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Map of Interstate Highways in the state of New York

These Interstates in New York need work.

Primary Interstate Highways

Highway Location in New York Length[1] Description Date established
I-78.svgI-78 New Jersey border–Manhattan 0.50 mi (0.80 km) I-78 crosses the Hudson River from New Jersey via the Holland Tunnel and ends at the tunnel plaza in Lower Manhattan.[2] 1961[3]
I-95.svgI-95 New Jersey border–Connecticut border 23.50 mi (37.82 km) I-95 begins at the George Washington Bridge, crossing the Hudson River from New Jersey into New York City. After running across upper Manhattan on the Trans-Manhattan Expressway, it continues east across the Harlem River on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and onto the Cross-Bronx Expressway. It then continues northeast on the New England Thruway out of New York City to the Connecticut state line.[4] 1950s[5]

Auxiliary Interstate Highways

Highway Location Length[1] Description Date established
I-190 (long).svgI-190 CheektowagaCanada border 28.34 mi (45.61 km) I-190 starts at I-90 near Buffalo, New York and ends at Lewiston, New York via Niagara Falls. I-190 from I-90 north to New York State Route 384 is named the Niagara Thruway and is a component of the New York State Thruway system. I-190 is the only three-digit Interstate Highway to reach the Canada-United States border.[6] 1959[7]
I-278 (long).svgI-278 Arthur KillBronx 35.62 mi (57.32 km) I-278 crosses the Arthur Kill on the 4-lane Goethals Bridge to Staten Island. It passes through all five boroughs (though only through Manhattan because the Triborough Bridge crosses Wards Island, which is technically part of Manhattan) before coming to an end at the Bruckner Interchange in Bronx, NY.[8]
I-287 (long).svgI-287 New Jersey border–Rye 31.11 mi (50.07 km) I-287 crosses the New Jersey border into New York State near Suffern, just to the south of Harriman State Park. The highway proceeds eastward and crosses the Hudson River before passing north of White Plains. After traveling through a developed area, it comes to an end at I-95 in Rye.[9]
I-290 (long).svgI-290 TonawandaAmherst 10.24 mi (16.48 km) I-290 runs near Buffalo, New York from I-90 to I-190. It connects Buffalo with its northern suburbs of Amherst and Tonawanda, and provides a route to Niagara Falls that bypasses the city of Buffalo.[10] completed in 1965[11]
I-295 (long).svgI-295 QueensBronx 9.10 mi (14.65 km) I-295 is a connector route within New York City. It travels from the Bruckner Interchange, a junction with I-95/I-278/I-678 in The Bronx, across the toll Throgs Neck Bridge to the Grand Central Parkway in Queens.[12]
I-478 (long).svgI-478 BrooklynManhattan 2.14 mi (3.44 km) I-478's entire length consists of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and its approaches. Its south end is at Interstate 278, and its north end is at NY-9A (West Side Highway).[13] 1958[14]
I-495 (long).svgI-495 ManhattanRiverhead 71.02 mi (114.30 km) I-495, better known as the Long Island Expressway or L.I.E., is located on Long Island, New York. The western terminus of the route is at the western portal of the Queens Midtown Tunnel in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The eastern terminus is at County Route 58 in Riverhead, Suffolk County.[15] 1958[14]
I-587 (long).svgI-587 Kingston 1.21 mi (1.95 km) I-587 is entirely concurrent with NY 28 from Route 28's southern terminus at NY 32 to the roundabout linking it to the Thruway (I-87).[16] 1960[17][18]
I-678 (long).svgI-678 QueensBronx 14.33 mi (23.06 km) I-678 runs entirely within two boroughs of New York City: Queens and the Bronx. The highways begins with the John F. Kennedy International Airport and ends at the Bruckner Interchange in the Bronx.[19] 1971[20]
I-684 (long).svgI-684 White PlainsSoutheast Approx. 28 mi (45 km) I-684 begins at I-287 in White Plains. Heading northward, it briefly enters Connecticut in the town of Greenwich. Surrounded by numerous lakes and ponds, the highways comes to an end at an interchange with I-84, with roadways continuing as NY 22.[21] Completed in 1974[22]
I-690 (long).svgI-690 Van BurenDeWitt 14.19 mi (22.84 km) I-690 travels southeast from exit 39 on the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) in Van Buren, passing through the western suburbs of Syracuse before heading east through the city itself and terminating in DeWitt, where it merges into Interstate 481. I-690 serves the Great New York State Fair by way of exits 5-7. Even though I-690 continues north of the Thruway as NY 690, the numbering systemTemplate:Clarifyme on I-690 does not continue with the route.[23] Early 1970s[24][25]
I-695 (long).svgI-695 Bronx 1.24 mi (2.00 km) I-695 is a short connector route in the Bronx between I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) and I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) near the Throgs Neck Bridge towards Queens and Long Island.[26] 1986[27]
I-787 (long).svgI-787 AlbanyGreen Island mi I-787 is the main highway for traveling into and out of downtown Albany. The southern terminus is at the Interstate 87/New York State Thruway exit 23 toll plaza southwest of downtown Albany. The northern terminus of the route is unclear, with some sources placing the terminus at 8th Street in Troy, while other documents show I-787 as terminating at its interchange with NY 7 and NY 787 in Green Island.[28] 1970s[29][30]
I-790 (long).svgI-790 Utica 2.41 mi (3.88 km) I-790 is a short connector route between NY 5/NY 5A/NY 5S/NY 8/NY 12 in Utica and I-90/New York State Thruway service roads.[31] ca. pre-1965[32]
I-878 (long).svgI-878 Queens 0.70 mi (1.13 km) I-878 is a designation of New York State Route 878 from Interstate 678 (Van Wyck Expressway) east to the JFK Expressway. At 0.70 mi (1.13 km), it is the shortest Three-Digit Interstate Route in the Interstate Highway System.[33] 1970[25]
I-890 (long).svgI-890 RotterdamGuilderland 9.45 mi (15.21 km) I-890 begins at Interstate 90/New York State Thruway in Rotterdam. Initially concurrent with NY 7, the highway heads northwestward, passing to the west of Schenectady before coming to an end at I-90/New York State Thruway.[34]
I-895 (long).svgI-895 Bronx 1.12 mi (1.80 km) I-895 is a short freeway in the New York City borough of the Bronx, forming a short connecting link in the Interstate Highway System.[31] 1962[35]
I-990 (long).svgI-990 Amherst 6.35 mi (10.22 km) I-990 is the highest numbered Interstate Highway currently in use. The road runs in a roughly north-south direction through the southwest and central part of Amherst, northeast of Buffalo. The northern terminus of I-990 is at NY 263, while the southern terminus is at I-290.[31] Mid-1980s[36]

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