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This page shall help to solve problems about the following types of imports:

  • Import of new objects without coordinates, only with address data
  • Import of new objects with bad coordinates, like if you have public transport stops with coordinates, but only one node for both directions
  • Import of additional keys for existing objects, with only address or bad coordinate data.

List of known projects


  • What: Planned import of data about wheelchair accessibility for Hannover, Germany.
  • Source: "Selbstbestimmt Leben Hannover e.V.". Ca. 3500 shops, medical, public amenities.
  • Data format: Nodes only. No coordinates at all, only address data.
  • Status of already existing OSM data: About half of the housenumbers are existing. Partly house numbers are attached to buildings already, not to nodes.
  • Status: Data is available in MS Excel format (German). Matching to OSM tags already prepared.

Swiss public transportation stop positions

  • List of shops promising to fill individual water bottles for free (as an alternative to selling bottled water). Address data only, list of participants changes periodically.


  • Lighthouses.


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Ideas, tools

Import diagramm

Import diagramm (basics)

Data Import to OSM.png

Import-Diagramm (Matching housenumbers)

Housenumber Match Import 2011-11-23.png


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