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高解像度タイル(「レティナ」タイルとも呼ばれます)は、普通よりも解像度が高いタイルです。これは Mapnik の設定機能です。




The same coverage area with the same number of pixels, but on the right we see a standard zoom level 16 rendering, on the left we use these pixels to display fewer features, equivalent to what would normally be rendered smaller at zoom level 15. With more pixels these features appear sharper, more defined, and bigger

Larger animated comparison

Slippy maps may be configured to show such tiles in a scaled down size by default and the user's browser can enlarge them again if it is set to enlarged web pages (including images). Or maybe the slippy map software could read the user's dpi setting and scale accordingly (just an idea …). This may be useful on high-resolution displays to achieve resolution independence for slippy maps.