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The County of Marin in California has buildings and addresses available to download from their website. The data appears to be high quality and covers the whole county. It would be great to be able to conflate the two files, merging the points and areas that have a direct one-to-one relationship. The website doesn't have anything specific about the license. It just has vague disclaimer info - county cannot be held liable ...blah blah blah. I contacted them to ask if the data was public domain and if it could be used in OSM. This is their response:

: "You may download public domain data from the MarinMap GIS data download site.

You do not need a license to use public domain data.
You may acknowledge “MarinMap” as the original source, but you MUST state that MarinMap has no responsibility or warranty regarding data after they have entered the public domain.
You may use the legalese from the disclaimer web page to facilitate writing a disclaimer.
URL of the disclaimer page:"

Since the data is public domain, is there any way to accommodate their request to include the disclaimer? There have been other imports that have had this requirement I think and included it on the wiki or someplace similar. Can it be included on the changeset tag somewhere? Anyone had any experience with this type of data? Any ideas on how to make it work? See more on the discussion page. Here is a link to the MarinMap disclaimer.