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SlippyMap è un'estensione che mostra una griglia sulla mappa. It can load tiles from various sources, such as T@H or the coastline overview. It has adjustable "fade background".


Usare il plugin manager per installare SlippyMap.

In alternativa, è possibile scaricarlo direttamente da qui e salvarlo nella propria cartella plugin.


L'estensione installa una propria scheda per le impostazioni. Qui è possibile scegliere la sorgente delle immagini, attivare/disattivare la funzione autozoom, ecc.

Custom tile URLS

Currently it is not possible to manually add new entries to the list of "tile" servers via the graphical user interface, but this can be arranged by manually editing the Advanced Preferences

Add new preferences such as:
slippymap.custom_tile_source_1.url= map tiles
slippymap.custom_tile_source_2.ext=jpg use the OpenCycleMap tiles.

You may need to restart JOSM after adding these preferences, and then the custom tiles will be available as a new selection on the drop-down (in the preferences Slippy Map tab)


When you start JOSM, the plugin creates its own layer divided into the tiles from the slippy map, but it doesn't load the tiles. To load a single tile, right click on the one you want to load and choose "Load Tile" from the menu. To load all of the tiles currently visible on the screen, right click on any tile and choose "Load All Tiles".


  • autozoom
  • autoload tiles
  • fade background
  • set maximum zoom level
  • context menu (right click on map)
    • manually increase/decrease zoom
    • manually load all tiles in view


  • problem while setting max zoom lvl to lower than 14

Bugs send to LuVar


  • browse button to select local tiles
  • make fade background settings more intuitive
  • customizable tile sources list (possible global repository)

All requests send mail to LuVar

Source code is here:

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