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Meeting to discuss Tech topics on Monday 2nd June 2014

IRC log:

19:00:59< dodobas> hi....
19:01:02< russdeffner> hello
19:01:12< dodobas> what a crowd... :)
19:01:38< ptressel> I'm lurking, except want to ask AndrewBuck something if he's here.
19:01:46< skorasaurus2> :)
19:01:59< ptressel> But it's not on the agenda. ;-)
19:02:18< dodobas> you are probably familiar with the format... of these mettings
19:03:08< dodobas> for this one... we actually have a tentative agenda
19:03:11< dodobas>
19:03:21< ptressel> Whoa, the agenda is right -- redirect is broken.
19:03:33< ptressel> It was working just recently.
19:03:35< dodobas> i guess pierregiraud could start... as he can't attend for long
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19:03:49< pierregiraud> yep
19:04:00< dodobas> so pierregiraud ... rock on
19:04:34< pierregiraud> I had a few of you test the admin interface of the upcoming V2 of the tasking manager
19:05:20< pierregiraud> I received some interesting feedback
19:05:47< pierregiraud> and some tiny things need to be fixed before we switch
19:06:14< pierregiraud> also last week, I sent an email to a dozen of contributors
19:06:35< pierregiraud> so that they can also test the user interface in a real project
19:07:03< pierregiraud> not all of them tried but I got very interesting feedback from them
19:07:22< pierregiraud> the issues are almost usability issues
19:07:25< pierregiraud> nothing blocker
19:07:51< pierregiraud> if you are or know someone who can give a hand at testing the interface please let me know
19:07:53< dodobas> pierregiraud: is there a plan (document) how will we actually switch...
19:08:06< pierregiraud> no there isn't
19:08:29< pierregiraud> I don’t really know what Mikel has in mind
19:09:06< dodobas> yeah, ok... that's something we should think about, let's call it 'deprecation policy for tmv1'
19:09:12< dodobas> or something like that
19:09:15< skorasaurus2> small question on the task manager: how should we determine who has access to create/modify jobs on the tasking manager?
19:09:27< ptressel> Is it possible to migrate the data from v1? or are they acting on the same database?
19:09:34< pierregiraud> but for sure, we won’t try to get the projects from v1 into V2
19:09:43< pierregiraud> I think it’s too much work
19:10:13< ptressel> So you'd need to keep both running til v1 tasks were done?
19:10:20< pierregiraud> skorasaurus2: in V2 (not yet implemented) we intend to have two different admin roles
19:10:36< pierregiraud> super admins and project managers
19:10:44< dodobas> ptressel: we'll probably keep tmv1 running for a while... just disable any modifications...
19:11:09< pierregiraud> dodobas: I also think it’s the better way to handle it
19:11:37< ptressel> That's not what I meant... If people are still working on v1 tasks, and v1 data will not be migrated, and you want to start new tasks in v2...
19:11:42< clara> pierregiraud: could you post the link to the admin interface again?
19:12:10< pierregiraud> you’ll have access to the admin interface if you’re an admin user
19:12:10< ptressel> ...then it seems you'll have to have both running and writable at the same time.
19:12:18< pierregiraud> what’s your OSM username?
19:12:19< dodobas> ptressel: it won't happen automatically... that's why I said we need a 'deprecation policy'
19:12:36< ptressel> Ok, I thought we were discussing that.
19:12:55< skorasaurus2> (didn't mean to sidetrack us, we can continue discussing the deprecation policy)
19:12:56< dodobas> ptressel: add it to the aganda :)
19:13:09< ptressel> If the meeting isn't for discussing that sort of thing, then I'll just be quiet.
19:13:27< clara> pierregiraud: clara
19:13:35< pierregiraud> the url is
19:13:39< pierregiraud> please login first
19:13:57< clara> thanx
19:13:59< dodobas> ptressel: we could create a draft... hackpad is nice for those kinda documents
19:14:25< dodobas> however I would like to discuss other things on agenda... and then move on to 'deprecation policy'
19:14:49< pierregiraud> clara: and I you notice anything please write that down here
19:15:03< dodobas> pierregiraud: do you have anything else to add to the report?
