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PDF Import

Import graphics from a PDF-File to a JOSM layer.


  • Convert PDF graphics to OSM-ways
  • Place and scale PDF to arbitrary location


Installation is done via JOSM preference as described in JOSM/Plugins, section installation.


  1. Find Import PDF file in the Imagery menu
  2. Choose a PDF-file for import
    → A preview will appear
  3. Place the graphics on the map
Placement Dialog

    1. Choose a reference point in bottom lower corner and top right corner
      • Fill in PDF coordinates in respective X / Y fields
      • Select the reference point on the preview and use Get from preview
    2. Give world coordinates of reference points
      1. Select projection of your coordinates
      2. Fill in coordinate in respective East / North fields
  1. Click import
    → An import layer will be generated at the selected coordinates

Note: By using a filter on tag PDF_lineColor you may hide or show details of the graphics dynamically