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Tech WG Meeting Monday, Jan 12, 2015

People present (lines said)

  • dodobas (97)
  • BlakeGirardot-hc (81)
  • Cristiano (34)
  • mkl (19)
  • russdeffner (15)
  • maijin (14)
  • skorasaurus (10)

Meeting summary

  • Conflict with Training WG Meeting Times
Russ - Adjusting one or the other by an hour should fix the conflict
2nd Monday should be rare conflict
Training WG will get a 1 hour cap when there is a conflict.
AGREED: Tech WG, monthly, 2nd Monday of the month, 17:00 UTC.
  • Sysadmin Report
Using for issue triage works well
2 OPW interns, Nitika and Jessica
A few new developers
And good "motion" in the TM repository.
HOT Exports needs developer time (ruby on rails)
HOT Exports is mainly a space issue and was not intended to be an archive of data
There are plans to move hot-export service to the main HOT server (at the moment it's hosted on geofabrik infrastructure)
Installed HOT moodle LMS service
Blake gave a little report on moodle, we like it is the short version.
Geonode set up didn't go as planned :)
There are problems when you try to use a geoserver instance which is not installed on the 'localhost'
geonode is Python/Django service for managing geodata
mkl will put dodobas in touch with someone who set up the example below that also faced the same or similar issue
LINK: Geonode example
Main HOT server is working without any mayor issues, there are still enough resources.
The only 'small' problem is openatrium.
For some reason it's very memory hungry.. and over time it will consume most of the server resources, and a simple service restart 'fixes' the issue
  • Traffic Stats for LearnOSM and other HOT websites
dodobas said we could potentially use the existing piwik server which tracks exports and inasafe
A quick review suggests it would fit our needs exactly.
AGREED: To test out the piwik code on LearnOSM
ACTION: Blake will add the tracking code to the LearnOSM pages
ACTION: dodobas will handle the piwik server config to start tracking the data from LearnOSM
  • New Project Manager for OAM Introduction
Christiano Giovando will be heading up the relaunch of the OpenAerialMap project
Christiano comes to HOT with an extensive background in UAV and aerial image workflow having already worked collecting aerial imagery both in the private and humanitarian sectors since 2007.
The initial goal for OAM is to create a working prototype by July.
Christiano has already planning and outlining to meet that goal
Christiano will start community outreach with the existing Google group for OAM and go from there.
  • TM2 Longer Term Planning
AGREED: Moved to next Tech WG meeting
  • Next Tech WG Meeting
Feb. 9th, 2015 (4 weeks)
#hot IRC at 17:00 UTC

Meeting ended at 18:33:04 UTC.

Action items

  • Blake will add the tracking code to the LearnOSM pages
  • dodobas will handle the piwik server config to start tracking the data from LearnOSM

Links mentioned in meeting


Jan 12 18:01:44 dodobas: hi everyone
Jan 12 18:02:01 dodobas: anyone here for the Tech Working Group meeting ? :) 01.2015
Jan 12 18:02:41 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: ping
Jan 12 18:03:04 BlakeGirardot-hc: Hola
Jan 12 18:03:17 russdeffner: hello, I'll be lurking
Jan 12 18:04:00 dodobas: ok, anyway, maybe someone checksin later
Jan 12 18:04:21 BlakeGirardot-hc: Agenda is here:
Jan 12 18:04:22 BlakeGirardot-hc:
Jan 12 18:04:31 dodobas: we are 'restarting' monthly TWG meetings...
Jan 12 18:04:55 dodobas: last one was held in September last year
Jan 12 18:05:39 dodobas: maybe I should start with my report if noone else wants to take the floor ?
Jan 12 18:05:45 russdeffner: dodobas - regarding the Monday conflict with Training WG...
Jan 12 18:06:11 dodobas: russdeffner: yes ?
Jan 12 18:06:14 russdeffner: I think if we just adjust one or the other by 1 hour, we should be fine
Jan 12 18:06:26 russdeffner: i.e. 2 hour difference
Jan 12 18:06:46 skorasaurus: ping
Jan 12 18:06:54 dodobas: russdeffner: yeah, it should not be a problem, also second Monday of the month works too...
Jan 12 18:06:58 dodobas: hi skorasaurus
Jan 12 18:07:01 russdeffner: I would really prefer not to push the TWG back an hour
Jan 12 18:07:01 dodobas: hi Cristiano
Jan 12 18:07:14 Cristiano: Good morning everyone!
