Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups/Training/Apr 10 2012 Notes

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Notes from IRC Meeting (GMT)

#hot irc://

Time Nickname Comments
[15:01] PierZen HOT Training Working Group meeting is starting.
[15:01] PierZen Nico and Kate are quite busy travelling these days, but want this group to go on.
[15:01] PierZen Let start first by saying who is present.
[15:02] rrbaker here (Rob Baker)
[15:03] AndrewBuck I'm listening but probably won't contribute to the discussion.
[15:04] PierZen just sent a message again on HOT list to call people.
[15:05] PierZen Any other person present?
[15:05] FredB ( has joined #hot
[15:06] ian29 ( has joined #hot
[15:06] PierZen That is a situation where a tool like Partychat would be usefull. With history of the discussion, we can start without waiting for people to come in.
[15:06] flavour IRC can be logged
[15:07] PierZen Anyone has tested Partychat to see if it would be better?
[15:08] rrbaker Don't believe so
[15:08] PierZen Anyhow, lets start the meeting.
[15:08] PierZen The wiki page has some good stuff.
[15:08] PierZen see
[15:09] BesfortGuri (~Besfort@ has joined #hot
[15:09] BesfortGuri hi
[15:10] PierZen Hi
[15:10] PierZen Does the Goals section can be considered has sufficiently detailed?
[15:10] rrbaker No. This wiki page is something I put together independently during an OSM hack weekend at GeoIQ several weeks ago.
[15:11] rrbaker
[15:11] rrbaker So that's something that could certainly use review, as well as the page as a whole
[15:12] PierZen Should we discuss it here, or invite people to revise the page?
[15:13] rrbaker If anyone (if there is anyone else) has immediate thoughts, go for it, but I think pointing people toward that page to contribute ideas or resources in the additional sections is a good homework assignment for the group
[15:14] PierZen Fine. In the Audience section, there is presentation of Personas. Should we discuss about it?
[15:14] rrbaker We can do that
[15:14] AndrewBuck one thought here... It might be a good idea to have a category for new mappers in developing countries that has special instructions for things like working with slow/intermittent internet connections, working without GPS recievers, etc.
[15:14] PierZen you want to dig into that on the wiki page?
[15:15] AndrewBuck not really, just suggesting it.
[15:15] AndrewBuck I don't know exactly how it would fit in.
[15:15] rrbaker @AndrewBuck: I like it. We should build out some of these with finer contexts, especially how this could more immediately support HOT
[15:16] rrbaker This table, btw, is inspired by the (short lived) design group that came out of SotM in Denver last year:
[15:16] AndrewBuck you may also want to distibguish between local mappers and people doing remote-only mapping in the user groups.
[15:16] rrbaker great
[15:17] PierZen online tools are not adapted to slow connections, inexperimented people, I think.
[15:18] PierZen But how to focus on these groups with the available tools we have?
[15:18] AndrewBuck things like walking papers work very well in developing countries.
[15:19] rrbaker Yeah, perhaps what's been started on by Kate and Jeff would be most productive
[15:19] rrbaker That came out of the work in Indonesia, so I think there's more attention to that environment
[15:19] AndrewBuck it takes a while to do the download and then re-upload the scans but that is not an interactive task, they just start it and wait for it to finish.
[15:19] PierZen Other options?
[15:20] FredB osmbugs
[15:20] FredB no training required
[15:20] FredB just click and describe
[15:20] PierZen Or something adapted from it to indicate street names, etc?
[15:21] PierZen because we want a reference to a specifice object.
[15:22] FredB I think osmbugs is sufficient, if you want a reference to a specific object, a tool to cut the streets will be needed for example
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[15:23] PierZen Something to think about.
[15:23] PierZen Anything else about Audience and Personas?
[15:25] PierZen Wiki page describes Current sources and Materials. But it should surely be completed with other stuff.
[15:25] rrbaker Added New/Existing mappers (remote/low bandwidth) to the table
