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This page is about importing hotels/motels included in "Strutture ricettive" datasets published by Comune di Matera, Italy.

The import is being discussed on the OSM mailing list. The import will be the result of consensus there.


This import aims to have a Comune di Matera-certified and updated set of POIs (OSM tourism=hotel|motel) for the municipal territory (OSM admin_level=8).


Starting from May 2019, import will be performed thru Level0 OSM editor and support umap. Progress will be trackable in the same page ("lime green layers). Depending on mappers involved, import should take a week to be accomplished.

Import Data


Matera Opendata web page lists the following datasets (as may 2019):

  • 35 import_Ricettività_Matera - Albergo.csv (hotel/motel)
  • 172 import_Ricettività_Matera - Affittacamere.csv (rooms to let, w/o breakfast)
  • 11 import_Ricettività_Matera - Agriturismo.csv
  • 203 import_Ricettività_Matera - B&B.csv (bed and breakfast)
  • 507 import_Ricettività_Matera - CasaVacanze.csv (chalet)
  • 9 import_Ricettività_Matera - Varie.csv (other)

The subject of this wiki is file "import_Ricettività_Matera - Albergo.csv".

All records are punctual objects which geo coordinates are extracted from cadastre by Matera municipality.


As defined in Matera Opendata page, datasets feature the following:

  • source name: elenco-strutture-ricettive-nel-comune-di-matera-dal-2015
  • release date: 01-02-2018
  • last update: 20-09-2018
  • AOI: Matera
  • operator: Comune di Matera


Record format and tagging plan

Matera Opendata datasets share a similar record format.


Table structure will be pruned and adapted thru OpenRefine; fields will be mapped referring to tourism wiki page.

Below table lists useful input fields:

Field Value Mapped as Notes
ID 414 ref=414
LAT 40.6583221 n/a geocoord
LON 16.6113357 n/a geocoord
TIPOLOGIA albergo tourism=hotel
name CASINO RIDILA name=Casino Ridila
LEGALE_RA HOTEL RIDOLA SRL operator=Hotel Ridola Srl
UBICAZIONE Via Morelli 1 addr:street=Via Morelli


CLASSIFICAZIZONE 4stelle stars=4
City Matera addr:city=Matera
POSTI LETTO 25 beds=25

Import Type

It shall not be a blind import: source data shall be checked and imported by mappers through a support map. Due to the small number of POIs, importing shall be accomplished thru Level0 editing and manual conflation.

Support Umap

The dataset will be imported on its municipal base (OSM admin_level=8). OSM candidate nodes will be presented as pins on a dedicated Matera Opendata support umap.

Source dataset POI is presented as blue pin: by clicking it, a pop-up shows link to Level0 and tags that can be copy-pasted into editor.

POIs already in OSM are presented as lime green pins which are updated automatically.

Team Approach

Import will be managed by the following OSM users:

  • Cascafico


Step by step operations:

  1. dataset download
  2. OpenRefine operations
  3. csv upload to support umap
  4. community editing/importing

In case of import problems, changeset involved will be reverted using proper reverter

Data Preparation

The data is presented as csv "comma separated values" files in a collection of punctual elements, one for each hotel.


Some normalizations require refining operations. Below, a summary of actions performed thru OpenRefine:

  • names and operators to title case (first char uppercase)
  • name prepositions uppercase to lowercase
  • stars standardization
  • address split in addr:street and addr:housenumber


Data is uploaded manually thru Level0 editor linked in support umap pop-ups. Non dedicated upload accounts.

Changeset Tags

Changesets should be tagged with:

Changeset comment requires at least url of this wiki page.