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This page is about importing procedure of senior/disabled residence POIs in planet.osm. Dataset is available with opendata licence issued by Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (RAFVG) without geo coordinates. Since housenumbers were recently imported from RAFVG dataset, geocoding has been applied.


Elenco strutture residenziali per anziani is a dataset created in Apr 2014 and updated in Feb 2019, containing 189 POIs. Fields follow:


Source license is Italian Open Data Licence v2.0, as defined in dataset page and detailed in regional resolution 2626

Cleaninig data

Accomplished by OpenRefine. Edits recorded in TBD operation file.

Record format and tagging plan

RAFVG dataset table structure will be adapted and pruned thru OpenRefine and looking up to specific definitions issued by RAFVG.

Residenze per Anziani - record format
Field Name Description:it Description:en Example tagged as
1 Denominazione nome struttura facility name Villa Verde name
2 Natura giuridica Natura giuridica legal nature privata di mercato description
3 Città Nome Comune Municipality name Cormons geocoding
4 N° civ. numero civico housenumber 14b geocoding
5 Indirizzo indirizzo street name Via della barriera vecchia Indirizzo
6 Telefono numero telefonico phone number 041 123456 phone
7 Fax numero fax fax number 041 123456 fax
8 E-mail posta elettronica e-mail email
9 Convenzione con SSR convenzione con

Sistema Sanitario


Financial covenant

with regional public


si/no description
10 Tipologia residenza Tipologia residenza residence type Residenza polifunzionale social_facility:for
11 Posti letto per autosufficienti Posti letto per autosufficienti self-sufficient capacity 43 capacity
12 Posti letto per non autosufficienti Posti letto per non autosufficienti disabled person capacity 12 capacity:disabled

Changeset tags

The following tags will be added to changeset:


Geocoding has been done in OpenRefine by call of external Nominatim queries. Geocoding has been run several times, in order to adjust source addresses to comply with service strict rules. A specific umap has been generated to check geocoding results.


Finally conflation, which keep in consideration OSM facilities already present in OSM, has to been run to generate an audit map. Audit shall be performed by mappers after consensus on tagging and other considerations. Please, find in regional mailing list talk-it-fvg the related discussion.


Please, find in Github ResidenzeAnzianiFVG repo files involved.