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Meeting to discuss Tech topics on Monday 7th April 2014

IRC log:

19:01:20< AndrewBuck> So is the meeting starting then?
19:01:23< dodobas> woohoo, let's start... is there anyone particular who want to share / comment / discuss what happend i nthe last month
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19:01:40< pierregiraud> yep
19:01:45< dodobas> pierregiraud: plese
19:01:49< dodobas> *please do
19:01:58< wonderchook> oops, I didn't even realize it was meeting time
19:02:00< wonderchook> :)
19:02:05< mkl> i have a couple things too, after pierregiraud
19:02:07< pierregiraud> I’ve been working a lot on the V2 of the tasking manager
19:02:14< AndrewBuck> Myself as well
19:02:19< pierregiraud> things are going well
19:02:42< skorasaurus2> tres bien.
19:02:51< pierregiraud> I had the chance to meet a lot of people in Paris
19:03:00< dodobas> pierregiraud: so most of the TMv1 has been replicated
19:03:08< pierregiraud> most of
19:03:15< pierregiraud> still things to add
19:03:21< pierregiraud> but just a few
19:03:40< pierregiraud> I showed the tasking manager to pierzen and others
19:03:57< pierregiraud> ybon: help me yesterday we had a quick sprint
19:04:10< pierregiraud> nothing more to say
19:04:26< dodobas> pierregiraud: do you have a 'release' date ?
19:04:40< pierregiraud> I hope in the next 3 weeks
19:04:58< dodobas> ok, mkl and then AndrewBuck are next
19:05:04< mkl> ok
19:05:37< mkl> just to follow up on pierregiraud, on the funding side, we're progressing, but slowly on securing for the second part of the work on V2
19:05:52< mkl> that is new prioritized features
19:05:58< mkl> hopefully have more to say later this week
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19:06:34< mkl> second, the old HOT OpenAtrium has been taken down, so we need to get it set up on our server as an archive.
19:06:40< mkl> i've already touched based with dodobas about that
19:06:41< heatherleson> wonderchook, mkl - please tell me the trees are still blooming for my SOTM US visit this coming weekend
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19:07:06< mkl> (heatherleson: peak cherry blossom bloom is this weekend)
19:07:19< mkl> finally, been some discussion about an imagery request coordination tool
19:07:20< heatherleson> hello 5am walk before events
19:07:31< dodobas> mkl: k, I should take a closer look at the code, sometime between those two fundings ? right ?
19:07:32< russdeffner> right on!
19:08:08< mkl> dodabas: that sounds ok to me
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19:08:28< mkl> i don't know what pierregiraud's schedule will be later this month, but we can all discuss
19:08:43< mkl> here's a little of the disucssion on the imagery coordination tool
19:08:45< mkl>
19:09:05< mkl> i thought lxbarth's idea to do a proof of concept in github as ok
19:09:22< mkl> set up a repo for it
19:09:43< AndrewBuck> that example one that Mark Cupitt put up seems to work fairly well as well.
19:09:43< mkl> but we'd need to coordinate with coordinators to start trying this out
19:09:46< wonderchook> so the idea is to at least start logging?
19:09:49< dodobas> mkl: i've been following seems like something that could be integrated in the new OpenAerialMap
19:09:59< wonderchook> I guess the one question is are there going to be imagery requests that aren't public?
19:10:06< skorasaurus2> are there?
19:10:09< AndrewBuck> is OpenAerialMap still alive?
19:10:10< wonderchook> yes
19:10:13< mkl> yea, Mark's example showed how you could create and share the AOI easily through github
19:10:15< wonderchook> there are imagery requests that are private
19:10:25< wonderchook> and then become public when people say yes
19:10:33< wonderchook> AndrewBuck: OpenAerialMap the rebirth will be happening
19:10:38< AndrewBuck> wonderchook: the idea was to make the github project for that one private.
19:10:42< mkl> yes at the very least, start logging. github is very good for that.
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19:10:51< mkl> we could make the repo private
19:10:59< wonderchook> oh okay, well we need to start paying for github now
19:11:00< skorasaurus2> brb
19:11:03< wonderchook> right now we have a free account
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19:11:13< AndrewBuck> wonderchook: looking forward to OAM again. I have a lot of imagery I would like to see on there.
19:11:17< mkl> but you can't make individual issues public/private, even with a paid account
19:11:32< wonderchook> right, I thought you mean the repo
19:11:43< dodobas> mkl, wonderchook, bitbucket has unlimited private repos...
19:11:55< AndrewBuck> the repo was meant to be private, I forgot you needed a paid account for that though.
19:11:57< wonderchook> I don't' think we should use two source code repos
19:12:00< dodobas> but a limit of 5 users...
19:12:20< mkl> yea, i meant that. i mean, it doesn't quite fit, because then individual repos would need to be entirely public or private
19:12:22< AndrewBuck> and github does the thing with the map of the geojson files automatically, that was why we chose that mostly.
