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This layer provides some Brazilian street names available from IBGE's Base de faces de logradouros

While IBGE doesn't call this data as "street names", we are using it in this way so that users can have a better understanding of what this data is really all about.
A description of the data can be seen here (PDF in Portuguese).

This layer is kindly hosted by MapTiler.


IBGE stated that all data in their site are "public domain with attribution required", so it is necessary to add the tag source=IBGE to all data from this layer (or, better yet, use source:name=IBGE in the changeset tags).

Using the layer


JOSM already has this preset available when you download an area in Brazil. All you have to do is activate it, by selecting Imagery → IBGE Street Names (or Camadas → IBGE Nomes de Ruas if you are using JOSM in Portuguese)

You can use source:name=IBGE in the changeset tags when uploading the data.

iD Editor

For now you can manually use the layer in iD using the following URL as a Custom Background:


Further informations

Name formatting

The names were formatted in the best possible way, including correcting the most common accented names.
Streets that had a descriptive name (such as "No Name Street") were left nameless.

Reporting issues

Please, for any kind of doubt, suggestion or problem, open a ticket at github.