19:15:05< clara> thanks pierregiraud - will do
19:15:19< dodobas> do you have a possible release date in mind ?
19:15:30< pierregiraud> not really
19:16:01< pierregiraud> phase 2 of the development of the v2 will start next week
19:16:16< pierregiraud> I’ll start with fixing the issues of phase1
19:16:31< dodobas> ok... do you have any document that describes phase2 ?
19:16:41< pierregiraud> so I hope we’ll be able to release in the next couple weeks
19:16:59< pierregiraud> dodobas: yes
19:17:09< pierregiraud> ping me tomorrow and I’ll share it with you
19:17:20< pierregiraud> these are new features
19:17:35< pierregiraud> I think I’m done
19:17:39< dodobas> pierregiraud: k ...
19:17:44< dodobas> so...
19:18:09< dodobas> one of the thing we should discuss today is TechWG Terms of refernece document
19:18:18< dodobas>
19:18:58< dodobas> it describes the purpose of TWG, member roles, ... and so on
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19:19:33< dodobas> one of the things we are trying to introduce is 'Project manager role'
19:19:53< dodobas> a person who is responsible for a software project
19:20:21< skorasaurus2> was about to ask that.
19:20:28< dodobas> anyone has any comments regarding PM role
19:21:35< ptressel> What if there are non-HOT projects that have a bearing on HOT activity, like ID or JOSM?
19:21:47< dodobas> (one somewhat related question, is anyone from the Board online)
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19:22:06< AndrewBuck> ptressel: hi
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19:23:18< dodobas> ptressel: well, IMHO, a project manager should be responsible only for projects maintained by HOT
19:23:52< ptressel> So if you need something from another project, you'd do...what?
19:24:04< dodobas> we could add an 'external resource manager',but then again, what would that person do
19:24:42< ptressel> Not the question. What would you do if you needed something from another project?
19:25:11< dodobas> something like a feature ?
19:25:28< ptressel> Something like, but one can imagine other needs.
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19:26:38< ptressel> Ok, nevermind.
19:26:53< dodobas> ok, how do you plan to handle it?
19:27:18< dodobas> mantain a list of HOT related issues for external projects on the wiki ?
19:27:19< russdeffner> ptressel - I think we have good relationships with the dev teams of editors, etc.
19:27:57< mkl> greets
19:27:58< skorasaurus2> yeah.
19:28:00< russdeffner> if something came up it might be our PM that makes contact or brings them to a meeting like this
19:28:29< ptressel> I was thinking they should be invited in, but again, nevermind.
19:28:39< mkl> (is anyone keeping a log? curious what this is about)
19:28:42< skorasaurus2> my only concern is as sort of a defacto PM right now (for the HOT josm preset), there's been a couple times when I'm not able to commit as much time as I'd like to it,
19:28:53< dodobas> mkl: Project manger roles...
19:28:56< skorasaurus2> mkl, I have if you need.
19:29:09< dodobas> issue: what to the with external projects requests/issues/features?
19:29:31< mkl> k
19:29:41< skorasaurus2> and with our voluntary nature of our org, PMs may be pulled away from other non-HOT circumstances at a time.
19:29:54< dodobas> skorasaurus2: that's why you only need to do one report every two months :)
19:30:05< skorasaurus2> but given the voluntary nature of our org, we likely just need to deal with it as needed. :)
19:30:37< skorasaurus2> I imagine our list is like:
19:30:44< dodobas> the idea is just to keep track of whats happeningwith the proejcts... in the long term
19:31:07< skorasaurus2> yeah.
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19:31:59< dodobas> on some projects there are issues ... older then 1y... what to do with those... are they relevant...
