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We meet at Chuim Village on the bottom left

Open call for anyone interested in building and fixing the openstreetmap data for Mumbai. Meet, learn, share and map with others willing to explore the neighbourhood of Bandra on foot, bike, cycle bus or any way you want. We will create the best open map of Bandra that will exist anywhere!

If you like exploring your neighbourhood, trying to learn about maps and gps, or just want to understand what openstreetmap is about, you should come. If you know how to use a pen and paper, you are good to go.


The osm data for India has grown rapidly from what was a completely blank canvas just 4 years back. All this has been going on quietly with no visible community activity. A bunch of us who are interested to map bandra are getting together and are mapping our neighbourhood. We have an awesome space in Chuim village, Bandra to meet, organise, learn and get things going. We will be looking to map the surrounding areas of Chuim, Khar Danda and Carter Road.


Tuesday 21 February 2012. 12pm onwards


Get to Khar (Western/Harbour line)

We meet at the studio of CAMP at noon. Wifi and charging points available, please bring your laptop.

  • Landmark: Ahmed Bakery in Chuim Village (2mins from the main road, khar danda chowk)
  • No 36A Alif Apartments, come to the terrace.

Location Map

Getting There

  • By train: Khar on the western line/harbour line. Get down on the west side, take a share rickshaw to Khar Danda for Rs10 a head
  • By bus:


  • Noon: Intros and planning
  • 1pm: Neighbourhood mapping- on foot, on bike, on bus, or just by sitting in the studios and tracing aerial imagery (also grab lunch and other nutrition during this time)
  • 4pm: Meet back at CAMP
  • Set up JOSM for everyone, start uploading data (help will be available)
  • 7pm: wrap up! discuss hack ideas, bus mapping project and the ongoing Chalobest Freemap studio


  • A gps device if you have one. Not required, but we can try playing with it and getting more juice out of it.
  • Laptop. make an account at and get JOSM running if possible. wifi is available at CAMP
  • Digital camera/notepad+pen/audio recorder or some other way of recording details of what you see
  • Water bottle
  • If you have a cycle, bring!

Who's Coming