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OSM user meets and mapping parties happening in India.

You might also want to check out the talk-in mailing list to see if any relevant discussion is going on there.

Hosur Mapping Party June 2009

We will be mapping Hosur on 20th and 21st June 2009.

The mapping party is open for all.

More details here: Hosur Mapping Party June 2009

Hosur Mapping Party 26 April 2009

A bunch of mappers from Bangalore will be mapping Hosur on 26th April 2009.

The mapping party is open for all.

More details here: Hosur Mapping Party April 2009

First OSM Unconference 16 Feb 2009, Bangalore

This is going to be the first meetup of openstreetmappers after the freemapindia workshop held in feb 2008. User:Mikel Maron is back in India, and there are rumors he's giving away free gps units to all participants :P

Anyone interested in knowing more about openstreetmaps, open gis, maps, gps or any other related topic is welcome to attend.


Servelots Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
3354 KR Road, Jayanagar/Basavangudi area
Bangalore, 560070

Wikimapia link

Directions: If you take an auto rick, say "KR Road"; "near Tata Silk Farm"; Its about 1.2 KM south of Basavanagudi Police station; 100 mtrs south of Manipal Motors or Ragoos restaurant; When going south, comes on the right side between Classic Polo shop and Gudi - a craft articles shop.

Comment: this is tragic - OSM meet depending on wikimapia for instructions.


  • Start at 9.30am
  • Discussions will happen in the morning and continue in the afternoon.
  • Mapping party in the evening
  • Dinner at 9.30pm

Discussion topics

  1. State of the map in India
  2. Whats happening on the OSM front outside India - Mikel please enlighten us.
  3. OSM feature tagging for India - new features, tags, icons. What can be borrowed/adapted and what has to be created.
  4. Using Indic languages in rendering maps
  5. Setting up OSM India server
  6. Security & OSM. (We can take off from mumbai attacks thread)
  7. and any other topic which the gathering chooses to discuss. (feel free to add .. )


  • PradeepBV 9449823772
  • Dinesh 98440 36961

Attendees (name/blog/email) or OSM id

  1. User:Mikel
  2. User:lawgoff
  3. User:Pradeepbv
  4. Dinesh
  5. User:Planemad
  6. Srikanth
  7. User:dockers
  8. User:Praveen

People Having Mikel's Donated Garmin GPS

  1. User:Planemad -- OSM016 - Chennai
  2. User:Logicwiki -- OSM023 - Chennai/Bangalore
  3. Dinesh -- Bangalore
  4. Pradeep B V -- OSM031, OSM032 - Bangalore