Isle of Man Mapping Party 2010

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Open Street Map of the Isle of Man

On Saturday 2nd October 2010, the Isle of Man will be hosting its third OpenStreetMap mapping party in Douglas

On the day

The date is set, and the mapping will be taking place in Douglas on Saturday 2nd October from 10am onwards.

We will meet at 10am in the Velvet Lobster on North Quay, Douglas (look out for the table with the maps) to introduce people to the project and talk about some mapping goals for the day. After that, we'll head out around Douglas on foot (or bike, if you have one) to do some mapping.

We'll meet again at 1pm in the Velvet Lobster for a bite to eat and a chat, then head out again for the afternoon. If anybody wants to join us at this point for just the afternoon, we can talk you through the mapping process.

Then at 3pm, we'll meet back at the Velvet Lobster to introduce people to editing the map online, and make a start on putting any updates into the map.

Who should attend?

Anybody who is interested in maps, new technology or just wanting to get out and about exploring Douglas for the day. Come and find out more about what we are doing to map the Isle of Man (and the rest of the world).

What will we be mapping?

There's already a good level of detail on the OpenStreetMap of Douglas but there are still bits missing, and things that it would be great to have on the map.

  • Manx street names in the centre of town
  • bus stops and bus routes through the centre
  • house numbers
  • footpaths in and around the centre (e.g. Douglas Head)
  • tourist accommodation (in particular along the Promenade, Broadway, etc.)
  • businesses in commercial/industrial estates (e.g. South Quay, Snugborough, Hills Meadow)
  • ... and anything else you see that you'd like to add to the map

Contact information

If you are interested in finding out more about this mapping party, or if you would like to attend, please contact Dan Karran on 07736 314138, email dan at karran dot net, or tweet @dankarran.