19:32:30< dodobas> so... do a bit of issue triaging
19:32:43< dodobas> create a list of priorites...
19:32:53< skorasaurus2> dodobas: +1.
19:33:16< skorasaurus2> (HDM carto, hdm josm, and the HOT tags all included)
19:33:30< skorasaurus2> (err, to clarify, they're all examples)
19:33:50< dodobas> we can then... have a clear goal ... when there is a hackathon in the town... and 'beg' for developer time :)
19:34:17< skorasaurus2> so that sort of leads to another question I had.
19:34:31< dodobas> also... in general it will help any new developer to start working on some issues, if there are clear priorities
19:34:32< ptressel> Tried that yesterday at Hack4Change...may have picked up a volunteer dev.
19:34:44< skorasaurus2> is how membership to the HOTOSM github page should be done: exclusive to PMs
19:34:45< skorasaurus2> ?
19:35:11< skorasaurus2> (sorry for being unclear, I meant membership as a member of hotosm on github)
19:35:22< ptressel> Do you mean code commits, or wiki writing?
19:35:27< dodobas> skorasaurus2: membership? you mean commit rights ?
19:35:55< ptressel> Because you may want to allow wider access for writing docs.
19:36:18< dodobas> the easiest way to do it is to grant all rights to the project manager...
19:36:43< skorasaurus2> if I remember correctly, the wiki, commit rights, and things like labelling/closing issues have the same permissions.
19:37:03< skorasaurus2> and I believe in order to have those permissions, you need to be included as a 'member' of the organization on github.
19:37:03< dodobas> and open-source development model is based on clone(fork)/create a pull request
19:37:15< ptressel> Commit rights are per-repo.
19:37:32< ptressel> Not per organization, IIRC, but would need to check.
19:37:52< dodobas> so... a PM should have all rights on the project
19:38:46< dodobas> (added to the TWG Terms of reference)
19:39:12< ptressel>
19:40:29< dodobas> any other comments on project managers? or terms of reference document?
19:41:02< skorasaurus2> what's the rationale behind a limit of 1PM?
19:41:24< skorasaurus2> I agree that too many would result in fractured communication.
19:41:42< dodobas> it's not like anything is written in stone... but we should at try to gain some momentum that will push us forward
19:42:13< ptressel> skorasaurus2, github "read access teams" can read / write the bug tracker and wiki, but don't have commit rights.
19:42:47< dodobas> skorasaurus2: yes, if you can't maintain your PM role, you should step down
19:42:51< ptressel> And you can create multiple teams and assign specific repos to them. So it seems fairly granular and flexible.
19:43:03< dodobas> ptressel: good to know...
19:43:04< skorasaurus2> ptressel, yes, it's more flexible than I remembered.
19:43:20< ptressel> They may have been extending it.
19:43:47< dodobas> mkl: is there any feedback from the Board ?
19:45:05< mkl> dodobas: the board commends the Tech Working Group as being the only one that even drafting their ToR by last meeting
19:45:31< mkl> otherwise, just thumbs up
19:45:37< dodobas> mkl: and their next batch of instructions are ? :)
19:46:02< mkl> oh I did explain the role of project manager, and that took a little bit, but I think it got across
19:46:28< mkl> i don't think there's anything more :)
19:46:43< dodobas> so... anyone wants to adopt a specific project on
19:46:51< mkl> just follow through
19:47:05< dodobas> I can tak on 'hot-exports'
19:47:06< mkl> i think the only thing to be aware of ... other working groups may start coming with requests
19:47:08< dodobas> *take
19:47:23< mkl> like i reckon the activation working group will have some, once it finally meets
19:47:24< skorasaurus2> might want to give some people the chance if they're not yet, just in case ;)
19:47:40< dodobas> mkl: let the them talk to the PM ... :)
19:47:48< mkl> see, it works!
19:49:05< dodobas> any one ? there are more then enough projects to choose from
19:49:43< dodobas> you could also take on the responsibility to find out which projects are no longer active/out-of-scope/ ...
