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Administrative Boundaries are defined as relations over ways that are either drawn for this purpose only, or use ways that naturally form the boundary, such as center lines of rivers.

Care must be taken not to join those river segments that are part of a boundary with other segments.

All county relations must be circular loops, i.e. all segments arranged in sequence, which can be checked in the JOSM relation editor.

The map viewer has some handy layers for checking the current state of our admin boundaries.

To Do:

Talk about Irish administrative districts: Provinces, Baronies, Civil Parishes, Townlands etc..

Baronies, Civil Parishes, Townlands details should be on each respective county page, eventually.

Data Sources

GSGS 3906

These maps were scanned by TCD and are the best Ireland-wide maps we currently have available to map townland boundaries. See

Boundary Types

refer to boundary=administrative

Type Tagging Notes
National Border boundary=administrative
e.g. between Rep Ireland and Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland state boundary=administrative
reserved for compatability with UK states
Province boundary=administrative
e.g. Leinster, Ulster, Munster, Connacht
Traditional County boundary=administrative
e.g. Dublin, Tipperary, Cork, Kildare
County and City Councils (LAU-1) boundary=administrative
e.g. Admin counties ( Wexford CoCo, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, South Dublin, Dublin City), 5 County Cities (Dublin City, Cork City, Limerick City , Waterford City, Galway City)
Municipal Districts boundary=administrative
Electoral Division (LAU-2) boundary=administrative
Townland boundary=administrative

Relation lists

National borders

Name Relation
Republic of Ireland relation 62273 OPEN
Northern Ireland relation 156393 OPEN
United Kingdom relation 62149 OPEN

Traditional provinces

Name Relation
Leinster Province relation 278746 circular linked
Munster Province relation 278750 circular linked
Connacht Province relation 278721 circular linked
Ulster Province relation 278664 circular linked


Name Relation Source 1900 map scan
County Carlow relation 285977circular linked
Dublin Region (former County Dublin) relation 282800 circular linked
County Kildare relation 285833 circular linked
County Kilkenny relation 285980 circular linked
County Laois relation 285915 circular linked
County Longford relation 335445 circular linked
County Louth relation 1763195 circular linked (old, deleted: 285990)
County Meath relation 282818 circular linked
County Offaly relation 335442 circular linked
County Westmeath relation 335446 circular linked
County Wexford relation 285981 circular linked
County Wicklow relation 282760 circular linked

Administrative counties in Dublin Region (former County Dublin)

Name Relation Source Notes
Dublin (city) relation 1109531
County Fingal relation 1114164
County Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown relation 1115720

County South Dublin relation 1117469


Name Relation Source 1900 map scan
County Clare relation 334885 circular linked and is_in information for Whitegate area
County Cork relation 332631 circular linked is_in interpolation towards Limerick and Waterford, Atlas towards Kerry
County Kerry relation 332622 circular linked
County Limerick relation 334898 circular linked neighbor counties
County Tipperary relation 334372 circular linked
County Waterford relation 283426 circular linked rivers and is_in tags


Name Relation Source 1900 map scan
County Galway relation 335444 circular linked neighbor counties
County Leitrim relation 284368 circular linked
County Mayo relation 338539 circular linked
County Roscommon relation 335443 circular linked neighbor counties
County Sligo relation 335330 circular linked


Name Relation Source 1900 map scan
County Cavan relation 283679 circular linked
County Donegal relation 283732 circular linked
County Monaghan relation 283647 circular linked
Traditional counties in Northern Ireland (replaced administratively by districts)
County Antrim relation 1119534 circular linked neighbour counties
County Armagh relation 1119535 circular linked
County Down relation 1119533 circular linked
County Fermanagh relation 1118085 circular linked neighbour counties
County Londonderry (or Derry) relation 1959598 circular linked
County Tyrone relation 1117773 circular linked

Townlands, Civil Parishes, Baronies

See Ireland/Mapping Townlands.