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We have added some support to josm to make maxspeed tagging easier. Select a couple of ways with the same maxspeed and click on one of the maxspeed toolbar icons, the maxspeed tag will be set. A maxspeed map for the Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg is available on

Maxspeed map

Toolbar is extended with maxspeed icons


The mappaint rendering is extended with maxspeed colors


Note: this is not really a JOSM plugin, but a combination of a preset and a mappaint style.


  1. Start JOSM
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences...
  3. Click on left tab Map Settings
  4. In this tab, click on the tab Map Paint Style
    • Select the style Maxspeed and then click on the button > to activate it
  5. Then go to the next tab Tagging Presets
    • Select the style One click settings and then click on the button >
  6. Click on Ok and restart JOSM
  7. Go to the left tab Toolbar customization
    • In list Available, go to Presets > One click. And add all maxspeed buttons with button <.
  8. Restart JOSM