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ExtTools plugin allows to use external scripts in JOSM


ExtTools is generalization of Fuzzer plugin which uses external python script for tracing satellite imagery. With ExtTools you can create your own tools that uses external scripts.


The plugin adds the new icon to JOSM preferences:Ext tools.svg. There one can create tools that use external scripts. To do this, from "Preferences" click on "New tool" button and input tool name and command line. Tool scripts should be placed into %AppData%\JOSM\plugins\ext_tools on Windows or into ~/.josm/plugins/ext_tools on *nix.

Currently following parameters in command line are available:

Parameter Description
{lat} Latitude of clicked point
{lon} Longitude of clicked point
{PPD} Zoom of current map view in PPD (Pixels per degree)
WARNING: This value might be in E notation (4.1819E-03).
{TZoom} TMS-Zoomlevel (added in version 25274)
WARNING: This can be a float value (13.2)

Output of the script must be a regular JOSM .osm file; if it doesn't detect proper output it will kill the script's process, so be sure to direct any diagnostic output to stderr. Currently plugin supports only adding new objects so output file must contain only objects with negative IDs.


  • Shortcuts: You can set them in Shortcut preferences (keyboard icon at preferences dialog) (since version 25338)