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The goal of that import is to cleanup the current administrative boundaries in the province of Jakarta, Indonesia.


The import has been launched at the end of December 2015.

Import Data


Data source site: Previous data uploaded already in OSM by HOT Indonesia
Data license: Owner's permission from the Jakarta Disaster Management Agency given to HOT Indonesia team.
Type of license: OBDL

The original data from OSM and the cleanup is all explained in these 3 posts:

OSM Data Files

1 XML file (for JOSM) is generated with all the nodes/ways and relations of administrative boundaries from admin_level=5 until admin_level=9 in the province of Jakarta.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Explained in the dairy posts.

Changeset Tags

Every changeset is created with the following tags:

  • source = Jakarta Disaster Management Agency
  • comment = Automatic import of boundary relations of Jakarta province

Data Merge Workflow

  • Once the relations were validated during sometime by anybody interested, I received some feedback from the Indonesian HOT team and fixed.
  • Then deleted the current OSM boundary polygons in Jakarta.
  • Upload the new data
  • Recreate the admin_level=4 of Jakarta province, and join the neighbours provinces with the new borders of the admin_level=5 added.

Indonesian Team Approach

Main conversation with the Indonesian OSM and HOT Indonesian team was done using their facebook group at

Of course the import has been discussed on the talk-id and import mailing list also: import and talk-id OSM mailing lists.

I'm doing it solo for now but any help or suggestions are welcome.


As described in the diary posts above, tools had to be created to clean up duplicated polygons in the current data and transform them to OSM relations.


  • Original ways: 7717 (between level 8 and some level 9)
  • (after conversion) Splitted ways/segments: 21627
  • admin_level=9(in Indonesia: RT) 5006 relations
  • admin_level=8 (RW) Total: 2708 relations
  • admin_level=7 (Desa) Total: 267 relations
  • admin_level=6 (Kecamatan) Total: 44 relations
  • admin_level=5 (Kabupaten) Total: 5 relations