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19:12:55< mkl> yea, we'd have more than 5 users for this proof of concept. and the ui is very good in the issue tracker. and the mapping geojson is useful
19:13:08< mkl> i asked tmcw if he can add bing imagery to
19:13:22< wonderchook> I'm looking up costs
19:13:40< mkl> github would certainly not be perfect, but it would be a useful proof of concept, short of someone coding something up
19:14:12< wonderchook> 25 dollars a month
19:14:17< wonderchook> so I don't think that is bad
19:14:20< wonderchook> for 10 private repos
19:14:25< wonderchook>
19:14:45< mkl> cool. i think we should have everyone on board to try this, before we plunge
19:15:09< mkl> also, there may be other ideas for later implementation. i think it could fit into drupal in a straightforward way.
19:15:44< wonderchook> yeah, I think it would make sense to have it in open atrium or integrated eventually
19:16:01< AndrewBuck> really putting it in with openaerialmap seems like a logical kind of thing since that is already going to need a system of tracking imagery footprints and whatnot.
19:16:34< wonderchook> maybe but I think it is best to note that and when designing figure things out
19:16:53< AndrewBuck> sure, I was just brainstorming.
19:17:18< dodobas> ok mkl, if you don't have anything to add, AndrewBuck has the 'mic'
19:17:19< mkl> yea, we can continue brainstorming later on. lots of good ideas
19:17:24< mkl> that's all from me, yup
19:17:36< AndrewBuck> ok, so I guess I have two things.
19:17:37< dodobas> heatherleson, russdeffner are next :)
19:18:12< AndrewBuck> First, I spoke for quite a while this morning with Mark Cupitt who is leading the work on the thar pakar desert.
19:18:50< AndrewBuck> He is working with a small group on an app for disaster recovery teams and emergency workers to do in field mapping, reporting, checking for cell signals, etc.
19:19:26< heatherleson> Am in the background. at work & can’t join the meeting.
19:19:31< AndrewBuck> They have surveyed a whole bunch of different open source projects and tools and have worked out a design to piece them all together into an app.
19:19:42-!- pierregiraud [] has quit [Quit: pierregiraud]
19:19:54< wonderchook> is the design available somewhere to look at?
19:19:56< AndrewBuck> He is interested in developing it further and would like to collaborate with HOT and others on it.
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19:20:07< AndrewBuck> I am not sure, we just spoke about it on mumble.
19:20:50< AndrewBuck> He didn't send me a link or anything for it. He runs a small software/gis kind of company and I think it is something they are doing, but they plan to open source the whole thing
19:21:22< wonderchook> yeah, so for HOT to work on it would need to be open source
19:21:36< wonderchook> but other than that seems useful
19:21:42< AndrewBuck> He also said he is available to do web development and javascript kind of stuff and mentioned he would like to work on the task manager specifically.
19:22:22< AndrewBuck> yeah, it will all be open source, it sounds like the people he works with are basically doing it "on the side" of their normal business as a humanitarian kind of thing.
19:23:29< AndrewBuck> He is in the phillipines so he couldn't make this meeting as it is late at night but he wanted me to pass along the thing about the app and also about working on the TM.
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19:24:13< dodobas> AndrewBuck: ok, and the second thing ?
19:24:15< AndrewBuck> So that is basically it for that one, the second one is that after the meeting if it is possible I would like to get as many people as we can on mumble just to test out the voting thing.
19:24:30< AndrewBuck> If we can get more than 5 or so, that is.
19:25:00< AndrewBuck> if not, we will try it some other time, we were thinking of on one of the saturday morning things.
19:25:24< AndrewBuck> So nothing else to really add on that point, I just wanted to announce it.
19:25:37< dodobas> sure, I can join in
19:25:47< AndrewBuck> Also, I would like to know who is in the working group here so I can add them all to the group on mumble.
19:26:00< AndrewBuck> I see I need to add wonderchook and mkl.
19:26:11< wonderchook> though I think the meetings should remain on IRC
19:26:13< AndrewBuck> And heatherleson as well it looks like
19:26:22< wonderchook> people have mentioned it is easier to check in later if it is too late for them
19:26:29< AndrewBuck> yeah, it is just for the group for annual meetings and whatnot.
19:26:45< mkl> gotta go folks, thanks dodobas, all
19:26:52< dodobas> satosi, wonderchook do you want to share anything?
19:27:07< wonderchook> I have been configuring OpenAtrium v2
19:27:10< wonderchook> have the board on it
19:27:13< wonderchook> will start adding other people
19:27:40< wonderchook> but slowly
19:27:58< dodobas> wonderchook: still figthing the bull ? :)
19:28:17< wonderchook> the bull?
19:28:27< dodobas> OA2 a.k.a the bull :)
19:29:20< wonderchook> haha
19:29:28< wonderchook> also I'm hoping dodobas is going to help with some of the email features
19:29:45< dodobas> well, it's nice to see some progress on all fronts... it's been an eventful month
19:30:24< dodobas> if noone else has anything to share, I'll report whats been happening on my side
19:31:11< AndrewBuck> Nothing else from me.
