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is_in-bot is a bot that repairs/completes is_in on place nodes in Germany. It does not add is_in if they do not exists, it does not delete existing is_in. It is controlled by user:flohoff


It does by rules:

  • Translate English terms from a list to German e.g. "Germany" -> "Bundesrepublik Deutschland"
  • Removes duplicates by trying to avoid removing the first element beeing duplicate (Village same name as County)
  • Replaces ancronyms by their real meaning e.g. NRW -> Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Removes common spelling errors: Bade-Wuerdeberg -> Baden-Württemberg
  • Does some careful extension of Bundesland information by checking for an existing unique name e.g. "Unterfranken"
  • Does reordering of elements to achieve ascending regional meaning e.g. Europe beeing last.
  • Fixes empty elements ",,"
  • Does normalizing of element seperators (; -> ,)