19:50:09< dodobas> you don't have to do it today, just think about it...
19:50:11< ptressel> (crickets)
19:50:27< dodobas> it will be much eaiser once we have a sample project report
19:50:29< dodobas> :)
19:50:50< skorasaurus2> considering the HDM-Carto but ybon deserves the role.
19:51:00< mkl> not all of these really need a PM
19:51:17< ptressel> Some seem to have last been updated > 2 years ago.
19:51:36< mkl> and some are just forks for some minor tweak i suppsoe
19:51:43< ptressel> Right.
19:51:51< dodobas> skorasaurus2: that's exactly the point, you should take on the role.. and work with ybon... then at least two people will know what is happening :)
19:51:59< ptressel> And may have been pushed back into the original project.
19:52:12< mkl> learnosm, osm-tasking-manager(2), imagery-requests, hotosm-website, hot-exports, HDM-CartoCSS
19:52:22< mkl> visualtags
19:52:37< mkl> those are probably the essential ones, I think
19:52:49< dodobas> most of the projects are not highly active, once you compile the first report...
19:52:57< mkl> I nominate pgiraud for osm-tasking-manager(2) PM :)
19:53:04< mkl> and clara for hotosm-website
19:53:16< skorasaurus2> dodobas: so then are you saying there's 2PMs ? or one would be a PM and one with another role?
19:53:25< dodobas> we just need to have a skyhigh overview of the whole system
19:53:46< dodobas> skorasaurus2: PM does not assume 'a developer'
19:53:59< dodobas> more of a 'user who is interested'
19:54:13< clara> mkl: I'm happy to do so
19:54:48< dodobas> let's say...
19:54:49< skorasaurus2> dodobas: aha.
19:55:10< dodobas> in the next month we compile 4 reports...
19:55:39< dodobas> we (I) can then create a skyhigh overview of the hotosm software ecosystem
19:56:15< dodobas> which will be used a base for long-term funding planning ...
19:57:08< dodobas> or... donate your developer time on these issues on these projects..
19:57:47< dodobas> at the moment we are lacking those kinda 'tools'
19:58:21< skorasaurus2> I'd be happy to be PM then for the hdm-cartoCSS.
19:58:38< dodobas> gr8... that makes four PMs
19:58:55< AndrewBuck> ptressel: I am going to have to get going. I am on mumble all the time though, just log in whenever you want to chat.
19:58:59< dodobas> so four reports are due for the next meeting :)
19:59:13< ptressel> AndrewBuck, maybe email then.
19:59:21< AndrewBuck> or that, whatever works for you.
19:59:25< AndrewBuck> Talk to you later then
19:59:31< ptressel> o/
20:01:13< dodobas> any other comments, ideas for Term of reference docment ?
20:01:54< dodobas> if not I can do a short sysadmin report
20:02:35< dodobas> so...
20:03:07< dodobas> taskingmanager2 testing instance was deployed on the server (amelia)
20:03:31-!- cquest_ [] has joined #hot
20:04:12< dodobas> there were some issues with hosting envronment, like ... had to increase large file upload limit
20:04:56< dodobas> and we have a backup instance of OpenAtruim system...
20:05:11< dodobas> it's only relevant for the board members
20:06:14< dodobas> i've also deployed a testing insance of HIRC service - HOT imagery request coordination service ...
20:06:53< dodobas> which was developed in a just few days... (there were some emails on the maiing list)
20:07:37< dodobas> which brings us to the next topic on the meeting agenda...
20:08:25< dodobas> what to do next with the HIRC service... there are some existing issues, and feature ideas on
20:08:34< dodobas> ...
20:09:10< dodobas> a little background... HIRC was something HOT needs, and we tried to organize a quick hacathon in Zagreb
20:09:34< dodobas> mostly people involved in my company...