Jan 12 18:07:16 dodobas: TWG as in training or tech ? :)
Jan 12 18:07:32 russdeffner: dodobas since the Training WG is every other week, it won't work
Jan 12 18:07:38 russdeffner: oh, yes Training
Jan 12 18:07:44 russdeffner: is what I meant
Jan 12 18:07:56 BlakeGirardot-hc: It wont conflict very often I don't think with every other?
Jan 12 18:08:21 dodobas: russdeffner: ok, we can work around it... it's not a big problem
Jan 12 18:08:21 BlakeGirardot-hc: If it was second monday, adjust by 1 hour, then basically never
Jan 12 18:08:26 russdeffner: no, and we could just cap the Training WG meet at 1 hour when it conflicts?
Jan 12 18:08:34 BlakeGirardot-hc: Thats a great idea
Jan 12 18:08:40 russdeffner: rather than change time?
Jan 12 18:08:50 BlakeGirardot-hc: I like the 1 hour cap once in a while
Jan 12 18:09:20 russdeffner: Ok, so let's just cap the Training WG at one hour when they fall on same day
Jan 12 18:09:43 russdeffner: dodobas - so up to you for Tech WG, 1st or 2nd of month
Jan 12 18:10:00 dodobas: russdeffner: ok...
Jan 12 18:10:08 Cristiano: Is there a page that shows the schedule of all working groups?
Jan 12 18:10:16 russdeffner: not yet
Jan 12 18:10:21 Cristiano: Or an ical?
Jan 12 18:10:21 BlakeGirardot-hc: (I am taking these meeting notes just for practice by the way)
Jan 12 18:10:34 dodobas: so... after the last TWG we started with the issue triaging process for Tasking Manager and HOT Exports
Jan 12 18:10:41 russdeffner: Blake and I will put this on Communication WG agenda
Jan 12 18:10:51 russdeffner: *calendar
Jan 12 18:11:01 dodobas: we had three very productive meetings on Mumble... and coordianted using
Jan 12 18:11:28 dodobas: the idea was to tag and prioritize issues
Jan 12 18:11:59 BlakeGirardot-hc: Did we get the sysadmin report?
Jan 12 18:12:00 dodobas: to make planning eaiser
Jan 12 18:13:29 BlakeGirardot-hc: Sorry, I didn't mean to grind things to halt :)
Jan 12 18:13:47 Cristiano: Kate suggested we use Waffle for tracking OAM issues as well.
Jan 12 18:14:16 Cristiano: is it something easy for people to use? I haven't used it yet...
Jan 12 18:15:26 dodobas: eventually we got some 'new' developers
Jan 12 18:15:45 dodobas: (sorry for the big delay, my internet provider terminated connection)
Jan 12 18:16:02 BlakeGirardot-hc: I hate to step back, but was there a sysadmin report dodobas?
Jan 12 18:16:16 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: doing it now :)
Jan 12 18:16:21 BlakeGirardot-hc: Oh sorry
Jan 12 18:16:47 dodobas: there is also OPW project (there is a link in the agenda) and we got 2 participants IIRC
Jan 12 18:17:15 dodobas: both are working on OSM Tasking Manager, and pierre is mentoring them
Jan 12 18:17:59 dodobas: unfortunatly, pierre can make it today.. so he will probably comment on everything related to the TM net time
Jan 12 18:18:00 BlakeGirardot-hc: Do you know their names? As one OPW intern is working on LearnOSM, jessica
Jan 12 18:18:17 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: i can chenk
Jan 12 18:18:20 dodobas: *check
Jan 12 18:18:26 BlakeGirardot-hc: So there are 2 or 3 opw interns?
Jan 12 18:19:14 dodobas: there were a couple interested in the HOT Exports, but no one actually decided to do it
Jan 12 18:19:35 BlakeGirardot-hc: Nitika and Jessica are the two women I know of who are participating in the OPW program with HOT
Jan 12 18:19:39 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: i still have access to the Mentoring site, so I can check after the meeting is that ok ?
Jan 12 18:20:10 BlakeGirardot-hc: Is good with me, just curious as I have been trying to keep an eye out to help any of them if I can.
