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The city of Stockon, California has released building footprints and other digital files that can be imported into OSM. GIS Supervisor Bruce Faylor confirmed that the files are public domain and can be freely used. Unfortunately the city doesn't have any address files either linked in the building file or in a separate digital file. They don't have any plans to release updates, so this would be a one-time import. The import would include just the generic building=yes tag since the files don't include anything else of value.

There aren't many buildings already added in the city, but I plan to verify that none overlap with existing buildings. I will leave the existing buildings in place and merge any existing address nodes or pois manually with the new buildings.

I would also like to import a modified version of the zoning landuse areas within the city. These would include just commercial, industrial and residential areas. I have modified and reduced the nodes of the files since they were over digitalized originally and included too many nodes. I plan to verify the areas so they don't overlap any of the zoning areas already added surrounding the city.

Import Plan Outline

Review the data then upload.


To add buildings and landuse areas to the city.


Would like to complete by May, 2014.

Import Data

From the city's website.


Surrounding landuse areas in Stanislaus County have already been added manually and through imports.

Provide links to your sources.

OSM Data Files

The JOSM files are available for review at and

Import Type

One-time import

Data Preparation

Shapefiles been edited to avoid most conflicts and saved in JOSM format.

Data Reduction & Simplification

Shapefiles have been simplified in JOSM to reduce ways that were over digitalized. Buildings also have several relations with areas cut out that are not part of the buildings. These inner areas will be removed by verifying with Bing.

Tagging Plans

Nothing extra will be included. Just the building= and landuse= tags will be used.

Changeset Tags

Just Source=City of Stockton

Data Transformation

Converting Shapefiles in JOSM

Data Merge Workflow

Verifying with existing data in JOSM

Team Approach

This will primarily be a solo endeavor but I am open to any advise or suggestions.


Using both Bing aerial and existing OSM data to verify.


Converting shapefiles with JOSM, simplifying, verifying data in JOSM with existing areas and imagery, uploading, Reverting with JOSM revert script if there are problems


Manual by downloading existing areas and comparing with existing areas.