20:10:37< dodobas> and test how to organize intense one-day project development ... by a group of people
20:11:13< dodobas> and... the most important part is to organize an prepare as much as you can before the actual hackaton :)
20:12:58< dodobas> you can't really separate frontend/backend development... so most of the time frontend team was waiting for the backend team to crate a minimal project working environment
20:13:15< dodobas> but anyway, we got something done
20:13:19< dodobas> any comments?
20:13:21< dodobas> :)
20:13:36< russdeffner> just - great work!
20:15:08< dodobas> there is a lot of work... for example... bi-directional communication (browser-server) to notify user that there are new comments, or the content changed...
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20:16:04< russdeffner> yes, I figured we still needed to complete the 'cycle'
20:16:27-!- g_one [] has quit [Quit: g_one]
20:16:43< dodobas> the idea is continue working on it... it's probably usable as it is... we just need a crisis...
20:16:56< dodobas> can any one phone a volcano or something... and make one ? :)
20:17:39< dodobas> there is also a sneak preview of another project...
20:18:05< dodobas> called 'hakken' - japanese term for discover...
20:18:07< dodobas>
20:18:42< dodobas> feature type detection to quickly create an area that needs to be mapped...
20:18:58< dodobas> kinda like a 'loader' for tasking maanger
20:19:16< clara> sounds like a good ideo
20:19:20< dodobas> beware... it's broken... you should at least login
20:20:03< dodobas> so you can define a set of 'questions'
20:20:44< dodobas> the idea is... on the first 'coarser zoom level' user will answer 'yes/no'
20:21:09-!- JulienME [~Julien@2a01:e35:8b60:e720:21f:d0ff:fe27:7e0e] has joined #hot
20:21:44< dodobas> then for the 'positive tiles' user would be presented with 'more detailed zoom level' and a 'pick a number in range'
20:21:50< dodobas> question
20:22:15< dodobas> once compleated... you could feed the area to the tasking manager
20:23:28< dodobas> there are ides to integrate OSM overpass api... and automatically answer questions .. if there is OSM data for an area
20:23:47< dodobas> early stage of the development
20:24:22< dodobas> we would like to have more community input, or at least questions/ideas.. anyone ?:)
20:26:22< russdeffner> It would definitely assist in generating 'populated places' to focus TM jobs
20:26:40< ptressel> Can it produce a region that has a polygon boundary (with rectilinear sides) like the current HOT task regions? I'm guessing answer is yes from description above, so just being sure.
20:26:59< ptressel> And could it split up that region into task chunks?
20:27:16< russdeffner> Don't know if HOT would be much interested in forested or other features, but maybe
20:27:29< dodobas> ptressel: yeah... it's possible
20:28:04< dodobas> (we just need create tasking manager API :) )
20:28:16< ptressel> Ah.
20:29:19< ptressel> How about REST queries? What's the comms between the back end and front end for creating tasks?
20:30:05< dodobas> ptressel: a distinct API would be nice
20:30:31< ptressel> But also extra work for the tasking manager folks to maintain
20:31:02< ptressel> If you can use the same queries is their admin front end, that's less work for them.
* clara is off now - bye 20:32
20:33:45< dodobas> ptressel: but still, it would be nice to have an API...
20:34:24< dodobas> you could then consume information... from JOSM for example
20:34:26-!- pierzen [~pierzen@] has joined #hot
20:34:43< ptressel> How is that related to a tasking manager admin API?
20:35:17< ptressel> I'm talking about having your tool create the tasking manager tasks -- maybe we're not talking about the same thing.
20:36:04< pierzen> I think that I missed the Tech WG. Participating at IEEE conference in Montreal and was disconnected.
20:36:15< dodobas> ptressel: it's possible to do it TM admin api, however, I'm not sure how to handle user sessions ... :)
20:36:31-!- cmpera [~cmpera@] has joined #hot
20:36:46< dodobas> ptressel: still, hakken is not there yet ...