Jan 12 18:20:49 dodobas: so there some 'motion' in the TM repository, which is good
Jan 12 18:21:32 dodobas: however, HOT exports is highly neglected... we don't have any RubyOnRails developer that can devote time to the project
Jan 12 18:22:10 BlakeGirardot-hc: This is something to mention to Kate and Jessica
Jan 12 18:22:26 dodobas: I've made couple of annoucements on the list about problems and applied fixes
Jan 12 18:22:27 BlakeGirardot-hc: I am not sure Jessica has finalized the project she is going to work on
Jan 12 18:22:53 BlakeGirardot-hc: and I know she is interested in learning more coding than LearnOSM markdown syntax.
Jan 12 18:23:13 dodobas: mainly to problem is disk space, which is currently ok as we no longer generate SQLlite and PostgreSQL dump exports
Jan 12 18:23:59 dodobas: IMHO most 'export runs' (using HOT export lingo) can be deleted
Jan 12 18:24:26 dodobas: because Exports was never designed to be an data archival service
Jan 12 18:24:58 dodobas: but some users are using it like that so we can't enforce job purging policies as intended
Jan 12 18:25:55 dodobas: to sum up, we are ok at the moment, an there are plans to move hot-export service to the main HOT server (at the moment it's hosted on geofabrik infrastucture)
Jan 12 18:26:06 skorasaurus: it's been a really long time since I used HOT exports, but the alternative would be to have them process old pbf files?
Jan 12 18:26:17 skorasaurus: them (end users)_
Jan 12 18:26:43 skorasaurus: which understandibly isn't very intuitive and harder to use than the exports.
Jan 12 18:27:07 dodobas: skorasaurus: yeah, but i also proposed to use EPSG:4326 as the default projection, as users can alwayes reproject it, and there were some complaints
Jan 12 18:27:17 dodobas: hi maijin
Jan 12 18:27:19 dodobas: hi mkl
Jan 12 18:27:25 maijin: dodobas: Hello o/
Jan 12 18:27:26 mkl: greets
Jan 12 18:27:29 dodobas: so that's hot exports
Jan 12 18:28:03 dodobas: i've also installed HOT moodle LMS service
Jan 12 18:28:07 mkl: yea, gathered. what were the complaints again? it makes send to use 4326, that's how OSM data is stored and distributed otherwise
Jan 12 18:28:17 dodobas:
Jan 12 18:28:27 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: can you report more about it ? :)
Jan 12 18:28:29 maijin: oh
Jan 12 18:28:44 maijin: How can I participate to this?
Jan 12 18:28:45 skorasaurus: moodle? oh my, I haven't used it in 8-9 years ;)
Jan 12 18:29:16 BlakeGirardot-hc: We in the Training WG like it. But it is not trivial to create "courses" it is a fair amount of work.
Jan 12 18:29:25 maijin: dodobas: If you want to quicly deploy apps try
Jan 12 18:29:35 maijin: dodobas: they've got openatrium, moodle and so on
Jan 12 18:29:40 BlakeGirardot-hc: But the benefits should be pretty good, even if we expect a very small set of mappers to actually use the courses.
Jan 12 18:29:41 maijin: just a click and you good to go
Jan 12 18:29:41 mkl: where does the work come in BlakeGirardot-hc?
Jan 12 18:29:55 dodobas: maijin: if you want to report someting wait your turn
Jan 12 18:29:56 mkl: to create courses, i mean...
Jan 12 18:30:08 BlakeGirardot-hc: Generating the actual content for the "courses" youtube videos are common, screencasts.
Jan 12 18:30:12 maijin: dodobas: It's not report :) It's just fyi :)
Jan 12 18:30:16 BlakeGirardot-hc: And designing and illustraing "quizzes"
Jan 12 18:30:30 maijin: dodobas: It's a repository of Virtual machines pre-installed
Jan 12 18:31:10 BlakeGirardot-hc: Plus course planning, but really generating either written or video materials to actually "teach" a topic
Jan 12 18:31:25 mkl: sure. but not more work than just creating the content. i mean, does moodle as a platform make this non-trivial in particular?
Jan 12 18:31:32 BlakeGirardot-hc: No, not at all
Jan 12 18:31:40 BlakeGirardot-hc: No more work than just creating the content.
Jan 12 18:31:46 mkl: gotcha
Jan 12 18:32:02 dodobas: One of the missing features for the moodle platform is OSM auth integration
Jan 12 18:32:21 mkl: is there a relatively easy way to style moodle, like themes?
Jan 12 18:32:29 BlakeGirardot-hc: Which is nice, but low priority to me dodobas
Jan 12 18:32:47 dodobas: there are no (AFIAK) simple Oauth backends, so at the moment you need google login to use it...
