< aude> with php, the tendency now is to split functionality into reusable components
21:21:43< aude> if there are any parts of tasking manager that are generic and might be used elsewhere, then make them a module
21:23:43< dodobas> aude: could you write a short ... how to start contributing to TM2, document ?
21:38:52< aude> not yet... maybe improve the readme