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To add these layers in JOSM

  1. Go to Preferences (F12) , WMS/TMS , Imagery Providers.
  2. Under "Available default entries", scroll down to 'IE' entries.
  3. Select your desired imagery and press 'Activate' button.

National Library of Scotland

Collaboration with the National Library of Scotland has provided the following out-of-copyright map layers.

  • Bartholomew Quarter Inch to the mile (1: 253440) 1940
  • British War Office One Inch to the mile (1:63,360) 1941-43 - (GSGS 4136)

There's is an OpenLayers viewer of these maps on or you can view them on NLS Historic Maps site

  • GSGS 4136 is available as a background layer in Potlatch2.
  • Bartholomew and GSGS 4136 are both available as imagery sources in Josm.

Please tag traces with source="NLS Historic Maps" if you use these layers.

Trinity College Dublin

Collaboration with the Glucksman Map Library, Trinity College Dublin has provided the following out-of-copyright map sheets

Ireland British War Office 1:25k GSGS 3906

These sheets were created in 1940 by the British War office by photo-reducing 3rd edition 6inch (1:10560) sheets (~1910) and adding some contours.


There are about 675 sheets in the series and we are slowing georectifying them using the excellent Mapwarper We have most (all?) rectified. To help with the georectification please see MapWarper:

  • TODO add link to GSGS 3906 georectification project page
Mapping Townlands

Legibility is difficult in places due to the photo-reduction. However, these sheets are extremely valuable to OSM mappers as they give us the ability to accurately map townland boundaries when used in combination with Bing satellite imagery. To help with mapping townlands please see the following page:

James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway

Collaboration with the Digital Archives team at James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway has provided the following out-of-copyright map sheets

Memorial Atlas of Ireland

Published by L.J. Richards & Company of Philadelphia, the Memorial Atlas of Ireland is a rare resource for researchers of Ireland at the turn of the 20th century, in that it presents in clear detail the boundaries of each barony and civil parish in the country--something not usually of focus in maps from the era.