Jan 12 18:33:15 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: just saying... maybe a PHP dev can create one for us :)
Jan 12 18:33:49 skorasaurus: (sorry to catch up), these are potential courses to teach new HOT participants a variety of tasks and OSM/HOT concepts (using Task manager, road classification, how to trace, etc)
Jan 12 18:34:33 BlakeGirardot-hc: I think it would be good if the reponse from end users (total number of users) is high, but until we know, those resouces are best elsewhere
Jan 12 18:35:23 BlakeGirardot-hc: Ya, the google log in works fine as does just creating an account on our moodle instance.
Jan 12 18:35:36 mkl: i dont know if we have any PHP developer needs, do we?
Jan 12 18:35:58 BlakeGirardot-hc: I like it a ton though and think it will make a difference to our mapping data quality long term.
Jan 12 18:36:14 mkl: when's the first course?
Jan 12 18:36:15 Cristiano: How does this relate to ?
Jan 12 18:36:35 dodobas: mkl: probably not, but maybe as a 'task' on some general hackthon, .. 'hey we would someone to ... '
Jan 12 18:36:40 BlakeGirardot-hc: At the moment not at all other than it falls to the Training WG
Jan 12 18:36:58 mkl: dodobas: exactly
Jan 12 18:37:35 mkl: Cristiano: i guess i'd see moodle as being interactive, part of a group experience.
Jan 12 18:37:36 BlakeGirardot-hc: Cristiano: At the moment not at all, but TrWG is overseeing it. But anyone could develop a course in conjuction with LearnOSM material.
Jan 12 18:38:15 mkl: i mean, not necessarily part of a group, could be a single learner model. but the value of moodle over LearnOSM, to me, is that you can learn something with others
Jan 12 18:38:40 BlakeGirardot-hc: mkl: I look at it the other way, self-paced, individualized use. But works equally well for either group or individual, just depends on course design.
Jan 12 18:38:49 * dodobas still has something to add to the sysadmin report... Jan 12 18:38:57 Cristiano: OK, got it. What is learnosm built on?
Jan 12 18:39:07 mkl: guess this is more for discussion in the Training Working Group :)
Jan 12 18:39:13 mkl: LearnOSM is gitpages
Jan 12 18:39:27 BlakeGirardot-hc: mkl: The big advantage to moodle for me is identifying motivated mappers and "certifying" their skills with badges + the slight gamification of badges in general.
Jan 12 18:39:45 dodobas: github pages... so Ruby Jekyll static site generator....
Jan 12 18:40:19 Cristiano: I see. I like the badge/certification idea
Jan 12 18:40:50 BlakeGirardot-hc: Cristiano: It connects up with
Jan 12 18:40:51 BlakeGirardot-hc:
Jan 12 18:41:54 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: have you finished your moodle report ?
Jan 12 18:42:02 BlakeGirardot-hc: I have thank you dodobas
Jan 12 18:42:25 dodobas: ok...let me continue
Jan 12 18:42:47 dodobas: I also tried to setup geonode... but :)
Jan 12 18:43:52 Cristiano: I can get you some help on Geonode if needed
Jan 12 18:43:53 dodobas: there are problems when you try to use a geoserver instance which is not installed on the 'localhost'
Jan 12 18:44:25 mkl: likewise, I can connect you with some folks who might have advice
Jan 12 18:44:56 dodobas: it could be possible to install everything on the 'localhost' but that means we can't reuse geoserver for other purposes
Jan 12 18:45:08 dodobas: sepcifically the prolem is authentification...
Jan 12 18:45:36 dodobas: geonode is Python/Django service for managing geodata
Jan 12 18:45:38 mkl: HIU uses GeoNode a lot, so Patrick might have a solution
Jan 12 18:46:04 dodobas: basically a Geoserver API interface
Jan 12 18:46:57 dodobas: but, geoserver needs to check users permissions before it renders a map (of data)
Jan 12 18:47:20 mkl: this is a recent instance
Jan 12 18:47:31 mkl: i remember Patrick going into some issues like that, yes
Jan 12 18:47:37 dodobas: and it 'works' only if a user is logged in on geonode and on the geoserver at the sam time
Jan 12 18:47:56 dodobas: mkl: yeah, please help :)
Jan 12 18:48:26 mkl: i can connect you
Jan 12 18:48:41 dodobas: but it's not possible to create users on geoserver ... anyway it's not in the working state
Jan 12 18:49:00 Cristiano: Same here. What is the purpose of the GN instance you are trying to install?
