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CustomizePublicTransportStop is plug-in for JOSM for setting of public transport stops in according with public transport standard v1 and v2.

Plug-in create stop positions and stop area relation for platform

Plugin setup platform and stop position under osm public transport standards version 1 and 2

Plugin work with bus stops, bus stations, tram stops, railway station and railway halts


Create or select point or way of platform and call CustomizePublicTransportStop plug-in by menu Tools\Customize stop (hot key "U").

In dialog input name of stop, network and operator name, network level and select transport types and stop properties, such as bench existing, etc

Press button "Save"

Plug-in should create stop position point on nearest road (for buses, trolleybuses and shared taxi) or railroad (for trams and trains) and create stop area equation for new stop position point and platform point or way. After this plug-in should setup stop position point, platform and stop area in according with public transport standards.

Example in Youtube

If stop area is exists, you can setup this stop area and all included stop positions and platforms by CustomizePublicTransportStop plug-in. For this select one platform in stop area and call plug-in by menu Tools\Customize stop (hot key "U"). In dialog window edit names of stop, network and operator, network level, transport types and platform properties. Press "Save" button. Plug-in should setup stop area and all included stop points and platforms.


You can download plug-in from GitHub by this link and copy to plug-in folder of JOSM (for Windows it is C:\Users\<User login>\AppData\Roaming\JOSM\plugins).

Also you can install plug-in by JOSM plug-ins dialog.


See: CustomizePublicTransportStop on GitHub