Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups/Training/Apr 24 2012 Notes

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Notes from IRC Meeting (GMT)

#hot irc://

Time Nickname Comments
[15:00] PierZen Hi all. Training Group 3rd meeting is starting.
[15:00] PierZen Please say hello. This way we will know who is present.
[15:03] wonderchook present
[15:05] wonderchook and hello!
[15:06] PierZen Hello! Last week, we were talking of (renamed Amara)
[15:07] PierZen It let translates video and add text over.
[15:07] wonderchook yeah, Ive had it recommended to me before
[15:07] wonderchook looks good
[15:07] wonderchook so I guess something we need is some videos
[15:08] wonderchook I confess I havent made one since 2010
[15:08] PierZen yes. But we need good quality. Not continually moving. And take care of people in international context. It should be easy to understand.
[15:09] PierZen No big accent preferably or translations.
[15:10] wonderchook right, it would be good to pick the top 10 topics we think would benefit to have videos
[15:10] PierZen Yes.
[15:10] PierZen For material, we have to take care of various audiences plus context of slow connections.
[15:10] wonderchook right, I think making sure they are downloadable is a big thing with connection
[15:10] wonderchook since there are plenty of people that could take the time to download over night, but streaming would never work
[15:11] PierZen rrbaker dont show up today. He was speaking last week of building documentation collections from the material.
[15:16:] wonderchook yeah, Im not sure if he did
[15:16:] wonderchook HOT and TechChange want to do a course together
[15:16:] wonderchook and Rob works with TechChange
[15:16:] PierZen last section is still empty.
[15:14] rrbaker Hey all
[15:14] PierZen Hi. I think that the inventory of existing material is still to be completed.
[15:15] PierZen Plus rrbaker you were talking of collections.
[15:15] wonderchook so the websites are materials. you are saying the other materials that arent websites?
[15:15] wonderchook the work in Haiti ends up in Google Docs that nobody knows about for example
[15:15] rrbaker Exactly
[15:16] wonderchook I made a mailing list just for LearnOSM
[15:17] wonderchook because the translation stuff was getting out of control
[15:17] rrbaker Translation stuff? Translating whats on LearnOSM now?
[15:17] PierZen the problem is often good catalogs. Something like LearnOsm and FlossManuals are godd approach.
[15:17] wonderchook yeah, people request to translate, but all the emails were just going to Jeff
[15:18] rrbaker ah
[15:18] PierZen Plus if we can add short videos examples in such documents.
[15:18] wonderchook right, Id like to see LearnOSM and FlossManuals to be the main text oriented training documents HOT uses
[15:18] wonderchook and then we fit videos that link to chapters
[15:18] wonderchook or at least work well with the topics
[15:19] rrbaker So could next steps be to identify those needs on LearnOSM, be it additional docs or videos?
[15:19] wonderchook right, I thought Jeff made some videos for LearnOSM
[15:20] wonderchook but I might be mistaken because I cant find them
[15:20] rrbaker This is the one area where public "Coming soon" pages might actually be acceptable if were laying out the groundwork for what is currently being written
[15:20] wonderchook we bought a microphone at least for it=)
[15:20] rrbaker Good start
[15:20] PierZen Who would be the Voice.
[15:21] wonderchook I volunteer rrbaker;)
[15:21] PierZen Good! I like the structure of FlossManual. Short chapters.
[15:21] wonderchook but seriously we dont necessarily need one person to do all of them
[15:22] wonderchook we need to have people that can be clear though
[15:22] rrbaker All training videos will be sung by Ivan
[15:22] wonderchook yeah, I think with the FlossManuals we would clean-up a couple of the chapters
[15:22] wonderchook there are some taken almost directly from LearnOSM
[15:22] wonderchook but there are others that we just ran out of time when we were writing
[15:24] PierZen Should we look from FlossManual table of contents and see what else we need?
[15:24] wonderchook sure