Jan 12 18:49:24 dodobas: Main HOT server is working without any mayor issues, there are still enough resources
Jan 12 18:50:06 dodobas: the only 'small' problem is openatrium
Jan 12 18:51:11 dodobas: for some reason it's very memory hungry.. and over time it will consume most of the server resources, and a simple service restart 'fixes' the issue
Jan 12 18:52:21 dodobas: that's the end of my sysadmin report
Jan 12 18:53:02 dodobas: anyone wants to report something ?
Jan 12 18:53:20 Cristiano: sorry for asking - new here - what is the scope of GN and OpenAtrium within HOT?
Jan 12 18:54:11 dodobas: Cristiano: GN was to be used for data sharing, openatium is a internal tool for the HOT board
Jan 12 18:55:49 BlakeGirardot-hc: The OA tool could potentially be useful outside of just the board, I think (hope) we might still be exploring that use.
Jan 12 18:56:45 Cristiano: Is there an instance ready to use? Is anyone using it?
Jan 12 18:57:09 dodobas:
Jan 12 18:57:40 dodobas: skorasaurus: do you want to elaborate 'web traffic stats'
Jan 12 18:58:01 dodobas: ah.. that was BlakeGirardot-hc :)
Jan 12 18:58:07 skorasaurus: yep :)
Jan 12 18:58:11 dodobas: so BlakeGirardot-hc web traffic stats ?
Jan 12 18:58:34 dodobas: we have piwik...
Jan 12 18:58:50 dodobas: which is used for hot-exprts and inasafe documentation
Jan 12 18:59:20 dodobas: other sites are using Google Analytics AFIAK
Jan 12 18:59:30 skorasaurus: would be useful for
Jan 12 18:59:37 BlakeGirardot-hc: I see. We'd like to get something on LearnOSM
Jan 12 18:59:45 dodobas: it's simple to add 'tracking code'
Jan 12 18:59:56 BlakeGirardot-hc: jeff just replied the GA stats go to his account for LearnOSM
Jan 12 19:00:21 BlakeGirardot-hc: But I don't see how to use GA with an account that multiple people have access to.
Jan 12 19:00:44 BlakeGirardot-hc: Oh wait, so we can put piwik code on our learnosm pages
Jan 12 19:00:47 BlakeGirardot-hc: is that it?
Jan 12 19:00:53 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: we could
Jan 12 19:01:09 BlakeGirardot-hc: (I am lookikng quickly at the site you pasted in)
Jan 12 19:01:41 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: an admin (I have an admin account) would need to create a new site on the piwik
Jan 12 19:02:05 dodobas: but... do we use both or just piwik for user tracking
Jan 12 19:02:18 dodobas: what's the use case
Jan 12 19:02:23 BlakeGirardot-hc: That looks like it would do the job
Jan 12 19:02:36 BlakeGirardot-hc: We just want to get some more info about total traffic, which pages
Jan 12 19:03:45 BlakeGirardot-hc: I guess I do not see individual page stats? Or am I just not understaning it in 30 seconds?
Jan 12 19:04:46 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: actions -> page titles
Jan 12 19:05:43 BlakeGirardot-hc: Perfect
Jan 12 19:06:05 BlakeGirardot-hc: You think that is something we could add to LearnOSM pages? Maybe TeachOSM folks would be interested as well.
Jan 12 19:06:43 BlakeGirardot-hc: I can take care of getting the code on the learnosm pages if you could do the work on the pikwik server.
Jan 12 19:06:49 BlakeGirardot-hc: piwik
Jan 12 19:07:14 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: ok, ill get the code...
Jan 12 19:08:13 dodobas: so, maybe Cristiano could introduce himself ?:)
Jan 12 19:09:01 Cristiano: Sure!
