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Ipswich, Suffolk

latitude: 52.0516, longitude: 1.1773
Browse map of Ipswich 52°03′05.76″ N, 1°10′38.28″ E
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Ipswich is a town in Suffolk at latitude 52°03′05.76″ North, longitude 1°10′38.28″ East. This page refers to the town in England. For other uses, see Ipswich (disambiguation).

Use the map

All roads, paths, cycle paths, parks, schools, sports grounds and churches should be on the map but please check areas that you know, as there are likely to be errors in the dataset still to be found. There are lots of ways to use the map, and remember that you can legally use mapping derived from OpenStreetMap on your own website. Just click on the map above and pan and zoom to the location you are interested in a hit 'export'. You can also use it to plan a walking/cycling/driving trip and even download a GPX routing for you GPS unit.


The ward boundaries are approximate because the only reliable source is the Ordnance Survey and we are not allowed to use that source. There is pressure on the government to allow the official data to be used but in the mean time this will have to do. The boundaries have been determined by conversation with councillors and others with a knowledge of the area.

Ward Notes
Alexandra relation 164667
Bixley relation 164648
Bridge relation 164678
Castle Hill relation 164823
Gainsborough relation 164653
Gipping relation 164677
Holywells relation 164654
Priory Heath relation 164649
Rushmere relation 164664
Sprites relation 164834
St John's relation 164088
St Margaret's relation 164666
Stoke Park relation 164833
Westgate relation 164674
Whitehouse relation 164825
Whitton relation 164822

Bus Routes

Bus services in Ipswich

Type Ref Route Notes
Ipswich Buses 1 relation 216199
Ipswich Buses 2 relation 216205
Ipswich Buses 3 relation 222816
Ipswich Buses 5 relation 216234
Ipswich Buses 6 relation 216501
Ipswich Buses 7 relation 331773
Ipswich Buses 8 relation 331838
Ipswich Buses 8b relation 331839
Ipswich Buses 9 relation 215619
Ipswich Buses 10 relation 332716
Ipswich Buses 11 relation 332729
Ipswich Buses 12 relation 332644
Ipswich Buses 13 relation 331858
Ipswich Buses 14 relation 332646
Ipswich Buses 14a relation 332665
Ipswich Buses 15 relation 331972
Ipswich Buses 16 relation 332650
Ipswich Buses 18a
Ipswich Buses 19 relation 333154
Ipswich Buses 22 relation 333174
Ipswich Buses 30
Carter Coaches 31 relation 104424
Ipswich Buses 38
Ipswich Buses 40
First Eastern Counties 61 relation 222004
First Eastern Counties 62 relation 221999
First Eastern Counties 63 relation 222366
First Eastern Counties 64 relation 227898
First Eastern Counties 65 relation 224981
First Eastern Counties 66 relation 190701
Galloway European 70
Carter Coaches 70A
First Eastern Counties 75 relation 222313
First Eastern Counties 76 relation 222245
First Eastern Counties 77 relation 223412
First Eastern Counties 78 relation 963827
First Eastern Counties 87
First Eastern Counties 88
Ipswich Buses 98
Ipswich Buses 202
Ipswich Buses 800 relation 333477
Ipswich Buses 801 relation 333464
Ipswich Buses 802 relation 333478
Ipswich Buses 978

Residents parking zones

Cycle Routes

Type Ref Route Notes
Local 2 relation 29057
Local 2A relation 29056
Local 4 relation 2649
Local 4A relation 2650
Local 10B relation 29084
Local 11B relation 29082
Local 12 relation 29078
Local 12A relation 29080
Regional 48 relation 29098
National 1 relation 75894
National 51 relation 15020

Walking routes

Name Route Notes
Fonnereau Way relation 2670 More to add?
Sandlings Way relation 2663 More work needed

Recent Changes

This section details recent changes to the map that should reflect changes on the ground, or corrections to the dataset. The map should reflect the town as it is at the current town including road closures that will be in force for a significant period of time (>month?). Please add new items to the top of the list.

Feature Data entered
Sir Bobby Robson Bridge Opened 8 September 2009
Foundary Lane Re-opened September 2009
Rope walk Converted from traffic signal controlled to pedestrian/cycle only for experimental closure until Jan 2010
Import or NaPTAN bus stops for Ipswich (and the rest of Suffolk) 23 August 2009
Reopening of cycle route between college and Alexandra Park 12 November 2008
Reopening of Cycle route along waterfront (Albion Wharf) October 08
Opening of Fore St-Waterfront route by new uni building October 08
Bramley Hill and Chivers Court August 2008
Bull Motors site August 2008

Upcoming changes

As the town changes it is important that we keep up with the changes. If you know of something that is likely to change soon then put it on the list.

Feature Details
SnOasis This has been added following the planning approval
Developments housing developments on Grange Farm. Last surveyed Aug08, some adjustments made August 2009
Fairview homes on Ranlaugh Rd needs a regular survey Last surveyed Nov 19th 08

Projects that need to be done


Do please check areas that you know. There are still errors lurking!

More mapping!

Here are some suggestions for additional features you might like to add.

Pubs Only a small selection of pubs are currently on the map. Please add where you can or even do a comprehensive survey!
Shops Very few shops are on the map yet.
Leisure Some on the list, but many more could be added.
Businesses Very few commercial or industrial premises are on the map yet- pick an industial or retail park and add what you see
Letterboxes Very few as yet
Crossing points (zebras/pelicans etc) We have some which are visible on the cycling layer only, but more would be useful for pedestrian routing in due course
Rural footpaths Some of these are in, but certainly not comprehensive.
Playgrounds Why not have all the places with actual play equipment marked?
Elsewhere in Suffolk Ipswich is especially well mapped. Many of the villages need work and these will be detailed on the Suffolk page.

Staying in touch

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