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An open virtual mapping party to map neighbourhoods on OpenStreetMap. The event brings together some of the most experienced Indian mappers to mentor new contributors to the open mapping community who are interested in mapping local neighborhoods across the country.

The mapping party is run by the OSM India community and is part of a larger event on community mapping hosted by hyperlocal startup QikPik. For more details on QikPik, please see the FAQ.

#qikpikmp1 Summary

The event has concluded. Statistics:

Edited objects and heatmap:

How to participate

Register on the signup form if you would like to join the mapping party, this is primarily required to record your consent to the Community Code of Conduct to ensure a safe and friendly online event.

The event channel is on telegram, and you will added to the QikPikMappers group after singup to interact with all the other mappers. Livestream links for scheduled sessions will be shared over the telegram channel and updated on the wiki schedule.

It is recommended to join the OSMIndia telegram group to continue interacting with the India mapping community after the event.

Schedule #qikpikmp1

Saturday 26 September . View Recording

  • 10:30am mic check, participant checkin.
  • 11:00am Opening keynote conversation "on the opportunities for the relationship between Startups and Open Source communities", between Ed Crompton and Jubin Mehta. Ed is an open source evangelist and software developer who lives in a house full of maps in Wales, UK. Jubin is former core team member at YourStory Media. Jubin is deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem. He operates from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction.
  • 11:30am QikPik™ introduction and pitch, including OSM opportunities.
  • 12:00pm Mapping party commencement with online introduction [Presenter: OSM Team];
    1. OpenStreetMap Intro (what and why) -20 min [Lead:ark Arjun]
    2. What data are to be added
    3. Tags and values
    4. Normal tag conventions in India - 20 min (#2,#3 & #4) [Lead:Kelvin]
    5. Q & A -10 min (Collective effort:ark Arjun,Kelvin)
  • 1:00pm -1:30pm Field data collection intro
    1. OSM Tracker - 10 min [Lead:Arjun]
    2. OSMAnd - 10 min [Lead:Kelvin]
    3. Q and A - 10min (Arjun,Kelvin)
  • 1:30pm - Onwards Lunch Break
  • 4:00pm Mapping hours
    1. Collecting data - [Lead:Manoj,Sainath and OSM Mentors available for help in telegram channel]
  • 6:00 pm - 6:45pm Online event where GPS routes and features are consolidated and Desktop Mapping/armchair mapping.
    1. Data retrieval from mobile - 5 min (OSM Team)
    2. ID editing - 30 min [Lead: Adhil]
      • Adding collected data
      • Satellite Imagery selection
      • Editing existing data
      • Offset adjustment
      • Q and A - 10min (Adhil)

Sunday 27 September. View Recording

  • 11:00am - mic check, participant checkin.
  • 11:15am QikPik™ delivers a final pitch and vote of thanks to the OSM community.
  • 12:00pm Online event where GPS routes and features are consolidated.
    1. Community and communication - 10 min [Lead:Neena]
    2. JOSM - 30min [Lead:Harish]
      • Setting JOSM in computer
      • Adding collected data
      • Satellite Imagery selection
      • Editing existing data
      • Offset adjustment
      • Overpass query
    3. Maproulete - 10min [Lead:Neena]
  • 1:00pm Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm Lightning talks (5min x 3) -Sharing exp- decided by poll
  • 2:30pm announcement of winners
  • 2:45pm closing statement and vote of thanks
  • 3:00pm EVENT CLOSING


2 new mappers randomly selected will get INR 1,500 Amazon vouchers sponsored by QikPik. To be eligible, you must have atleast 10 changesets and be registered for the event.

Map Mentors

The following experienced mappers will be available online during the event to mentor new contributors and schedule training sessions. Look at the schedule for details.

Anyone with a minimum of 50 changesets and familiar with the tags of common map features in India are invited to be a mentor. Please add your username to the above list and introduce yourself to other mentors on the telegram channel and take a look at the event planning pad. The mentors will also select the best mappers for the sponsored goodies.