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Kendzi3d Title Render


It is 3d title renderer. It generate title images compatible with OpenLayer.

Title renderer.PNG

Source code

Installation & testing:

1. Download binaries:

2. Unpack to directory eg. c:\kendzi3dTitleRenderer

3. Download xml with data for titles. It can be done using eg. JOSM. Save data to file with name eg. c:\in.osm

4. Run title generator with parameters:

c:\kendzi3dTitleRenderer\run32.bat dataSetBounds=true inFile=c:\in.osm zoom=19 outDir=c:\out resDir=C:\kendzi3dTitleRenderer\kendzi3d

5. result will be saved to directory c:\out

Command line interface

  • dataSetBounds=true - generate all titles for input data, if not set it require setup title id x, y
  • x, y - generate single title for requested title id (if dataSetBounds=true not set)
  • zoom - title zoom
  • inFile - location of input data file (JOSM xml file)
  • outDir - output directory
  • resDir - resource directory. Textures, models, configuration
  • cameraAngleX - angle of camera to ground in x axis (default = 0)
  • cameraAngleY - angle of camera to ground in y axis (default = -30)