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Key Element Presence Value Description
inline_skates way  Important yes / no Indicates whether inline skates are allowed on this element. Default values and that which constitutes inline skates varies by jurisdiction; see #Legal.
rin_ref node ? Optional Reference For numbered network nodes; as rcn_ref is used for cycling.

Inline skate routes

See relation:route#Inline skating routes and route=inline_skates.

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According to the article quoted below this may no longer be completely accurate.

If nothing else is specified inline skaters are required to use the sidewalk.

Supplementary sign ????: Inline allowed.

Recommended tag for ways open for inline skating: inline_skates=yes

For roads and ways that are explicitly open for inline skating (but not for other "vehicles with small wheels" like skate, kick, or long boards).


Inline skates belong to the category of quasi-vehicles and are allowed to be used on sidewalks, footways, pedestrian zones, cycleways, on the road surface of zones with maximum speed of 30km/h and living streets (in so far that there are no sidewalks or cyclceways and a low amount of traffic). Specific permission to use inline skates is therefore not necessary. Note: contrary to Germany, other quasi-vehicles with small wheels are subject to the same regulations.

Sections of roads explicitly closed to inline skates are signed with Verbot für fahrzeugähnliche Geräte Please tag such ways with inline_skates=no.

Source: Verkehrsregelnverordnung Art. 50

Switzerland has (similar to its bicycle routes) a network of 3 national and 11 regional inline skating routes. Some of these are already mapped in OSM.

Skatingland Schweiz has more information on the network. NOTE the page cannot be used as a source for OSM!

EN:Switzerland/InlineNetwork wiki page on the inline skate network.


Skating is allowed on

  • sidewalks, footways and similar
  • cycleway, but not cycle lanes outside of residential areas,
  • living streets and pedestrian areas,
  • roads exempt from § 88 Abs. 1 (playing on roads prohibited) and
  • roads explicitly opened for skating.

Source: Straßenverkehrsordnung Art 88a

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