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Aran Islands, County Galway, Connacht Province, Ireland

latitude: 53.1021, longitude: -9.6792
Browse map of Aran Islands 53°06′07.56″ N, 9°40′45.12″ W
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Aran Islands is an archipelago in County Galway, Connacht Province, Ireland at latitude 53°06′07.56″ North, longitude 9°40′45.12″ West.

This is a page for a possible OSM-Ireland Mapping Party to the Aran Islands.

Area to map

The Aran islands are a series of islands off the west coast of Ireland.

Existing OSM coverage

When to go

Suggestions are around spring or summer, when the days are longer and the seas are calmer, but before the main tourist season starts.

Internet connectivity

marlow said internet connectivity shouldn't be too much of a problem on kilronan, inismor.

Publicity & Promotion

This is a great way to promote the Aran Islands (by producing Beautiful Maps) and by promoting OSM, in that regard we should try to get general media attention, as well as get some sponsorship for accomodation/transport/travel.

Publicity Ideas

Public Figure

Get a public figure to make the first GPS trace