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19:31:40< dodobas> openatrium has been deployed.. .and it's available at
19:31:47< ybon> Sorry, I'm in another meeting, I would have loved to talk a bit about Libraries without Borders but I will not make it today
19:31:49< AndrewBuck> I did add all of the people from this meeting that are registered on mumble to the group on there though, just in case we decide to use that for anything.
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19:32:17< dodobas> wonderchook will keep you posted, on whats happening
19:32:22< dodobas> ybon: plese do...
19:32:23< wonderchook> ybon maybe you could send an email later?
19:32:28< wonderchook> be good to hear more :)
19:32:42< ybon> Quick status for me is that I've made some on the fly changes on cartocss style + looked at the code of the taskv2 with pgiraud
19:32:48< wonderchook> if this working group wants to be a test group in OpenAtrium2 we can set up an area
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19:33:31< ybon> wonderchook: okay, will send a follow up to my email on the list :)
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19:33:40< dodobas> so to continue ... there was a problem with SQLAlchemy version mismatch on the Tasking Manager
19:33:54< AndrewBuck> oh, ybon, can you change the color of the natural=desert rendeering to something much more transparent?
19:33:57< dodobas> Tasking manager was more or less stable....
19:34:18< ybon> AndrewBuck: do we have an issue yet for this?
19:34:22< AndrewBuck> I got that request from Mark about the Thar Pakar desert. It renders over top of everything and kills the whole map.
19:34:40< AndrewBuck> No he just told me about it this morning and I forgot about it until I saw you.
19:34:42< dodobas> first crash occcured when there was an 'attack' from IP subnet
19:35:09< dodobas> so no we have 20req/s limit per IP address... which seems to work fine
19:35:18< AndrewBuck> ybon: I will open an issue on it then.
19:35:26< ybon> (also, I've been called today by HCR for working more on camp rendering)
19:35:35< ybon> AndrewBuck: thanks
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19:36:12< dodobas> second time ... the problem was with a complex relation in Pakistan... which consumed 'a single process' that we run on the server (because we use a SQLiteDB)
19:36:57< dodobas> I've also spent some time fixing small bugs on Tasking Manager... basically to familiarize my self ith the code
19:37:18< dodobas> and I've kept you infromed on what was happening on the mailinglist
19:38:02< dodobas> mumble service was reconfigured, and we have a couple of bots... AndrewBuck can probably share more about those
19:38:33< dodobas> and that's all I have to say :)
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19:38:53< dodobas> clara, almccon do you want add anything
19:38:56< AndrewBuck> the one bot just repeats any text messages said in one channel to all linked channels, the same as the voice does.
19:39:13< AndrewBuck> the other bot lets you set a 'status' next to your name with a chat command.
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19:41:32< russdeffner> sorry, I'm half here/half not - but wanted to 'forward' suggestion that we need LearnOSM link/prevalance on our website... coming from a non-member/interested public
19:41:56< russdeffner> thinking we need a 'products and services' page
19:42:09< russdeffner> that maybe just links to the wiki
19:42:28< russdeffner> in a nutshll, better promotion of our own stuff on all of our sites
19:44:25-!- wonderchook [] has joined #hot
19:44:33< AndrewBuck> yeah, we have been talking in activation working group that a better listing of activations would help.
19:44:55< wonderchook> sorry I dropped out, is this on the website or somewhere else?
19:44:57< dodobas> ooh, yeah, japanese and spanish languages are available on web site
19:45:00< AndrewBuck> it would be good to list all of our various things in a more navigable way for non osm people.
19:45:12< russdeffner> website mostly
19:45:20< AndrewBuck> wonderchook: on the webstite, I will message you a pasteback for context...
19:45:23< wonderchook> yeah I was thinking we might want to have projects and activations
19:45:31< wonderchook> on the website
19:45:41< wonderchook> it would be good to have things archived so they don't look current as well
19:45:44< AndrewBuck> \query wonderchook
19:46:12< AndrewBuck> there we go. Got the slash wrong the first time.
19:46:28< wonderchook> cool thanks
19:46:38< wonderchook> yeah so I think with the website there are two things: 1. communications 2. technical
19:46:55< wonderchook> meaning we need to do better communications which is outside of the technical group
19:47:05< wonderchook> but there might need to be some website changes
19:48:14< russdeffner> yes, maybe we need a small team; either different WG or sub-set of Tech to review and plan our 'site continuity', etc.
19:49:03< wonderchook> you mean from an uptime perspective and backups?
19:49:14< russdeffner> I think a 'communications' WG could do so, and provide 'road map' to tech for updates, etc.
19:49:14< wonderchook> that sort of stuff is dodobas' job
19:49:36< wonderchook> 'road map" for technical additions to the website right? since they would do the content
19:49:49< russdeffner> no, more 'does our web presence sufficiently explain...'
19:49:57< russdeffner> yep
19:50:05< russdeffner> to the second question
19:52:54< dodobas> ok... the TechWG meeting is officially over...
19:53:31< dodobas> so if you could join us on mumble we could try to test the voting process
19:56:22< AndrewBuck> yeah, I don't think we are really going to have enough people to test it well anyway, we should just hold off on that until saturday.
19:56:33< AndrewBuck> Really 10 or more people is what is needed.