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Use the Resultmaps newest osm website or OSM welcome tool to identify new users and welcome them through OSM Welcome tool or by assessing one of their recent changset using Osmcha. Welcome tool enables multiple people to share the load of welcoming new users, but there are issues in regular identification of new users. It is activated on 16 Jul 2023.


Naveen's diary (Building community - OSM India dated 30 September 2020) described how OSMCha was used to invite new users to join the community.

Workflow - Resultmaps newest OSM website

  • Visit Resultmaps newest osm website once a week
  • Zoom to the area of interest
  • click on a poi marker, which takes you to osm website with the changeset details
  • Load changeset to Osmcha using a browser extension OSM smartmenu
  • If required load changeset into JOSM
  • Assess as good or bad, with Criticality and Resolution values filled appropriately
  • Start a discussion( Default message will be loaded if set). Add a comment on the changeset and include url for any resolution changeset incase of problems.

(Suggested default message for good or bad assessment is "Welcome to OSM. Please visit India page on OSM wiki ( and join OSM India Telegram channel (", which can be saved in your osmcha account section.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly reliable website
  • Can select new users easily based on the area of interest (could be state or city etc) as it provides number of new users and their specific first edit as you zoom
  • You may not know whether another user has welcomed them already through discussion comment unless you check the first changeset

Workflow - Welcome tool

  • Click the OSM welcome tool URL
  • The screen showing the list of new users and their welcome status, changeset account etc in the previous week appears
  • Login with your OSM username and password.

For each new user not yet welcomed

  1. Click on user name which does not have green smiley button near to it.

Use discussion comment or Private message to welcome

  1. Load one changeset in Osmcha and assess it and add a comment in the discussion. (preferred as it is accessible to everyone and can be used for analytics later)


  1. The screen with draft default message with button "Load message in OSM" appears. Press that button
  2. The Message user screen of OSM appears. Click Send Message.

Update welcome status

  1. Go back to the screen with draft default message. Toggle the send message button status flag.
  2. Go back to the List of new users screen and refresh. Repeat the steps

Default Welcome message

Pros and Cons

  • Sharing of workload by flagging the new editor welcome status through the tool
  • Due to some bugs, new user info may be delayed by couple of days some times.
  • As bounding box covering entire India is used via Osmcha, editors in neighboring countries are also shown.
  • It provides number of changesets of new users to help prioritize welcoming to editors with certain minimum changeset count.

Common error messages- To be notified to users


Please accurately outline all the buildings you can find. The outline should be for the full size of the building even if it is partly covered by trees in the imagery. After drawing the outline, use the 's' key in the iD web editor to "square" the corners. If required, please go through the tutorial on building mapping.

Capital naming

Do not use only capital letters

Indic naming

The name tag is in English; local language name in name:xx Please see

Wrong road tagging

Please go through Road tagging scheme

Education tagging

Please see tagging guidelines for kindergarten/school/college mapping



Welcome to OSM Kerala.

To join OSM Kerala Telegram click on.