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The Imagery XML Bounds plugin for JOSM allows to edit boundaries used to describe Aerial imagery sources coverage that can be found on

These boundaries are then displayed in the Imagery Preferences dialog:

Josm imagery preferences.png


  • Import XML files describing imagery entries, compliant with the XML Schema located at, to a JOSM data layer.
  • Export a data layer, or selected objects to such a XML file.
  • Edit boundaries, just by using classic JOSM edition tools.
  • Direct and syntax-colored view of corresponding XML code for a data layer or selected objects.


The plugin is available on OSM SVN and can be installed from Plugins tab in JOSM preferences:

Josm plugins preferences bounds.png


Direct view

You can view the corresponding XML code using right click menu on any layer/closed way/multipolygon relation in JOSM main dialogs:

Josm generate xml imagery bounds.png

This opens a dialog window allowing you to copy XML code:

Josm imagery bounds ouput.png


Just open a file (Ctrl-O) and select a XML file using the extension *.imagery.xml:

Josm open imagery xml.png

If you want to edit, you can open it with using Ctrl-L shortcut (File -> Open Location):

Josm open imagery xml location.png

Note that the selected XML file is first validated against the XSD. However, the plugin allows you to bypass this check if you desperately need to open an invalid file (at your own risks):

Josm open imagery xml error.png


Just save a layer using "Save" or "Save as" and select the same extension as for import:

Josm save imagery xml.png


To "download" and edit an existing shape from one of the Imageries/Maps you can use the Edit button in the Imagery preferences. This creates a data layer with the bounds as closed way(s), which you can edit like every other data layer in JOSM.


If you find a bug, please open a ticket on JOSM trac by clicking in JOSM on menu Help -> Report Bug. Remember first to check you are at least using the latest stable versions of JOSM and its plugins.