20:36:51< ptressel> One option is to do an initial request for the TM admin page.
20:37:09< ptressel> That gives you the form with the TM formkey, plus user session cookie.
20:37:35< ptressel> Then fill in the form and poke its submit.
20:37:50< ptressel> That's if you can't do actual REST queries with some form of auth.
20:39:11< dodobas> can we move onto the next point on the agenda?
20:39:19< dodobas> there are only a few left...
20:39:38< dodobas> first one... what to do with and domains
20:39:56< dodobas> we have ... and
20:40:16< ptressel> I'm getting a 404 from -- is that where the static parts of live?
20:40:22< dodobas> and point to the pantheon...
20:40:34< dodobas> there is nothing left on pantheon
20:40:38< ptressel> I see the IP address of is != that of
20:40:43< dodobas> as far as i know...
20:40:56< ptressel> So is it not supposed to point to pantheon any more?
20:41:13< ptressel> I also see that the domain is registered with dreamhost.
20:41:16< dodobas> correct, wonferchook is the only one who has the access to the DNS register
20:41:45< ptressel> Is dreamhost right, or did someone grab the domain?
20:41:50< dodobas> *wonderchook
20:41:59< ptressel> Can't tell from whois record as it's anonymized.
20:42:18< dodobas> ptressel: probably we just need to switch the records
20:42:32< dodobas> the quesions we want to ? :)
20:43:16< ptressel> Ok, then I misunderstood the agenda item. Sounded like it was about the 404.
20:44:00< dodobas> it is, I'm asking if we want to point and/or to the website
20:44:21< ptressel> Which website? The same one that they used to point to?
20:44:37< ptressel> Or is that the one you mean used to be at pantheon?
20:44:38< dodobas>
20:45:11< dodobas> pantheon is dead for HOT... as far as I know, at least for hosting
20:45:18< russdeffner> This may be something to pass to communications working group?
20:45:19< ptressel> Yes, that's where they used to redirect, IIRC.
20:45:39< dodobas> russdeffner: probably
20:46:21< dodobas> can you take on that task ?
20:46:23< russdeffner> I don't know for sure, but there could be sites that point to still; maybe that will be all discontinued
20:46:36< russdeffner> dodobas - sure, I'll bring it up
20:47:21< dodobas> ok
20:48:00< dodobas> there is also an issue regarding SSL (https) setup
20:48:08< dodobas> for some sites on the server...
20:48:14< ptressel> dodobas, So you want them to redirect to the same place they used to redirect to? I'm just trying to clarify whether this is a recent breakage.
20:48:42< ptressel> Because my browser history says it was working recently, and it already was redirecting to
20:49:01< dodobas> ptressel: i have on idea... someone raised the issue ... not sure who
20:49:07< dodobas> i could check the logs...
20:49:35< dodobas> ptressel: so probably something changed on phanteon...
20:49:43< ptressel> Ok, then I man sure: The redirect was working very recently, because I showed the page to someone just recently.
20:49:49< ptressel> s/man/am
20:50:26< ptressel> So it could be as "simple" as, someone accidentally let the hosting lapse where the redirect was.
20:51:22< dodobas> so back to the ssl....
20:51:36< ptressel> Ok, nevermind
20:52:23< dodobas> self-signed keys are not going to be accepted by the browsers, but a least passwords will not be transmitted over the wire by clear text
20:52:50< ptressel> If you use a self-signed cert, you'd get a big scary whoa don't go there from most browsers.
20:53:17< dodobas> yeah... a warning
20:53:22< ptressel> And some browsers don't make it easy to defeat that. Like Chrome, IIRC.
20:53:38< ptressel> A warning plus having to add an exception.
20:53:42< dodobas> proper certificates are not that expensive...
20:53:46< ptressel> Yep.
20:53:57< ptressel> I can recommend
20:54:07< ptressel> Very easy, not that expensive.
