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JMapViewer is a Java component which allows to easily integrate an OSM map view into your Java application. It is maintained as an independent project by the JOSM team.


  • Provides integrated zoom controls (slider and buttons) in the left upper corner (can be hidden)
  • Switch between different tile sources: Mapnik, Tiles@Home, Cyclemap, ... (other tiled maps can be used, too)
  • Configurable in-memory and file-based caching of loaded map tiles
  • A list of map markers (the yellow circles in the screenshot) can be added. Map markers of different shape can be easily added by implementing the MapMarker interface.
  • Configurable/Extentable/Replaceable controller (code part that manages mouse interaction and how the map reacts to it)
  • Requirement: Java 8 (same as JOSM)
  • License: GPL


Releases containing source code and binary jar files are available in the releases directory in the SVN: [1]

The latest release can be found programmatically as follows:

svn propget ReleaseVersion


The release contains a small demo application which demonstrates some of the features of JMapViewer.

JMapViewer demo app screenshot


Javadoc for that component can be found on JOSM-Documentation: Javadoc

Bugs can be reported in JOSM-Wiki: JMapViewer-BugReport


JMapViewer bases on code written originally for the JOSM plugin slippy map chooser

See also

  • JXMapViewer - similar name but more complex. Embeddable swingx component for java gui developers.
  • JXMapViewer2 - Based on JXMapViewer but more up-to-date and independent of SwingX.