Hunza, Pakistan Dam Threat March 2010

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Aljazeera has reported a dangerous dam threat [1] in the Hunza valley that has the potential to burst and cause loss of life and property down stream [2]. They also have a video report: [3]. There is hardly any data available for this of Pakistan on osm.

If you know of data set that can assist in mapping this region please add them under data. Also feel free to reorganize the wiki.

Contribution by HOT

Hunzu Landslide (as of 7 Jan 2010) - Location Map [4]

and report (about what seems to be the initial landslide - 13 Jan 2010):

Focus Humanitarian Assistance Provides Relief for Landslide Victims in Hunza, Pakistan [5]


Just to let you know that MapAction is working with the NGO FOCUS Pakistan and two specialist flood modelling teams (*) to provide indications of the flood hazard should the landslide dam fail catastrophically.

(*) One at Newcastle and Durham Universities, UK, and one with the EU-funded SAFER project.

Some useful sources of info' about the situation: [6] [7]

Pakistan National Disaster Management Agency

Pakistan's NDMA has daily reports on the Hunza Landslide here: [8]


Data Sets

NASA imagery: