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Notes from IRC Meeting (GMT)

#hot irc://

Time Nickname Comments
[15:00] pierzen HOT Training Group, 4th meeting is starting
[15:00] pierzen Who is present?
[15:02] wonderchook present!
[15:02] pierzen Hi.
[15:03] wonderchook hello, I can't say I've made any progress. Unless setting up the learnosm-coord mailing list counts
[15:03] wonderchook the meetings last week took all my time
[15:03] pierzen Plus Indonesia.
[15:05] wonderchook well, yeah, I'm a bit behind on that at the moment=)
[15:06] skorasaurus present, although only for a few, have to run to class.
[15:08] pierzen There are many GGIS worksheets and videos, short and often related to a specific task.
[15:08] pierzen QGIS!
[15:08] wonderchook yeah, QGIS has a lot of stuff available
[15:09] wonderchook LearnOSM even wrote our own
[15:09] wonderchook I've been practicing making videos
[15:10] pierzen wich tool?
[15:11] wonderchook just iMovie
[15:11] wonderchook I'm open to suggestions though
[15:11] wonderchook I don't remember what I used to make the original Haiti screencasts
[15:12] pierzen I see tools like a cicrle around cursor to hel follow.
[15:12] wonderchook yeah, iMovie could do that
[15:13] pierzen Sometimes, it is a zoom to the url.
[15:14] pierzen I will have a try also.
[15:15] pierzen Is Imovie for Apple only?
[15:15] wonderchook yeah, it came free with my Mac is why I'm using it
[15:15] wonderchook it would be good to find something to use that works across all platforms
[15:16] pierzen I will search for that.
[15:19] wonderchook so I'm looking through the training wiki page
[15:19] wonderchook are there specific gaps we've identified or are we not into that yet?
[15:20] pierzen Not there yet. nothing new added to the wiki.
[15:22] wonderchook ah okay, it looked better than last time I looked at it
[15:24] wonderchook I was wondering if you thought that live worktime would be help for organizing stuff
[15:24] pierzen live worktime?
[15:26] pierzen you mean group working thru chat?
[15:27] wonderchook yeah, scheduling a time to do the work
[15:28] pierzen Probably.
[15:29] pierzen Would this help to have more people to participate?
[15:30] wonderchook maybe, or at least might help things get done between meetings
[15:30] wonderchook sometimes we might get random people in helping just because they are available
[15:31] wonderchook I was thinking we would schedule a time you and I can do it
[15:31] wonderchook and then announce it
[15:31] wonderchook but also do a last minute all out thorugh twitter/fb/mailing lists to see if others want to assist
[15:31] pierzen Yes.
[15:31] pierzen One way would be to establish priorities from the list of audience / type of training.
[15:32] pierzen And start to detail stuff for a particular group.
[15:35] wonderchook yeah, I think that would be good
[15:36] pierzen For newcomers, I think that we need more detailed HowTo. Short videos would be godd for that.
[15:36] pierzen good.
[15:37] wonderchook yeah, that would be good better how to videos
[15:37] wonderchook maybe we should think through which are specific to HOT
[15:38] pierzen Yes, but to bring newcomers, we should give the basics first.
[15:38] pierzen And then specific to HOT, the tags, presets, etc.
[15:39] pierzen And surely, the task manager.
[15:42] wonderchook well, I was thinking with the basics teach them through stuff HOT would do
[15:42] wonderchook so simple things like tracing roads
[15:42] wonderchook and buildings for example
[15:42] wonderchook also, we were thinking of doing a video intro to HOT
[15:42] wonderchook but I would probably get a videographer to help with that
[15:43] wonderchook so, I was thinking of doing something similar to the Haiti video I did for tracing roads
[15:43] wonderchook but do a couple example locations
[15:46] wonderchook so pierre, I'm going to have to head out in a bit. When would be a good working time to organize the wiki more and set some goals?
[15:46] pierzen In general, I am free except wednesday and friday.
[15:48] wonderchook okay do you want to do next Monday?
[15:48] pierzen Fine.
[15:49] wonderchook okay, great. I'll make sure I have at least a hour or so to work on stuff
[15:49] wonderchook and I'll reach out to get some others involved
[15:50] masti ( has joined #hot
[15:50] wonderchook how about 11am EST?
[15:50] pierzen Ok for me.
[15:50] wonderchook cool, well on that note, I'll talk to you then?
[15:50] wonderchook and hopefully others
[15:51] pierzen ok.
[15:51] wonderchook okay, bye!