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This is just an idea for a future addition to OSM. Import Layers will provide a central repository for data to be imported (CanVec, TIGER, municipal Open Data datasets, etc.) and provide an easier way of importing data.

Proposed features

  • Database containing Import Layer of data in .osm format dataset
  • Function for converting data in other formats (e.g. .shp) to .osm format and putting them in an Import Layer
  • JOSM plugin for downloading a layer from Import Layers in a specific area
  • Tool for importing all data from an Import Layer into OSM
  • Tool for selectively importing parts of an Import Layer into OSM (e.g. all objects of a certain type, or all data that does not duplicate existing data, or all polygons which do not overlap existing data)
  • Tool for comparing OSM data to an Import Layer (sort of like the "TIGER Battle Grid" at [1]), and for example finding roads in TIGER/CanVec which are missing from OSM or are incorrect in OSM