Jan 12 19:09:44 Cristiano: I'm really excited to join HOT and work with this community
Jan 12 19:10:20 Cristiano: I've been working in GIS for over 10 years and joined OSM in 2006
Jan 12 19:11:44 Cristiano: In 2007 I started developing UAVs for aerial mapping, and thought there should be a place similar to OSM for putting all the crowdsourced aerial imagery
Jan 12 19:11:59 Cristiano: so, that's when we first started thinking of OAM
Jan 12 19:12:32 Cristiano: there have been several efforts to build one, but for several reasons it never happened
Jan 12 19:13:48 Cristiano: I think today drones/UAVs are becoming the commodities that we envisioned a few years ago and there will be even more aerial data that will become available
Jan 12 19:15:00 Cristiano: not only drone imagery, but of course any sat and aerial imagery collected with different platforms
Jan 12 19:15:27 skorasaurus: welcome Cristiano :)
Jan 12 19:15:43 dodobas: Cristiano: and you were selected as Technical project manager for hot,is that correct? :)
Jan 12 19:15:47 Cristiano: so, I was excited to learn that HOT had won a grant to finally build OAM and I applied to helping do that
Jan 12 19:15:56 skorasaurus: althought it's not a HOT project, you may aso be interested in opendronemap
Jan 12 19:16:01 dodobas: what is you scope of work ? :)
Jan 12 19:16:33 Cristiano: right :) I was hoping Kate was around today to make the introductions
Jan 12 19:16:57 Cristiano: scope of the work is to create a working prototype by July
Jan 12 19:17:24 Cristiano: and I started to outline steps and milestones for this to happen
Jan 12 19:18:14 dodobas: Cristiano: ok, you will probably have more information ready for the next TWG meeting :)
Jan 12 19:18:15 Cristiano: As I understand there is budget in this project to hire developers
Jan 12 19:19:07 Cristiano: For sure, but I am planning to talk to a few of you in the meantime to set up some of the initial tasks
Jan 12 19:19:25 Cristiano: collecting user requirements being the first
Jan 12 19:19:55 Cristiano: Is there something that you recommend for creating a survey other than Google Forms?
Jan 12 19:20:09 dodobas: i have no idea :)
Jan 12 19:20:10 Cristiano: Quick and easy to collect community and users feedback?
Jan 12 19:20:21 dodobas: osm TM is using google forms
Jan 12 19:21:04 Cristiano: OK, I will use that unless of any other suggestion
Jan 12 19:21:33 BlakeGirardot-hc: There is also a google group for this project
Jan 12 19:21:41 BlakeGirardot-hc: But I don't see you listed as a member yet
Jan 12 19:21:55 BlakeGirardot-hc:!forum/openaerialmap
Jan 12 19:22:36 dodobas: ok, so if no one else has anything to report, this TWG meeting is over
Jan 12 19:22:53 BlakeGirardot-hc: Well, I have the long term TM discussion
Jan 12 19:23:02 BlakeGirardot-hc: But that should go to next meeting
Jan 12 19:23:04 dodobas: we will meet in 4 weeks... same time and place
Jan 12 19:23:28 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: unless mkl has some inputs ?
Jan 12 19:23:52 BlakeGirardot-hc: Well, I think it has to include Pierre, he is the one who told me we need to start having that talk.
Jan 12 19:24:15 BlakeGirardot-hc: As the "new" developers and myself were going off in sort of scattered directions.
Jan 12 19:24:58 BlakeGirardot-hc: Cristiano: Do you have just a few moments after the meeing to chat? I am very into the OAM project
Jan 12 19:25:44 Cristiano: Yes! Please
Jan 12 19:26:20 Cristiano: I just joined the OAM group, we should continue the discussion there then
Jan 12 19:26:29 BlakeGirardot-hc: Ok, cool.
Jan 12 19:26:46 BlakeGirardot-hc: I am pretty excited about it.
Jan 12 19:27:11 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: ok, that's something we should prepare with pierre, so maybe have a short chat once he comes back online ?
Jan 12 19:27:58 BlakeGirardot-hc: dodobas: Sure, I think maybe just pushing it to next meeting agenda might do it as well. But I'll mention it if I see Pierre
Jan 12 19:28:09 BlakeGirardot-hc: Thank you very much for the meeting dodobas
Jan 12 19:28:12 dodobas: also, two OPW participants (Jessica and Nitika)
Jan 12 19:28:20 BlakeGirardot-hc: I'll post summary and log to the wiki if you want?
Jan 12 19:28:47 dodobas: and ... is the tracking code for piwik... just copy/paste it
Jan 12 19:29:05 dodobas: to the GH issues,as will expire..
Jan 12 19:29:05 BlakeGirardot-hc: Ok, will do, thank you very much for that, I knew you would have the answer :)
Jan 12 19:29:31 dodobas: BlakeGirardot-hc: well, of course, you can paste the log and summary... :)
Jan 12 19:29:39 dodobas: I mean,add it to the wiki
Jan 12 19:29:52 BlakeGirardot-hc: Will do.