20:54:15< dodobas> mkl: anyway it's something a Board should discuss
20:55:10< dodobas> so a wildcard certificate is 160$
20:55:43< ptressel> BTW, if you do add SSL, make sure the site's openssl is upgraded past Heartbleed.
20:56:18< mkl> If that cert will be accepted by most all browsers, that's fine
20:56:51< dodobas> ptressel: yeah
20:57:09< mkl> Just send a request to with the budget request, and we can decide that quickly
20:57:35-!- pierzen [~pierzen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:57:44< dodobas> mkl: ok
20:58:21< dodobas> and the last thing today... deprecation policy for the tasking manager 1
20:59:25< dodobas> any ideas...
20:59:27< dodobas> ? :)
20:59:29< ptressel> One common method would be to allow old tasks to remain on v1, only allow creation of tasks on v2
21:00:01< ptressel> Have the task list capable of showing tasks from both.
21:00:07< ptressel> Temporarily.
21:00:33< dodobas> ptressel: databases are complatly separated... it's probably not possible
21:00:39< ptressel> Another issue is historical record -- is there anything that should be archived in static form?
21:01:27< ptressel> Anything is possible...
21:02:16< ptressel> The page that links to available tasks is the one I'm talking about.
21:02:24< dodobas> yeah, but...then why not write a tmv1->tmv2 converter
21:02:35< ptressel> Put in a "footer" with the old v1 tasks.
21:02:39< mkl> yea, i think keep the v1 around as it closes down to an archive
21:02:39< ptressel> ?
21:02:56< ptressel> A converter is a big task.
21:03:13< mkl> yes, agreed. pgiraud didn't think it straightforward or that useful to migrate the old tasks.
21:03:14< dodobas> ok, you can show an iframe on the page ...
21:03:17< ptressel> A list of links to old tasks is not a big task.
21:03:22< ptressel> Or iframe it.
21:03:23-!- clara [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:03:24< ptressel> :D
21:04:01< dodobas> well, we still need a timeframe...
21:04:20< ptressel> You could open up v2 for a trial...
21:04:33< dodobas> it's opened for testing
21:04:48< ptressel> I mean with a lot of mappers hitting it.
21:05:17< ptressel> Add a task for some place that actually does need mapping, maybe not for a crisis.
21:05:56< ptressel> Grab a red patch from maproulette, for instance.
21:06:00-!- olivier_griffet_ [] has joined #hot
21:06:15< dodobas> ptressel: what is maproulette
21:06:19-!- olivier_griffet_ [] has left #hot []
21:06:40< ptressel>
21:06:47< ptressel>
21:07:26< ptressel>
21:08:37< ptressel> I was just suggesting that as a way to find a spot on the map that really does need work, for a TM v2 trial with a lot of mappers.
21:09:16< dodobas> ptressel: kuul, that's an idea
21:10:35< dodobas> ok... i propose that we start a hackpad document for the deprecation policy and write up few ideas
21:11:02< dodobas> which would minimize transtion and developer time
21:11:50< dodobas> if anyone creates such document please share the link, if not I'll add it later tomorrow ...
21:12:28< dodobas> anyone else wants to add something, or can we end this meeting ...
21:13:01< russdeffner> Nothing from me
21:13:15< dodobas> you all saw the mail from clara.. about i18n improvments on the web site... so i'll not copy paste it...
21:13:32< dodobas> it will be included in the TLDR report... as usual
21:14:14< ptressel>
21:14:29< ptressel> Linked from agenda page
21:14:43< dodobas> thank you... next meting should be July, 7th (first Monday of the month)
21:14:54< dodobas> gr8 ptressel
21:15:09-!- robertsoden [] has quit [Quit: robertsoden]
21:16:04< russdeffner> take care, thanks!
21:16:42< dodobas> no thank you russdeffner, for picking a project manager role for one of the software projects :)
21:18:13< russdeffner> I will have to pass, but know that I will always be recruiting for you
21:18:25< dodobas> russdeffner: good man