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Satellite image of Typhoon Haiyan over Panay island

Typhoon Haiyan (Wikipedia), also known as Typhoon Yolanda, is a tropical cyclone that devastated the Philippines. It first made landfall at Guiuan, Eastern Samar on the morning of November 8, 2013, and then proceeded to Tacloban City (map), where a storm surge laid waste to much of the area. The typhoon then caused destruction in northern Cebu, Panay island, and northern Palawan before exiting the country towards Vietnam.



  • 7日火曜日 : 台風がタクロバン市を襲う日の前に、OpenStreetMap の貢献者たちがこの市のマッピングを開始しました。
  • 10日日曜日 : 公式に人道的活動を宣言しました。我々の組織にとって最も重要度の高いものであること、多くの人に強力を呼びかけることを示しています。
  • 15日金曜日 : 900 人以上の OpenStreetMap マッパーがこの活動に参加しました。この一週間で、マップ上の 2,000,000 以上のオブジェクトが更新されました。


Andrew Buck, assisted by Maning Sambale and Pierre Béland, are coordinating this activation. We coordinate with the Red Cross and the Digital Humanitarian Network.

Support Team

The support team communicates via the irc://irc.oftc.net #hot IRC channel. You can join the Support Team and the Coordinators on the IRC for discussions or help for mapping. You can also talk with other mappers or the support team by installing mumble and connecting to our server talk.hotosm.org

Additonal information can be found at Humanitarian OSM Team (HOT) Mailling-List

Effort made

With the dispersion of the population in numerous islands and with the extent of the damages, Up-to-Date maps is an essential aspect of the management of this crisis. Tremendous efforts have been made by the OpenStreetMap community. The developpers are adapting tools to provide up-to-date maps rapidly to humanitarian field workers. Hundred of contributors are also tracing over Satellite imagery to update continuously the maps.


Map showing the editing activity of OSM contributors in the affected areas

General Info

OpenStreetMap (OSM) provides good mapping data for this country (free!)

Browse the map to get a feel for the data we have available. Different map styles can be selected on the right side.

See Downloading data for instructions on getting large scale map data. See Shapefiles if you need this format.

On-site maps

Hourly updates of Geofabrik data is available. There are shape files for GIS analysis and GPS ready files (Garmin format) available.

Schadow1 Expeditions offers a daily update of Garmin Routable GPS Map of the whole Philippines compiled from OSM data until relief operations is concluded. OSM-PH Garmin Map

The FieldPapers website lets select an area, and print the map of this area to collect field data.

The MapOSMatic website renders ready-for-print city maps (in pdf, svg, png) with an index of streets.

A Tile Server with layers for critical infrastructure elements at risk and the residential population distribution in the Philipines in 90m resolution. Further details here

Experimental hourly updated Philippines map for OsmAnd available here: http://osmd.ch/haiyan/ (install by copying to OsmAnd directory on your Android device)


Response maps

A Map which shows the damaged buildings in Tacloban.

Mapping response

HOT Task No. 338 map

The first week of this Activation, intense work was done by OSM contributors to update the base map for the affected zones using pre-Disaster Imagery (mostly Bing Imagery). From, Nov 14, Post-Disaster imagery from various providers started to be available. As these imagery arrive, new tasks will be added. Your help is welcomed for remote mapping and is essential for a rapid response and the success of this operation.

Tacloban City, Leyte (population: ~220,000) has been hit hard. Important Relief efforts will be localised there. New reports indicate international and local aid workers are beginning to arrive. We have already pretty much mapped every building in the city based on pre-typhoon Bing imagery (second-pass validation is always welcome mind you). Other mapping areas are laid out in various task manager jobs :

  Job No.      Location What to map
Job 338 Tacloban City and surrounding areas detailed buildings and roads (done)
Job 339 Samar and Leyte villages and major roads
Job 340 Priority areas in Cebu, Leyte, and Samar detailed buildings and roads (done)
Job 342 Bantayan Island detailed buildings and roads (validation)
Job 343 Camotes Islands detailed buildings and roads
Job 344 Roxas City and surrounding areas detailed buildings and roads
Job 345 northern Negros detailed buildings and roads
Job 346 northern Panay detailed buildings and roads
Job 347 northern Cebu detailed buildings and roads (validation)
Job 348 Coron, Palawan detailed buildings and roads
Job 349 Masbate Island Roads Major roads and smaller interconnecting roads
Job 351 Ormoc City buildings, infrastructure, areas, natural features and other important visible features
Job 350 Tacloban Post-Disaster Building and infrastructure damages
Job 356 Roxas City Post-Disaster Building and infrastructure damages, updates for previously not covered areas
Job 360 Northern Cebu - Post Disaster "base mapping" buildings (ok/collapsed/damage),streets
Job 361 Inland Negros island detailed buildings and roads
Job 1001 DigitalGlobe post typhoon imagery detailed buildings and roads

Beyond these, we need experienced mappers to make assessments of missing data on a wider scale. Improvements to coastline, and fix up of place names is needed.

WikiProject Philippines pages probably could use some updating. These notes on Bing alignment may be of interest.


詳細は JA:Damaged buildings crisis mapping を参照

josm で建物をトレースするの役立つツールやショートカットがあります。学習に時間をかけることをお勧めします。そうすると、マップに貢献するのがとても楽に役立つでしょう。Google doc

Todo: Just a summary of tagging and visualisation tricks should go here

Potential Imagery

How to add to JOSM

  • press F12
  • go to the imagery settings
  • click "+ TMS" to add a new TMS layer
  • then paste the link into box number 1
  • add a useful name for the new layer
  • press "OK" to save the added layer

To use it, go to the region it is supposed to cover and add the layer you created with the steps above from Imagery/"Layer_name".
Probably you have to zoom out if you get error messages instead of imagery.

Bing provides high-res Imagery for most of the affected areas. We are in contact with Imagery providers to obtain pre-Disaster imagery where needed. Post-Disaster Imagery should also be available soon.

Landsat Imagery (low resolution, 15 meter, many clouds, contrast already enhanced for tracing) is provided for some areas. It can help to trace roads in areas with no high-res or covered by clouds. See description at https://gist.github.com/celoyd/7408773 (includes links to browse views to see footprint).

Leyte (PH LEY)



N Panay/S Masbate region, including Roxas, Cadiz, and Bogo Cities



Enhancing Bing Imagery

Since the Bing Imagery is partly low contrast you might wish to enhance it. An ancient JOSM binary exists with which you can do so, but a lot of plugins don't work with it anymore - buildings-tools amongst them. Go here for details: Enhance Imagery.

Potential Datasources

Kate Chapman is investigating the licensing of place codes and ways to link them to OSM data. Currently this investigation is going through OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, part of the United Nations Secretariat).

Historical Maps

Maps provided by the University of Texas, rectified with NYPL's Mapwarper tool.



Mapathon events

In some parts of the world people are organising mapathons events, where you can meet with mappers in person. This is an opportunity to meet-like minded pro-mappers, learn how to contribute to OpenStreetMap if you're new to it. Other events are more generic, on any technology for crisis response, by can (should!) have a bunch of people doing stuff for OpenStreetMap.

Please link to more details for these events

Passed Events

  • London - on eventbrite - Thu 14th
  • UP Diliman, Philippines hosted by the University of the Philippines Geography Department - Friday, 15 November

Other Responses

Media coverage





Other Links