[15:25] rrbaker Yeah, looking at that to see if theres anything in the text that could be rolled into LearnOSM might be best, if we want to decide now that moving ahead, LearnOSM is the official repository
[15:25] rrbaker Might help ground things to pick a gold standard here, push to that
[15:26] rrbaker Does look like theres good overlap
[15:26] PierZen Should LearnOsm had a website version like FlossManual?
[15:26] rrbaker As it not WordPress?
[15:27] PierZen redirect to a pdf doc.
[15:27] rrbaker Sweet baby Jesus no
[15:28] rrbaker
[15:28] PierZen I still try to open the doc.
[15:28] wonderchook Im confused?
[15:29] wonderchook learnOSM has PDFs
[15:29] wonderchook but the site is in word press
[15:29] wonderchook I tried to make LearnOSM the official repo at the Doc Sprint in Mountain View but lost
[15:29] wonderchook but that was outside of HOT
[15:29] PierZen In comparison, FlossManual is a website with a table of content.
[15:29] rrbaker Right
[15:30] rrbaker Kate: Curious.. was there a preferred format at MV?
[15:30] rrbaker Over WP?
[15:30] wonderchook it was a FlossManuals code sprint
[15:30] wonderchook so there was not a discussion about the format
[15:30] rrbaker Right
[15:30] wonderchook I meant the content of LearnOSM
[15:30] wonderchook there is a table of content in LearnOSM it is just in the drop down, it is possible to change formats
[15:31] wonderchook but WordPress is handling the multiple languages well
[15:31] rrbaker Yeah, right now Im not interested in the vehicle so much as developing a fuller table of contents of what we have and what we do
[15:31] rrbaker CMS dev = off-roading
[15:32] rrbaker Although if anyone in the room wants to help develop a lightweight RoR CMS using the available GDoc API and HTML->PDF gems, ping me
[15:32] wonderchook bad rob, bad
[15:32] wonderchook
[15:33] rrbaker Actually be more like a DMS (Document Management System). Supah hot.
[15:33] wonderchook anyway, I think it would be good to know what topics have not been documented
[15:34] PierZen OK I now see table of content on top. But it should be more visible I think.
[15:34] rrbaker Right. I vote next step is a consolidated ToC of what is and is not available. Thats our to do list
[15:34] wonderchook it bears mentioning that Emir has been writing lots of other tutorials here:
[15:34] wonderchook I just havent figured out what to do with them
[15:37] wonderchook PierZen, I think the easiest way to do that would be to make one to put into the front page post
[15:37] wonderchook I dont really want to mess with the theme or the translation though
[15:37] PierZen yes.
[15:49] PierZen Do we consider the meeting as finished?
[15:51] wonderchook well, so what are the next steps?
[15:53] PierZen How do you see it?
[15:54] wonderchook collect the materials already existing
[15:55] PierZen We need people to do that. Not many have joined the meeting so far.
[15:55] wonderchook making al list of missing topics
[15:56] wonderchook maybe when emailing the HOT list after the meeting ask people to put materials they are aware of in the wiki
[15:56] wonderchook see if anyone helps
[15:56] PierZen yes.
[15:57] PierZen I propose to schedule the meeting in two weeks from now, same hour.
[15:59] wonderchook sounds good to me
[15:59] PierZen Anything else?
[16::00] wonderchook not from me rrbaker?
[16::01] rrbaker Sorry, good for now
[16::01] rrbaker Except — are we consolidating these sources on the wiki page?
[16::01] PierZen Thanks for your participation. And next meeting, tuesday, 8, 15:00 gmt.
[16::02] rrbaker I mean, could we use the section at the bottom to develop a single ToC? I could move to that
[16::02] wonderchook rrbaker: what do you mean?
[16::04] rrbaker Take all the sources, outline a complete ToC for a single manual based on what we have and what we dont. Just want something actionable beyond "find more sources" since that was the action item from last time and didnt go very far
[16::05] PierZen yes. and people could be invite to complete this TOC.
[16::05] wonderchook ah okay, yes that would be good
[16::06] rrbaker Sounds good — Ill take a stab, invite others, well review in two weeks
[16::06] PierZen good. thanks to both of you and lets review in two weeks.
[16:16] wonderchook great!