[15:26] rrbaker Yeah, I imagine there's still a lot to add to that. If people from this group (and anyone playing at home in this chat) could toss a couple links in there, that would be brilliant
[15:27] rrbaker I also have one other project I'd like to experiment with, related to this, if there are any RoR hackers out there with a couple extra cycles
[15:27] PierZen And we would probably have to discriminate, identify the more relevant stuff for various groups.
[15:27] AndrewBuck oh, one other user group would be representitives of aid organisations who want to use the data. Ideally we will cultivate lasting relationships with the bigger ones but there are many small NGO groups who could make use of our data in their work.
[15:28] rrbaker very true
[15:29] PierZen other topics to discuss?
[15:31] rrbaker I think if there's one thing I've not been clear about in the discussions I've had this with this group, or with other individuals, is perhaps starting discussions about specifically what training manuals and packets of manuals need to be created
[15:31] rrbaker Identifying those individually out of what's available now and then what we should be putting the hands of these personas seems like the next good step
[15:32] rrbaker From there we can actually peer review and develop these in a tangible way
[15:33] PierZen What is the best way to go on with this?
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[15:35] PierZen Hi springmeyer. There will be minutes of the meeting.
[15:35] springmeyer PierZen: okay, thank you
[15:35] rrbaker For now, let's just focus on collecting resources. Everyone add links. Maybe next meeting we can focus on creating collections
[15:36] rrbaker And identifying what's missing, incomplete, outdated, or.. shitty.
[15:37] rrbaker That's my vote
[15:37] PierZen I think that videos are tutorials if they are clear and you can understand. I've seen some that are moving constantly. Plus sound should be of goOd quality. And no strong accent.
[15:39] PierZen any other comment?
[15:39] rrbaker More videos and screencasts should certainly be on the top of the needs list
[15:40] AndrewBuck I have seen some javascript wrapper code you can wrap around an embedded youtube or vimeo video to add subtitiles in one or more languages, and the subtitiles can be submitted by anyone. Could be a good thing to work on for the tutorial videos.
[15:40] PierZen Yes, text facilitates comprehension, especially if english is not your mother tongue.
[15:42] rrbaker (Amara) is also a good resource
[15:43] PierZen Interesting. I will look at it.
[15:44] AndrewBuck rrbaker: that is the one I was thinking of. Thanks for finding the link for it. OpenSourceEcology used it on their videos and it worked very well.
[15:44] rrbaker nice
[15:45] PierZen An other option would be to translate a video in other languages.
[15:46] AndrewBuck that should maybe be an addititional step in the HOT activation process: check the most important tutorial videos and try to make sure there is a subtitle translation of them to the local language for the affected area (it would be a lower priority step than other steps but it would be good to include in the procedures anyway).
[15:46] PierZen yes.
[15:47] AndrewBuck PierZen: that universalsubs does also allow for mulitple languages as well.
[15:47] PierZen that should be very interesting.
[15:48] PierZen Ten minutes to go. Any other subject for today?
[15:50] rrbaker Good enough for me for now, focusing on finding and listing existing resources
[15:50] rrbaker Seems like a good assignment
[15:50] PierZen That was an instructive meeting.
[15:50] PierZen When should we schedule the next meeting? Next week or in two weeks? Is this hour is ok?
[15:53] rrbaker Works for me
[15:54] PierZen Ok for today I thinks. Thanks a lot for your participation. I will save the log to a wiki page. Have a good day all.
[15:55] AndrewBuck talk to you later then.
[15:55] PierZen we can continue if you want.
[15:55] AndrewBuck Nothing else that I can think of at the moment.
[15:55] PierZen fine.
[15:56] AndrewBuck I lurk on IRC all the time anyway on this channel and the main OSM so if I think of anything further I'll post it.
[15:56] PierZen ok.
[15:56] jgc2 ( has joined #hot
[15:57] PierZen jgc : we just finish the meeting. The log will be on the wiki.
[16:08] jgc2 Merci PierZen
[16:09] rrbaker Thanks for scheduling this one PierZen