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Available languages — JOSM/Plugins/AgPifoJ
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AgPifoJ plugin showing a set of photos along a GPX trace

AgPiFoj stands for Another geotag plug-in for JOSM. It was a plugin, but became the build-in photo mapping function of JOSM.

Now that AgPifoJ is a core feature, you can open images from the main menu (File > Open...) or from the right click menu of the corresponding GPX-layer. See photo mapping.

There is no longer any need to install these features as a plugin, and the AgPiFoj plugin is no longer available for download in the normal manner.


Feature of the original plugin were as follows. These features are now part of the core JOSM software

  • Adds a new menu to load pictures and makes a new layer from them in the map view. This menu item in the 'File' menu and is labelled Open images with AgPifoJ. (This hold for the plugin, but is no longer valid.)
  • Can either :
    • load geotag data from exif
    • or correlate picture with a GPS track.
  • Displays the images in a ToggleDialog (so it appears as a panel on the right of the screen and can be shown/hidden with a click on a button of the left toolbar. It can be set in a separate window by clicking the sticky button)
  • Displays the pictures as a little camera icon in the map view (this improves the speed of loading large sets of pictures). The selected picture appears in red.
  • Easy zoom in/out of the image with the mouse wheel. Ability to move the image by clicking and/or dragging on it with mouse left button, or to select the part of the image to zoom in by dragging the right button.
  • Displays the altitude and speed of the photo when available from the GPX track (the speed is actually calculated only on the 2 last points of the GPX track, so it may be relatively imprecise).
  • Ability to synchronize a same set of photos with many GPX tracks (choose item 'Correlate to GPX' in the contextual menu of the layer). If a picture set and a GPX track were badly time-synchronized, just load again the same GPX track on the layer, by specifying a different offset and/or timezone.
  • Adds a viewport to the left toolbar : with all these plug-ins that add buttons to that toolbar, some of theses buttons became inaccessible. This adds some little arrows on top and bottom of the toolbar, to scroll it.

Note: For those who used the core GeoImage feature of JOSM v. 2561 and earlier: the timezone is the opposite with AgPifoJ. (It is greater than 0 when going to the east of Greenwich Meridian.)