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A one day workshop on OSM will be held it Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Date to be announced.


The workshop is basically intended to help the growth of a strong OSM community in Kerala (or neighboring Tamil Nadu), on the Southern coast of India. It also aims at show casing what OSM can contribute to e-governance, by having geodata on local servers.


The Mapping Party/Workshop date to be announced.



Agenda to be covered (in no particular order)

  1. Introduction to the map and the community
  2. Tagging and editing the map using JOSM
  3. Mapping party to cover in detail the area around the venue
  4. Setting up a local tile server
  5. Customised rendering
  6. Overview of osm applications with a focus on e-governance


Things that would be good to have:

  1. Laptop, preferably with linux installed
  2. A GPS device or a mobile device with GPS capability


The workshop is organised by the OSM community and funded by ICFOSS


Resource persons

  1. Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris dot com